Do new shoes motivate you to run?

We’re back from the beach! It was so nice to slow down and relax.Β  Hope you had a great weekend, too!

Running is getting harder these days, but I’m still finding the silver lining where I can.Β  πŸ™‚

A ten miler a week ago (32 weeks) was a nice surprise. And we had beautiful, cool mornings at the beach this weekend which made early morning walks and jogs much more pleasant than I expected for June.

Plus, a pair of new shoes last week motivated me to finish this pregnancy strong and begin my postpartum comeback.

Mizuno Wave Sayonara

What is it about new shoes?

These are the Mizuno Sayonara 2, a great lightweight shoe that still has the support of heavier shoes (10 mm drop).Β  It’s a great racing shoe.

I took it out last week and love the difference that a new shoe makes- I feel like I’m floating along more than usual.Β  Plus, the color combination is fantastic!

Mizuno Sayanara 2 test run

These aren’t in stores yet, but are coming soon! You can also check out Mizuno Running for more details on these or their new support shoe, the Wave Paradox.

I’m considering running a 5k next Saturday- is that crazy? I’d love to squeeze in one final race.

I’m at the stage now where every time I head out for a run, I brace myself for someone to question if I should be running pregnant.Β  Thankfully, I’ve only gotten smiles and encouragement, but I know I must look pretty funny these days.

The 5k also has a kid’s dash, so it would be a win-win.Β  Even if I am struggling to hold a ten minute pace.Β  πŸ™‚

What race is next on your calendar?

What is it about new shoes that is so motivating?



41 thoughts on “Do new shoes motivate you to run?

  1. Yes new shoes get me excited about running too! Hmmm maybe it’s time for a new pair for me?? Lol mizuno is my favorite brand. I’m currently wearing Mizuno wave rider 12 and the wave inspire 9. The wave rider is no longer avail. Bummer. You truly inspire me! Getting married in October this year and of course babies will follow soon after and I worried about my running. But you encourage me thanks! And best wishes on a 5k this weekend!
    Jess@ Flying Feet in Faith recently posted..Lazy and TrashyMy Profile

  2. Look at you miss with your new not in store shoes….very nice! I dont get that from Saucony πŸ˜› I totally agree that new shoes are very exciting to help get out there….as I run so many miles, I get through my shoes fast, so thankfully I get those quick, and I have a nice continuous supply of Kinvara, which helps as I dont have to pay the price to get the new ones.

    I actually think I might do a race July 4….wont be in great shape, but would be good to race more this segment, and check my ego at the door. You are such an inspiration for pregnancy and running, I am going to be calling you someday πŸ™‚
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday: Summertime SmoothiesMy Profile

  3. New shoes can be motivating for me sometimes. Those are pretty cute. I can’t get away with light weight shoes for training but I’m all about them for racing!

    Which 5k are you looking at this weekend? I’ve been trying to find one myself!
    Hollie recently posted..Happy Father’s Day to DadLOLZMy Profile

  4. Don’t you just love how everyone’s an expert when you’re pregnant?? Glad you are still running! πŸ™‚ And yes, new shoes do motivate me!
    jan recently posted..Favorite BooksMy Profile

  5. It’s so true about new shoes. And I do love those colors!

    Go for the 5k–why not? Yes, people do start to look and stare at the end when you are running; I remember that. But that’s their problem, right?

    Which beach do you go to? We are S. Jersey shore people–love it there and can’t wait to go next month!
    misszippy recently posted..Confessions of a cardio junkieMy Profile

  6. New shoes definitely do it for me. I have a shoe fetish anyway and love being able to justify it with running shoes – and this time, not just one, but TWO new pairs of Adidas Supernova Glide Boost. Can (and do) run for ages in them straight up – no ‘breaking them in’ – just pure bliss! Next race is a hilly half marathon in Ipswich, Queensland (AUS)at the end of July.

  7. Love your cute belly with those pretty shoes! There is definitely something about new running shoes! They feel so light and fresh colors always add a nice pick-me up! Yo are going to bounce right back into post partum running no problem!!! I can’t wait to hear about the arrival of your little one! Hope you are feeling great!
    Sandra Laflamme recently posted..What do bricks have to do with triathlons?My Profile

  8. Those shoes look really cool! I love getting new shoes! It motivates me more because I will use a pair of shoes into the ground. With my last pair, my feet started to hurt which made me not look forward to my runs. Once I got my new shoes I was back in business! I am doing the Chase Corporate Challenge on Thursday and I hope to do a 10K on July 4th. One last race??? You rock!
    Kristina Walters @ Kris On Fitness recently posted..Stay Fit While You TravelMy Profile

  9. If you slow down a bit more, I might almost be able to keep up with you πŸ™‚

    I love heading out for a walk or run in favorite shoes, well-worn-in, knowing that a new pair–similar enough that I KNOW they’re going to be great–are waiting in their box. I’m always happy knowing I have a backup–in a new color.

    I’m thinking about you a lot, knowing that you’re headed into the final stretch just as we get into summer heat. Hang in there!

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