(Cross) Training Recap + Meal Planning

Happy Sunday! Although school is still in session, summer weather is definitely here.  We got to the pool for the first time Friday after school, and I’m looking forward to some lazy summer days ahead.

Training wise, my shins are feeling great! So that’s exciting.  However, did I mention I was also dealing with a mild case of plantar fasciitis? I’m falling apart over here! So I need to give that a few more weeks.

Here’s the rundown of cross training:

Sunday:  45 minute strength (Jillian’s NMTZ)

Monday:  spin class

Tuesday: 4 mile walk (am) + 3 mile walk (pm)

Wednesday: 5 mile hilly walk + short strength session

Thursday: 45 minute spin with 2 x 5 minute rounds of tabatas

Friday: 4 walk (am) + 3.5 walk (pm)

Saturday:  1-2 hours of HIIT training (broken up in many segments) at an instructor training for Max Fitness…  long story, but there’s one opening in our town and when I chatted with the owners, I was asked to come on as an instructor and I figured, why not?  I only have a few hours I can give to them, but it should be really fun!

If it’s true that 30 minutes of HIIT is better than a 60 minute treadmill run, then I got my 2 hour long run in!

Round two of training today with kick boxing and strength training… wish me luck!

Meal planning:

Sunday: Chicken sausage and black beans in the crockpot

Monday: Quinoa power bowl with Lemon Tahini dressing

Tuesday:  Sushi (we like to make our own)

Wednesday: Grill whole chicken, veggie kebabs and potatoes

Thursday: Leftovers into burritos

Friday: BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza

Saturday: Picnic dinner at the pool


Have you done a HIIT class?

Any tips for keeping plantar fasciitis at bay?

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14 thoughts on “(Cross) Training Recap + Meal Planning

  1. I don’t know if this really works for PF, but I use a lacrosse ball to massage my feet when they’re feeling like something is creeping in. I never want to feel that PF pain again!

  2. Glad the shins are feeling better and hopefully the PF will clear up quickly too! I always noticed my feet would bother me more when the weather warmed up and I would switch to summer shoes. In fact, it was this time last year that my foot issue started up.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Global Running Day 2017My Profile

  3. PF and I have spent a lot of time together. I’ve tried everything. What works for me (and everyone is different) is the Spenco soft orthotics that my sports med physician put me in. I have a Moji foot roller and my feet liked that too. I wear good shoes ALL the time, even when I’m not running. Foam rolling the calves helps too. PF sucks. I did a lot of pool running last year when I was sidelined.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted..I Get To RunMy Profile

  4. That stinks about the PF! I’ve never officially had PF but I know from experience that whenever I start to wear flip flops and sandals more, I feel niggles. I swear by Birkenstock’s and another brand of sandals. I can feel a huge difference when I don’t wear those. Good luck!
    angela @ happy fit mama recently posted..Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

  5. You’ve maybe talked about it before – but how do you come up with your weekly meal plan? I would like to start but want to have a simple way to come up with ideas (and different ideas!).

    • That’s a great question! I’ve built up a number of recipes that I know my family will eat and generally rotate them. I look at the calendar to see if we have nights out or other plans to work around, and I always plan for at least one night to wing it or use leftovers. So generally it’s picking 3-4 meals to cook each week. I don’t necessarily always make them on the night I write it down for, depending how much time I have. I tend to do more crock pot ideas in the winter and more grilling in the summer and aim for seasonal foods. Hope that helps!
      Laura recently posted..(Cross) Training Recap + Meal PlanningMy Profile

  6. That stinks about PF! I dealt with a case this spring that I was able to run through, and a few things helped me that may help you. Like Angela said, Birkenstocks! I wear around the hour to support my arches. I do a downward dog with foot pedaling after waking up/before running to stretch my calves and iced immediately after a run and 1-2 more times per day for 15-20 minutes. I also found that releasing my toes helped (www.runnersworld.com/injury-prevention-recovery/plantar-fasciitis-release-technique). I hope it feels better by the time you are able to start running again!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted..Mile Markers: BalanceMy Profile

  7. I would second the foot roller. If you live near a beach then lots of running in the sand barefoot is a great way to reduce impact whilst still maintaining some fitness. Reducing you normal training on harder surface by one or two sessions per week and substituting will soft sand can make a big difference. Just make sure if is a well cleaned beach and the sand is clear from any possible sharp implements.

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