Doing less now to get stronger later

Hi friends,

After a really strong 12 miler Saturday, I felt the same old shin tenderness pop back up again.  I ran Sunday and felt okay.  On Monday, I headed to a trail thinking that would be a better option but it started to hurt on the downhill portion so I quit one mile in to be conservative, and finished up on the spin bike instead.

I’ve been here before, as many of you know! So I’m not panicking.  I know I’ve caught it before it progresses to anything serious.  Typically a day or two of cross training does the trick.

However, now that I’m officially registered to run the Richmond marathon in November, I don’t want to be training when I’m walking the line (in terms of injury), if that makes sense.

I’d rather pull way back now so that I go into the marathon training refreshed and strong.

I saw my chiro/sports doctor yesterday who confirmed (as always) that I am a mess, ha! My calves had lots of knots, my back and hip flexors were very tight, and my mobility was pretty sad.

It’s amazing how good I feel after one treatment.  I could twist and turn my neck and back significantly further afterwards, my hips were back in place and the knots were worked out. I’m realizing I probably need to have a regular date at his office through the fall to stay balanced.

The good news is, he can tell I’m stronger in my upper body and core than a year ago, and once we get everything working together and firing together, that will improve my overall efficiency and power.

He did not tell me I had to take time off or how much time off I should consider, but my gut is thinking 1-2 weeks to be conservative.

I’ll stick to spinning, strength training and Pilates/Barre.  Plus some walking.  And then build back up from there.

I realized I have been training pretty hard since November, and started to feel beat up after the half pr in March.  I took minimal down time and then started working with a coach, (who, by the way, has been amazing!)

I feel like I’m training smarter than I have in the past, but I never gave my body all the recovery time it was asking for after a winter of intense training.

So that’s where I’m at… battling a semi injury-prone body but determined to come out ahead!

Do you build in weeks of the year to cut way back or switch to cross training?

Are you injury prone or are you one of the lucky few?

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17 thoughts on “Doing less now to get stronger later

  1. That sounds like a really smart decision. As Im sure you know Im extremely injury prone. I see my chiro today and I need him to adjust my back from all the sitting I did driving to and from Cleveland. Glad you felt better after the treatment!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..The View from the SidelineMy Profile

  2. I’ve definitely got some twinges that are keeping me in line, but my cross-training routine has paid off in fending off full-blown injuries knock-on-wood. You are being so smart – I’m sure it will pay off!
    Coco recently posted..Running The Central Park LoopMy Profile

  3. Very smart to do this now Laura! You won’t lose fitness and better to be safe than sorry. I am SO overdue for a sports massage and need to get in asap. Love that your chiropractor knows your body and how to make it stronger. Enjoy your cross training and down time friend! xo
    Natalie recently posted..Getting Back On Track + My Fall Marathon!My Profile

  4. It’s basically the end of the season for me. I worked very hard and was lucky enough to hit a few PRs. But right now–just this week, in fact– my body has been feeling super beat up. Kind of bummed because I’ve been in Paris apt-sitting for a firend and wanted to spend more time running here. But when you figure I’m spending 3-5 solid hours walking each day, cutting back is wise- especially as you age. Listen to the body, always. You’re smart to do so 🙂
    Dynise recently posted..Running while traveling – Bonjour from Paris!My Profile

  5. Hi, Laura!

    There is no doubt that this down time is the best decision that you can make. Your body surely thanks you for it! Good luck with getting back to training.

    I realized I have never been to a chiropractor. I am not really injury prone, but with all the raves I’m hearing, I’m curious to feel the difference once a chiro lays hands on me. I will definitely find time to visit one soon.

    All the best!

  6. I went for a full body massage a few days ago and the masseuse mentioned that my back is somewhat not aligned. She even asked me if I have scoliosis. Hmm, that was the first time I got a comment like that. Although I’ve been having back, and shoulder pains for awhile. Resting really is very important.
    All the best for your speedy recovery!

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