Do you make the most of your recovery runs?

I’m excited to share this great post with you from one of my favorite running bloggers, Miss Zippy.  Her blog has a wealth of running info, and often sparks some great discussions. I mentioned recovery runs in my injury prevention tips, and Amanda expands on how to do them well.

Hi everyone—I’m Amanda from the MissZippy blog and I’m really excited to be posting over here on Laura’s blog. She asked if I could “loan” an old post I did on recovery runs to her and I’m happy to share it with you all. I hope it can help you along the way with your running!

When I first started running, I’d always end my week with my long run, then take the next day off. This worked fine, but a few years back I started experimenting with a shorter, very easy run the day after my long runs. This has been routine ever since because I find I get much more out of it than pure rest.

Making a run into a good recovery run, however, takes some trial and error. Here are my suggestions for getting the most out of this run:

▪   Do it the day after a hard workout (either a long run or speed work)

▪   Pick an easy route, nothing too hilly, if possible

▪   Make it short–no more than about six or seven miles

▪   Do it alone so that you don’t get lured into running faster than you should

▪   Unless–you run with someone who is a slower runner than you (this can be a great opportunity to run with someone with whom you might not otherwise train)

▪   Leave the Garmin at home. Tune into your body instead

▪   Take this time to focus on form and landing quietly

Recovery runs are sometimes my favorite runs. Who doesn’t love an easy carefree run? But after, my legs always feel “cleared out” and ready to move on to harder training again. If you don’t’ have recovery runs in your routine, give one a try and see if it doesn’t make a difference in your overall running.

Do you incorporate recovery runs into your routine? 


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24 thoughts on “Do you make the most of your recovery runs?

  1. Great info! Definitely something I need to do but currently do not. Most of the time I have very good intentions of something easy the day after a long run but often a nap or complete rest (aka laziness) wins out.
    Kimert recently posted..Weekend randomsMy Profile

  2. I don’t make the most of my recovery runs. I need to do much better on this as I do know how important they are. Thanks for this post. I needed it!
    Jessie recently posted..SSCMy Profile

  3. when I trained for my half I didnt really do recovery runs but next time I train for a race I want to make sure I do them. I kind of thought they were filler runs and didnt have time for them but if all these amazing runners do them they must help out!

    • I’ve never dealt with PF and don’t know a whole lot about it, maybe MZ will have some insight? Hope you continue to recover quickly and get rid of it soon!

  4. MissZippy is the best! I usually only do recovery runs when I’m in the full swing of half-marathon or marathon training. Hopefully, I’ll be to that point again before too long.
    Raquelita recently posted..Boston HighlightsMy Profile

  5. Great post! I don’t yet – but one day. Right now I do a cross-training session the day after my long run. And I love it 🙂

  6. These are all great tips! I usually do a very short, very slow run the day after a long run. Like you said, its a great time to run with a partner that you normally don’t run with, or in my case, that is sometimes a slow run, a long walk or a hike with a friend instead, which is a great way to catch up!
    Travel Spot recently posted..Tuesday Training (6)My Profile

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