Training last week (2 weeks out from the half!)

Hi friends!

Thanks for the feedback as I begin to shift things on my many social media platforms.  As I said, this blog will remain, but it may be less consistent.

And for all that talk about how ‘mommy run fast’ doesn’t completely define me anymore, I have to admit I am falling back in love with running again and really enjoying my training right now!

I think I’ll always enjoy running- I just don’t want that to be my sole identity… you get it.

So on to the recap:

Monday : 7 miles with 4 at tempo (8:15, 7:44, 7:11, 7:12, 7:12, 7:12, and a cool down mile with my girls) — how’s that for consistent pacing?!

Tuesday: 45 spin session + upper body strength

Wednesday: 9 hilly, easy miles (8:29 ave)

Thursday: spin + lower body strength

Friday: 45 minute pool running

Saturday: 14.5 long run with 3 at tempo, 1 easy, 2 at tempo… for this one, I jogged a hilly route to the track about 4 miles away and did the tempo portion on the track and was so happy to nail it! I needed that confidence booster!  Splits: 9:32, 8:32, 9:07, 8:44, then tempo 7:12, 7:01, 6:43, easy 9:05, then tempo 6:57, 6:43, then easy home 8:18, 8:06, 8:21 and 9:21 up the final hill.

I ran this same workout in the spring with identical paces so I’m feeling back on track. Now to continue to make progress and get my mileage up just a bit!

Sunday: walked 5-6 miles all over NYC with my SIL and our girls… such a fun day, but I was exhausted by the end of the weekend!

I’m running the Newport Liberty Half in Jersey City in just a week and a half.  At this point, I don’t feel ready to all out “race” it but I plan to give a solid effort.  This is the race that was humid last year and I fell apart around mile 7-8 so if I can just feel good the entire time I’ll be happy!

Fall running means less flexibility with when I run, cooler temps (yay!) and Tues/Thurs cross training as my husband leaves extra early those mornings this fall.  What does fall change for you?

What race is coming up next for you?

Is there a workout you’ve done in the past that you like to repeat to compare your fitness?

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Transitions + help with a new name

Hi friends!

I started this nearly blog 6 (!) years ago.  For several years, I wrote on a very consistent schedule 4 times a week, and I’ve slowly shifted to once or twice a week.  I am not ready to bring it to an end, but I do feel like it’s time to make some shifts and I wanted to share them:

  1. I’m struggling to feel like “mommyrunfast” defines me any longer. I actually really enjoyed my running break this summer, but felt like I was “supposed” to be running because that’s what I do.  Now I’m back to training for a half, but I want the flexibility to be whatever I need to be month to month, regardless of whether or not I’m running.
  2. I’m going to keep this blog but write when I can- no pressure to maintain any kind of regular routine.  I do still see myself running and racing and I want to have a place to chronicle races and training, so this will likely become that- back to what I started with, training logs and race recaps and occasionally maybe a few other random posts.
  3. I’m shifting more attention to my site, although I only blog there about 1-2 x per month, feel free to follow along!

I’m also going to be changing my instagram, twitter and Facebook pages to line up with Laura Peifer Wellness rather than Mommy Run Fast.

In my business, I’m focusing on programs to support athletes in their nutrition to determine how to best reach their goals.  My most recent post answers the question, which is more important? Fitness or nutrition?

As I said, I’m not going anywhere… this space will remain the “mommy run fast blog” and I’ll still be coaching runners and putting together running plans.  THANK YOU for reading and sticking with me over the years and for your comments and emails!

For the new name, I want to use my name yet feel like Laura Peifer is hard to spell! Any suggestions? LauraPeiferWellness? LauraPWellness? LauraP?

Or go with the name and not sweat it?




Week of training + Meal Planning

Happy Monday!

We’re down to our last full week of summer- with no camps or other exciting outings to fill our schedule, so wish we luck for a week of mama camp! I’m actually looking forward to it- we’ll do a little school shopping, get hair cuts, hopefully visit some new playgrounds/ splash pads and squeeze in a few final play dates.

It was a lower intensity week in training but the miles are creeping back up.  This is the first week over 30 miles since I took 6 weeks off, and so far, so good!  The Newport Liberty half is just a few weeks out.  It won’t be a “goal” race, but it will be good practice for some race pace miles as I build for Richmond.

