Need a Coach?

Are you looking to feel better? Find the right foods for your body? Lose weight without dieting or conquer emotional eating?

Runner’s Reset 6 Month Program

I’m really excited to add a new program, starting February 1st specifically for runner’s who want to get stronger, fitter and tone up or lose weight.  This will be a combo nutrition and running plan, with an emphasis on:

  • identifying and reversing insulin resistance
  • incorporating strength and intervals to get stronger and fitter
  • focused nutrition tailored to you as an individual to meet your goals
  • learning how to boost metabolic efficiency, so your body learns how to burn fat rather than storing it

Details: This is a six month program and can be extended on a month-by-month basis beyond the initial program.  It will include an initial 60 minute assessment and a 30 minute coaching call each month, specific nutrition guidelines for your body type and your goals, and guidelines for your workout plan.  We’ll also use a group FB page for support.

Cost: $100 the first month, then $65/month

Questions? Email me!

Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Need more intensive nutrition guidance only?

My holistic health program, Discovering Your Best Self, is particularly focused on women who want to achieve the following goals:

  • Gain more control of your eating
  • Learn to handle your “sweet tooth”
  • Determine the best (and worst) foods for your body
  • Lose a little (or a lot) of weight
  • Gain more energy and learn how to avoid the mid-afternoon crash
  • Learn to cook natural, healthy foods for the whole family

I focus on helping women and athletes identify the best way of eating to reach their health or performance goals, overcome cravings (especially sugar!) and practice self-compassion in the process to become a happier, healthier version of themselves.

For more details, check out Laura P Coaching.


Would you like to improve your running? Determine how to reach your training potential?

I am a RRCA certified Running Coach and would love to help you reach your health and/or running goals.  I work with clients locally and virtually.

For more information, check out the following links or email me at




Need both? Sign up for health coaching and get a 12 week training plan for free!




I’ve been working with Laura as my health coach for about 3 months, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of coach. Laura is kind, attentive, and easy to talk with any time I need her. She’s knowledgeable on not just nutrition or fitness, but on a wide variety of factors that impact our daily lives and our overall wellness. She’s helped me find new foods to try, new recipes, and new ways of approaching food that I had never considered on my own. We’ve discussed how my home, relationships, work, stress, potential upcoming pregnancy, and other factors impact my overall wellness. She’s provided insight and suggestions on how to focus on areas I used to struggle with. We also set goals each time we talk, and working on those goals, as well as adding new goals and achievements, makes me feel accomplished.

My body is healthier, my mind is at ease, and Laura’s guidance has helped me re-focus on what I want and how to get there. I can’t say enough positive about my experience with Laura!

-Kelly B.


I came to Laura as a busy mom not happy with where I was at with my body image or my relationship with food.  I wanted to feed my family and myself healthy, clean food but with all of the resources online I felt confused about what “plan” was the right one for me.  I tried several different things (paleo, weight watchers, etc.) and couldn’t find anything that I could stick with and hated the guilty feeling I was left with when I failed.

Working with Laura has completely turned my mindset around and I am only halfway through our 6 month session.  I am learning to take control of what I eat (and yes…I have ice cream and cookies) rather than letting the food control me (my thoughts) and have a more positive outlook on food as a whole.  Without having to eliminate anything from my diet, but instead being aware of my hunger cues and aware of when I am eating I have been seeing results in the way my body is changing.  And it is changing for the better.

What is the best and most powerful thing I am learning from this is the balance in my relationship with food.  Allowing myself a treat instead of eating my feelings or stresses has been a big deal for me.  I know that the rest of my discussions with Laura will go even deeper into that and I look forward to it so much.

– Shaunna M.

Working with a Health Coach was very new to me, In the past, I’ve always worked with a Nutritionist who gave me daily meal plans to follow with not much variety. I was nervous to start something different but in the end I’m happy I did. Some goals I had in mind working with Laura, were to try to new foods, make sure I eat the right foods after a run or workout and listening to my body when I’m actually hungry as opposed to being bored. While I’m still struggling some days with the last goal, overall I came a long way from where I started. With Laura’s help, guidance and motivation I added new foods into my daily diet that I was always scared of before (brown rice, quinoa, avocado) and we worked on some good food options after exercising. I learned so much not only about types of food and what to eat but the actual nutritional value of different foods and how it can impact our bodies. I did not realize how everything in our lives can relate to the choices (food or not) we make. Lastly, I really learned a lot about becoming mentally strong and to really value my body!

– Jacqueline E.

I have dieted for most of my adult life, but my diets were focused on low fat, low calorie and sugar free without considering how fake and processed my meals were. I first met Laura at a nutrition talk she gave for beginner runners. That one talk opened my eyes to the possibility of maintaining a healthy weight while eating real food, but also being realistic and treating myself once in while. Laura has helped me to stay focused on my goals and to not beat myself up when I stray. She has simplified the abundance of super foods and greens out there so I don’t feel overwhelmed with incorporating them into my diet. She has helped me to realize weight and food are a very small part of being healthy. I look forward to our sessions. They are so therapeutic and keep me focused on what it really means to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

– Kim S.

Read more results and testimonials here.

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