Cycling, Chia, Cookies and Crackers

Cycling: I was hoping to try my first run back on Saturday, but I don’t think my ankle is ready yet.  It still feels stiff when I wake up in the morning, and is no longer painful throughout the day, but isn’t 100% either.  I’m giving it a few more days…

In the meantime, I’ve been on a spinning craze, and hit 127 miles last week with one day of swimming and several days of weights.  L even requested yoga one afternoon, so we found a video on Netflix and did it together, something I’ve been meaning to incorporate more into my week.  I really want to get in a trial run by Saturday.  C’mon, ankle!

Chia + Cookies: After reading Born to Run with more discussion of chia seeds (on top of the blog world’s obsession with them), I decided to buy some.  Over the weekend, I did some experimenting and made Vegan Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies, using Earth Balance in place of butter, and a chia/water mixture in place of eggs. They turned out surprisingly well!

The non-vegan version has become our go-to family chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Dark Chocolate-Sunflower Cookies (print recipe)

  • 3/4 c. flour (I use whole wheat pastry)
  • 1/2 c. oat bran
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 c (one stick) butter or earth balance
  • 1/2 c. sugar or honey
  • 1 egg (or  1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 3 tbsp water)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 c mix of chocolate chips and raisins
  • 1/2 c chopped cashews or other nut
  • 1/2 c sunflower seeds
  • (optional) 2 scoops chocolate soy protein powder

Combine dry ingredients.  Cream together butter and sugar, add egg and vanilla.  Stir in dry ingredients.  Then add in chocolate chips, raisins, cashews and seeds.  Drop spoonfuls onto greased baking sheets and bake at 350 for 8-12 minutes.  Makes 2 dozen medium sized cookies or 3 dozen small cookies.

Crackers: I’ve also been bookmarking a number of homemade cheese cracker recipes, and  a friend sent me another homemade cracker recipe this week that I decided to try.  I used half whole wheat, half rice flours, and needed a little extra water, but other wise followed the recipe pretty closely.  We don’t buy goldfish crackers (although L loves them at friend’s houses) so this was a treat for her.  We had them for dinner with red lentil-squash stew.

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  1. Both recipes look really good, My family likes sunflower seeds, think it is a great idea to put them in a cookie. I don’t like to feed the kids Goldfish either but have never thought to make a homemade cracker…love these… pinning them right now!
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Double Chocolate Recovery FudgsicleMy Profile

  2. You know, I would just go out for a nice walk and then turn it into a little jog for small stretches as you feel it. Go out there with no expectation for that jog other than to just give it a try. A really great ankle and balance exercise I have been doing for a while is on the BOSU ball, ball side down- I try to do many of my exercises on the ball this way (squats, bicep curls, lateral raises, etc). When my ankle is tender I will do step ups to a balance on that one leg with no weights on a small step and just give that ankle a little practice with weight bearing exercises. And Chia seeds, huh??? I’m intrigued….
    Kelly recently posted..Sunday FundayMy Profile

    • Thanks for the bosu ball ideas, I don’t have one at home, but I’ve been meaning to try the one at the gym. I like the idea of an experimental run… when I compare my ankles at night, it still seems slightly swollen, so I’m not sure if spinning is irritating it and not letting it heal entirely? I’ve been standing on the bike when instructed too, maybe I need to stay seated the whole ride. But it’s definitely getting better.
      Laura recently posted..Cycling, Chia, Cookies and CrackersMy Profile

  3. I need a good recipe for crackers! Thanks! Those look so yummy. I hate to buy them at the store- so overpriced.
    I like the advice you got above about testing your ankle. A little walk that turns into a jog- that sounds safe. Hope that it is cooperating again for you really soon, Laura.
    Raina recently posted..Photos from recent 20 miler routeMy Profile

  4. Have you tried running in the pool? That’s a way to still get in a run and will be a little test for your ankle. If not the pool, I’d try a faster paced walk. If it feels good, maybe jog a little to feel it out.

    I make homemade crackers on a regular basis. Much better nutritionally and cheaper!
    Angela @ Happy Fit Mama recently posted..Running With LeprechaunsMy Profile

  5. whew, i’m jealous of your baking skills! i am terrible at it! seriously, terrible! i can cook and i think i’m pretty good at that, but cannot bake to save my life…maybe you could bake me some crackers and send my way?? ha!

    haven’t tried chia seeds either, but i know all the hype is there!!!
    marissa recently posted..Got Salmon?My Profile

  6. Oh I am DYING to try those cookies! Gave up sugar for Lent but this is making the after Easter list! I have heard so much about chia seeds….need to buy a bag and experiment!

    • I actually gave up sugar for Lent too, although one Catholic friend (I’m not Catholic) told me some folks don’t count Sundays, so I decided to do it that way this time around! Yes- I had been meaning to experiment with chia for the longest time.

  7. I’ve also noticed that chia is EVERYWHERE right now and I’ve been trying to incorporate it into my diet more. I never even considered using it as an egg substitute, but it makes absolute sense. I’ll have to give those cookies a try. Thanks for the recipe!
    Amy recently posted..One Year Bloggerversary Celebration!My Profile

    • Hope you like them! I was amazed at how quickly the seeds turn into an egg-like gel in water! I think they say to let them soak about 15 minutes.

  8. Those all look really good! I haven’t really done any baking in awhile, unless you count brownie mix from a box!

    When my foot/ankle was being a jerk, I just tested it out by run/walking and just started slow. I would walk about .5 miles and then run .5 miles or less depending on how I felt. I would then increase my mileage for running slowly as I got better!
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman recently posted..Triathlon Training ProgramMy Profile

  9. I’d test the ankle with some walk/run intervals. I hope it cooperates and you’re able to get back to running asap! I’ve seen that recipe for the ‘goldifsh’ crackers, but haven’t gotten around to trying it. I might have to now – yours looked delicious! And much more fun to have all different shapes like that, instead of just fish!
    Michelle recently posted..Carmine, Gabe, Dante, and MeMy Profile

  10. Yes- you should try them. They’re really easy and very kid friendly! I’m hoping to test the ankle soon… at night it still seems slightly swollen, so I’m trying to wait until I’m sure it’s ready, and not damage it worse by trying to run, but I think we’re getting closer!
    Laura recently posted..Cycling, Chia, Cookies and CrackersMy Profile

  11. Great job on the cycling!! I’m trying to incorporate yoga at least once a week into my routine as well. Those cookies look tasty :p I’ll have to try them one of these days. The only thing I baked recently is Wild Alaskan Salmon and it was really good. I think the best way to test your ankle is to try running just a little because you won’t know how running affects it till you do.
    Kris recently posted..Week 1 of Half Marathon TrainingMy Profile

    • They were surprisingly easy… and your kids are old enough to do a lot of the work of rolling and cutting out shapes. Do they like cooking/baking with you?
      Laura recently posted..Grumpy wiawMy Profile

    • That is the main reason I would join pinterest… but I’m nervous I’d be spending even more time online that I don’t really have… for now I’m enjoying finding what everyone else pins. Thanks for sharing the link!
      Laura recently posted..Grumpy wiawMy Profile

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