Monday : 6.5 miles with 3 at tempo (8:14, 7:29, 7:11, 7:14, 7:08, 8:05 and final half at 7:28)

Tuesday: 45 pool run

Wednesday: 8 with a friend (8:35 ave)

Thursday: 5 easy (8:45 ave) + kick boxing class

Friday: 45 minute pool running

Saturday: 12 total miles (4 with a client, 7 with another client with a run/walk, 1 to wrap up)

Sunday: 1 hour stroller (nap) walk + 30 minute strength 


For the meal plan, I need to work in our abundance of cucumbers, tomatoes and basil.

Monday:  Grilled salmon + pesto quinoa salad

Tuesday: Roast chicken with cucumber tomato salad

Wednesday: Greek style chicken wraps with leftover chicken

Thursday: Egg sandwiches/ wraps

Friday: Homemade pizza with basil

Saturday: night out/ take out


When is your summer officially over?

What are your favorite uses for tomatoes, cucumbers or basil?


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Have you ever hit a plateau in your running?

I really like to set goals and see improvement in my running.  A year ago, I thought I’d be getting ready to pr in a half or full marathon this fall but with the unexpected six weeks off this summer I’m realizing it’s not going to happen.

I’m slowly getting back to where I was in the spring, but I struggle when I don’t feel like I’m making any progress.  Have you been there?

Injury set back or not, it’s normal to hit a plateau now and then in your training.  I feel like I’m at that plateau right now.  Part of me is happy doing less training than a year ago and the other part wants to break through that plateau and hit new prs this year!

There are several reasons we can plateau and no longer see progress in our training:

  • over training … our bodies need solid recovery time to get stronger!
  • repeating the same kind of training over and over and expecting different results
  • inconsistent training OR progress, than setbacks, progress than setbacks
  • too few workouts or too many workouts with intensity

It’s not easy to find that sweet spot and get it right!

Summer training is especially tough to see progress as the heat and humidity make it difficult to hit the paces we otherwise would.

In the meantime, I really am enjoying the journey.  I’m happy to be back out there running and getting excited about the fall race season, even if they end up being some of my slowest race times!

Have you hit a plateau in your running?

What helped you break through?



Workouts from last week + Meal Planning

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I took the girls to my parent’s house to hang out and for a much needed girls night out. This pineapple mojito was amazing but my friends like to tease me that I can only handle a few sips of a drink.  It’s true- half of one is more than enough for me!

I also got to visit my great-grandma who recently took a turn for the worse.  I’m glad I was able to spend time with her, but it was sobering too.  Getting old is no fun.

Here were last week’s workouts and meal plan:

Monday : 30 minute pool run + 500 rep workout (50 push ups, 50 mountain climbers, 50 squats, 50 lunges, 50 burpees, 50 pull ups – split and I did these on the TRX- etc… this workout was no joke!)

Tuesday: 7 mile stroller run, easy pace (10+ ave)

My stroller buddy took to the roads with me when we were done for her own little run.

Wednesday: evening track workout: 6.5 miles with 2 mile warm up (8:32, 7:31) and 6 x 400m, 2 x 200m and 1 x 100m then a cool down

Thursday: recovery 45 minute pool run

Friday: 11 miles through a crazy rain storm- I was soaked!! I worked in a few nice hills (8:38 ave)

Saturday: short full body HIIT circuit at my mom’s (push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, lots of core, squat jumps, lunges, etc)


Our garden is finally going crazy so this week we have lots of cucumbers, tomatoes, red beets and greens to use up, plus my mom sent me home with a dozen ears of corn.

For the meal plan, I’m repeating some favorites from last week:

Monday:  Our anniversary night out!!

Tuesday: Corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes and something on the grill (chicken, maybe?)

Wednesday: Grilled salmon with Meals on the Run Protein Mashed Potatoes (this was also a huge hit last week!)

Thursday: Egg sandwiches/ wraps

Friday: Meals on the Run Shells with Bolognese sauce (This was a huge hit last week!!)

Saturday: night out/ pizza

There is still time to enter to win a race entry for the Runner’s World Festival in October!

Do you have great grandparents still living?

Did you get caught in the rain last week on a run?


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I’m running the RW Festival races + giveaway and discount for you!

Happy Friday!

I’m excited to announce that I’m teaming up with Runner’s World again to be part of the Runner’s World crew at the RW Festival in October.  It’s a jam-packed weekend too good to miss!

This race weekend contains everything…

  • Trail run on Friday
  • 5k, 10k and kids run on Saturday
  • Half marathon on Sunday

You can run one, two, three or all four races! It’s worth making a weekend out of it.  On Friday, Altra puts on a trail running seminar, and after the trail run there is a “how to” Grand Slam seminar and then a book launch party for Bart Yasso.

