Do your action steps match your goals?

This week I’ve been putting together a simple assessment form for my Reset for Runners participants.  I want everyone to make steps toward success and reaching their goals, but that means we won’t all be doing the exact same thing.

If you want to get stronger, your action steps will be different than if your goal is to get faster.  Or leaner.  Or work on a sweets craving.  Or cook more.  Or find better life balance.  Or whatever other goals you may have for yourself.

Years ago, my fitness goals looked very similar year after year… continue running, sign up for a few races, maybe lose a few pounds or tone up a bit.

The funny thing is, my actions never changed.  I continued to train the same way and eat the same way (mostly healthy).  I assumed I was doing what I needed to do to hit the goals, I just had to wait and see if my body would do it.

I take a different approach now.  I know what steps to take to get stronger.  I’m not always willing to do them, but if I take the goal seriously, then I change my actions.

January Reset 12 minuteStrength workout on vacation

It’s very difficult to work on getting both stronger and faster at the same time.  They compliment each other to a degree, but ideally you want different phases of training.

One phase can work particularly on strength while maintaining your cardio and running fitness.  Another phase can build toward a specific goal race and work on getting faster, while maintaining the strength you’ve built.  For marathoners, a third phase would be focused on distance and endurance.

January Reset run

Since finishing my last race in October, I switched my focus to strength and tweaked my nutrition and I’m seeing improvement.  This time I know it’s not a random side effect of working out it’s because I know what my goal is and I’m taking the steps to get there.

In February, I’ll switch over to working more on speed and running goals, and I know the extra time focused on strength now will also pay off in my running.

So for my challengers, think about what your priority is for our January kick off next week so we can make it work for YOU.

If you’re not joining the challenge, you should do the same with your own fitness goals. Ask yourself…

  • What are my goal races and where do they fit on my calendar?
  • When do I want to work on speed?
  • When do I want to work on endurance?
  • When do I want to work on strength?
  • What specific nutrition changes could I make to support these goals?


When you don’t leave it to chance, you are much more likely to nail those goals!

Have a plan for your goals

If you are looking for a personalized nutrition and/or running plan to get there, I’m focusing my health coaching more specifically on nutrition for runners this year.  I will have a few spots as of February and would love to help you make your goals happen.  Email me with questions or to set up a time to talk.

What are some of your fitness goals for 2016?

Have you thought about a specific plan to get there?

16 thoughts on “Do your action steps match your goals?

  1. 100% yes to this!! I used to do the same thing too – have big (or small) goals and never really change what I was doing. Now, I obviously have a coach and that has made a HUGE difference. I’ve also been focusing on strength and it’s absolutely making a difference…and I basically have to force myself to do my super boring strength workouts 🙂
    Here’s to making the changes we need to make it happen in 2016!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – Fresh Start in 2016My Profile

  2. I was just thinking about this because lately I feel like I’m without a plan. I mean, I didn’t have a plan for good reason for a long time but now that it looks like my Achilles is behaving, I want to focus on rebuilding my base and focus on strength training. But that means I actually have to do it! Thanks for this reminder Laura! It’s exciting to see and hear about your progress.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..2016: New Intentions for the New YearMy Profile

  3. so true! setting the goal is easy. it’s making it happen that becomes challenging! I think i realized this last year when i specifically trained for the 5K. i had to actually DO something in order to improve. I couldn’t just rely on luck anymore. you said it so well here.
    runer26 recently posted..New Years – 2016 (and menu planning Jan 3)My Profile

  4. Love this! And I’m so excited for the challenge to begin! I was on vacation up until this morning at 1:00 am when the plane landed, so I just did the assessment. Can’t wait to get started!
    Kristen recently posted..2015 Goal Check-InMy Profile

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  6. I started training for a 30k marathon in April and I too started with strength. I plan to do this for 6 weeks before moving on to speed. I really need to build my endurance for this one as it’s my first long marathon and I want to be sure that I’ll be able to finish!

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