Checking in on 2017 goals

My big goal for 2017 was to focus on one race distance at a time.

Since we’re in the final quarter of 2017, I want to revisit those goals and see where things stand:

My focus for the winter is to maintain a good base and throw some short intervals back in, with a focus on the 5k.  I have one 5k on New Year’s Day and will likely need to throw in 1-2 more but I’d love to improve raw speed and get that sub-20 5k. Goal: 19:45Verona final push

October follow up: I did run a post baby pr of 20:21, so while it wasn’t my sub-20, I’m happy to be making progress!

January- March

I’ll quickly transition into half marathon specific training, with an emphasis on longer tempo runs to prepare myself to finally break that half barrier I’ve been stuck at for the last 3-4 races. Half marathon goal: Beat 1:35!  From other races, I know 1:33-1:34 should be within my reach.  By the end of 2017, goal is sub 1:32.


October follow up: I ran a half pr of 1:33 in March and again in April! 




Early summer is usually about speed again.  I’ll add a few more 5ks to my schedule to keep practicing this painful distance. Goal: 19:30

October follow up: Because of the 6 weeks off this summer, I never had a chance to run more 5ks.

By late summer, there is a chance I will be ramping up mileage for a fall marathon.



Likely a tune up half marathon and possibly a full marathon.  If I go for it, goal: Beat 3:23.  I think 3:15 is doable with the right training and if all things come together on race day.

October follow up: If I go for the full in Richmond, my goal would be to break 3:20! 

Beyond racing, I want to keep running because it’s fun and I really love it!

My non race goals are actually the same as last year:

  • stay strong and injury free (NO injuries this year!! Woohoo!!)
  • do more trail running (with friends)
  • incorporate 1-2 running weekends with friends (hope this works out!)
  • find a few kids races and/or family fun race events

I also want to experiment with an overall higher mileage year round to help build the aerobic engine and make these goals a bit easier to reach.

October follow up: We have two kid races on the calendar for the fall.  I did have one injury this summer as I ramped up my mileage- so I’m still learning to find that balance.

Overall, I’m realizing 2017 is going better than expected! Here’s to a strong final quarter!

What was one of your goals for 2017? Have you hit any of them?

Do you focus on one goal or specific distance at a time?

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7 thoughts on “Checking in on 2017 goals

  1. Despite the 6 weeks off from running, I think you are having a great running year. And there’s still 3 months left! My 2017 hasn’t gone at all how I hoped. But I guess I’ve come to expect that with the string of bad running luck I’ve had over the years. Lol!

  2. You are on track for a great year! I was going strong until this PF flare – which I blame on too much standing in dress shoes, since I haven’t been running much at all! I hope to see you in PA in a few weeks!
    Coco recently posted..My Frantic Fall BeginsMy Profile

  3. In my area there are many times I’d love to do the local 5k but I also have at least twice as many miles on the training schedule. I’m not fond of running before or after a race but I have done it a time or two!
    One of my goals for 2017 was to run 850 miles this year that is just over 10% from last year but, I am not on track. I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it up so at this point just getting the same amount as last year may be my new goal! recently posted..Weekly Wrap 113 Fall FestivalMy Profile

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