After Saturday’s races, you can sign up for seminars on restorative yoga, how to “Run Forever” with Dr. Metzl, self defense, running while pregnant and more.  Before the pasta dinner, hang out with elite runners Ryan and Sara Hall for a Q&A.  (See the full schedule of events here).

Details: October 20-22, 2017 in Bethlehem, PA

If you’re not yet signed up, I also have one free entry to giveaway!

To enter: Leave a comment telling me which race you would want to run at the RW Festival.

Bonus entry: Tweet the above and comment again telling me you did.

If you don’t win, use code MOMMYRUNFASTER for a 10% discount on any race.  I’ll announce the winner next Thursday, August 24.

Hope to meet you there!!

Week of workouts + Meal Planning

I’m back from Atlanta! It was a fantastic weekend of learning, running, nutrition, some of my favorite people and even board breaking (yes, again- I got to do this for the first time over the summer).

I feel incredibly lucky to get to work with these amazing ladies and came home refreshed and inspired.  I’m now in recovery mode (us introverts need a day to go inward before we resurface) and super happy to be home.

However, my now 3 year old decided turning 3 means no more napping, so my time suddenly feels much more limited, since she was my 3 hour napper! Eek! I’m trying to begin a quiet hour but she comes down about every 5 minutes with some sort of request.  I’m thankful we decided to start preschool this fall or I’d have zero time to get anything done!

So… the workouts and meal plan:



Monday : 45 pool run + at home Pilates

Tuesday: 9 mile trail run, easy pace

Wednesday: 40 minute pool run with intervals; 20 minute swim

Thursday: travel + 4 on the treadmill (ave 7:49)

Friday: off, with lots of walking

Saturday: 10 miles total, with a 5k in hilly, hot Atlanta – 21 something, but I managed to get first woman! It was pretty brutal conditions so I’ll take it.

Sunday: recovery 3-4 miles + kb squats, kb swings, TRX push ups and pull ups, core


My daughter was thumbing through the Runner’s World Meals on the Run Cookbook and earmarked several recipes that we’ll use this week:

Monday:  Hubs grilled Jerk Chicken, + eggplant, plantain and made rice and peas

Tuesday: Meals on the Run Shells with Bolognese sauce

Wednesday: Grilled salmon with Meals on the Run Protein Mashed Potatoes

Thursday: Leftovers or pool picnic

Friday:  travel to grandma’s

Saturday: grandma’s/ girls night out


Are you an introvert or extrovert?

Any tips for getting some quiet time during the nap strike? 


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Newport Liberty Half and my fall race schedule

After much debate between the full and half marathon this fall, I’ve decided it’s the season of the half marathon.

I find I walk the fine line of over-training when I train for full marathons because I want to go all in and do it well! I may run Boston in the spring but for now I need to be smart, as I’m still in the process of making sure my tendonitis is healed from this past year.

I also want to highly recommend the recent podcast where Lindsey Hein interviewed Jessica from Pace of Me.  It is all about this balance of over training, good health and taking care of ourselves while also shooting for big running goals. And how social media can encourage us to push too hard.  I loved it. Check it out!

With that decided, I am really excited about getting back into racing!!

First up is a small 5k at the conference I’m attending in Atlanta this weekend.  It will be HOT!! So no time goals for this one- just to get back into the swing of the racing thing again.

Next up is the Newport Liberty Half! (Sunday, September 17)

I ran this one for the first time last year and it’s a fantastic race.  I had an off day because of an overly ambitious race goal mid-marathon training so I’m ready for redemption.

The course is flat and really scenic, as much of it is run along the water with the NYC skyline in the background.  It’s not easy to find mostly flat running around here!

Let me know if you’ll be there! You can find all the details to sign up here.

September 30th is a 5k and kid’s race that my friend puts on to raise awareness and search for solutions to the issue of human trafficking.

The RW Festival Weekend is October 20-22! I’m choosing which races I want to run but looking forward to participating in this again.

And I’ll wrap up the fall with one more fall half marathon, at the Richmond half in November.

Whew! I hope my legs are up for all of that racing.  I’m planning to use my pool running to supplement land running and go for some prs this fall… we’ll see what happens!

Are you running any of the same fall races?

What’s your big fall goal?

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Training + Finding Balance + Meal Planning

Hi friends!

I’m wrapping up a solo parenting weekend and hanging in there! We packed in a play date, trip to the pool, IKEA visit, park afternoon, Trader Joe’s trip, and a picnic.  I’m worn out!

