Coaches need coaches too!

Last week I finally did something I’ve considered doing for over a year now… I hired a running coach!

Hand timing a womans run on the running track

I love researching training and putting plans together, but it’s becoming exhausting mentally to coach myself.  I am ready to have an extra set of eyes on my training and be smart about when to push and when to pull back and recover.

So this week I began working with Tia, who blogs at Arkansas Running Mom.  We connected on social media over 4 or 5 years ago, when I lived in Houston and she came to Houston to run the marathon.

At the time, she was my current age and had just finished having her children and was getting back into training.  I’ve always been able to relate to her on a personal level as a busy mom and admire her dedication and running talent! I was nervous that my Type A personality wouldn’t be able to let go of having the control, but honestly, it’s been amazing.

I love not worrying about what my runs will look like and having the prescribed paces.  It’s really fun to get the coaching experience from the other side, too!

It’s an unusual start, as I have a 5k this weekend, 10k next weekend and then the NJ half at the end of the month, but I love the way she organized my training.  So here’s to new beginnings!

Do you work with a running coach, or have you considered hiring one?

Do you find you push yourself too hard on your own, or you hold yourself back?

7 thoughts on “Coaches need coaches too!

  1. Congratulations!!! You know how I feel about coaching – basically that everyone should have one and maybe especially coaches 😉
    That said, I think my Type A personality works to my advantage with a coach since everything is laid out for me at least a week ahead of time so I just do it! Perfection.
    Here’s to a happy, healthy and PR filled relationship with your new coach!
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  2. Although this is certainly not a necessity, it is a really good idea, because if you have a personal trainer you will have someone there who knows exactly what they are talking about. Thus, the overall process will be a lot easier on you. Especially if you are not an avid athlete, then having someone there to help you through this process will be extremely important, and will take a lot of the weight off of your shoulders.

    Cheers then.
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  3. Awesome!!! I’ve been wanting a coach for some time but financially it wasn’t happening at the beginning of the year. Once I’m up and running again, a coach will be happening!!!

  4. While coach yourself is an admirable thing, but most of us are not experts. A coach to work with people all day, every day; that is their job and they have knowledge to push you to the next level. Professional coaches will have the “know-how” to help your workout becomes attractive, efficient and unforgettable. Why have to fumble in the dark while someone has a candle leading the way?
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  5. Nothing beats a great coach 😉 You are an amazing coach and you will love having a plan given to you that you didn’t have to think about!!

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