As I mentioned in my runner’s identity crisis post, I’m wrestling with what is next for me in terms of fitness. I still love running and have many running goals but my body doesn’t seem up for the challenge of many more marathons.  And I’m honestly not even craving those long runs in the way I used to.  I like having more family time over the weekend and knowing I can get in a great HIIT workout and be done in less than half the time! So I’m looking for that balance.

I took a break from my coach while I really listen to my body and take it week by week in my running.  I’m trying to focus on alternating the hard/easy days.

Here’s the training rundown:

Monday (hard): 6 mile progression run, felt tough! (9:23, 8:32, 7:56, 7:50, 7:31, 7:25) + short pool run

Tuesday (easy): 35 minute pool run, 25 minute swim

Wednesday (hard): 7 miles with intervals (1.5 warm up, 1 @ 6:29, 800 x 3 @ 6:39, with 400m recoveries, 400 x 4 @ 6:44 with 30-45 second recoveries, cool down)

This was a backwards speed workout… getting shorter and slower, instead of shorter and faster to make those 6:44s feel easy, and it was really fun!

Thursday (easy): 40 minute easy pool run

Friday (hard): 5k run, 3 miles elliptical with 10 x 90 second sprints, strength (squats, lunges, assisted pull ups and push ups)

Saturday (easy): off – solo parenting

Sunday (hard): 45 minute spin with 2 sets of 8 tabatas (4 minutes each) + kb squats, kb swings, TRX push ups and pull ups, core


My meal prep isn’t happening this weekend, but last week was a good first week with the awesome reset ladies! For this week:

Monday:  BBQ chicken on the grill + veggies (I’m embarrassed to admit that this is the first summer I’ve learned to use the grill!)

Tuesday: Easy Chicken Masala + green salad

Wednesday: Gado Gado (peanut sauce over steamed veggies and rice)

Thursday: travel/ conference

Friday: conference

Saturday: conference

Sunday: Friends here- likely grilling!

Who handles the grill in your family?

Are you careful to follow the hard/easy principle?


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Using the Pool for Marathon Training

I’m still undecided whether I’ll be running the full or half marathon in Richmond, but I have decided that aqua jogging will be part of my training.

I used the water to maintain fitness while letting my tendonitis heal for 5-6 weeks, and so far, I’m continuing to get in 1-2 pool workouts a week.  It feels amazing to be in the water and get in a great workout with low impact!

Last week, I spent some time reading more about using the pool for marathon training and I came up with a plan.

There are several ways you could use aqua jogging in training.  The key is to continue normal training volume and intensity- alternating hard and easy days.

For all aqua jogging workouts, a belt is ideal to keep your body weight in place so you can work on the movements.  These exercises are meant to take place in deep water.

Using the pool for intensity

While injured or first coming back from injury, the pool is where the hard runs should happen, and you can use the road for the easy runs as you build back.

There are countless ways to get a high intensity workout in the pool.  After a warm up jog in the water, choose one of the following:

  • alternate 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy x 8-10
  • run 5 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy x 5
  • do a ladder of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 minutes hard with equal recovery
  • “run” a length, skip a length, try high knees, butt kicks or front kicks each for 1 minute with equal recovery and repeat

This book is also a fantastic resource for getting a high intensity workout in to complement running.  It covers forms, exercises, tools, and sample workouts in detail.

Using the pool for recovery

A second option is to use the pool for easy days in order to “run” without the impact. This can include easy aqua jogging, with short bursts of speed for 30 seconds to break it up.

Using the pool for a combination of hard and easy workouts

The pool can also be used for both speed and recovery.  This is ideal if you want to get in one hard workout on land but prefer to keep the other runs easy.  The second hard workout (or third) can take place in the water.

My plan

I’m going to combine some of the theories of Run Less, Run Faster with pool running, spinning and strength.  So for now, I’m focusing on about 3 runs per week, with 2 of them “hard” – intervals, tempo or long runs with a pace goal. My recovery runs will be in the pool.

Because my body tends to break down when I consistently run over 40 miles per week, this will allow me to maintain higher volume while hopefully keeping my body strong and happy!

I’m planning to get in a few more long runs before making the call for the half or full.

If you are currently injured, I shared more workouts in this post on getting fitter while injured.

Have you ever used pool running in your plan when not injured? 

Do you have one set way you train for races, or do you like to experiment with various training plans? I’ve done a lot of experimenting over the years!!

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