October 24th, 2014

Post Baby Abs

Hey everyone!

First let me say that if you opened this hoping to see a picture of me and my post baby abs you’re going to be disappointed. Ha! (However, I appreciate and admire the women who are brave enough to be that real.)

But I did want to open the discussion about our core [...]

October 22nd, 2014

Maplewood 5k

On Sunday I ran my second post-baby 5k. I’m technically in half marathon training now for the Trenton half (just 3 weeks away, eek!) but my long run paces have been struggling and I wanted to throw in another 5k to teach myself to pick up the pace.

I had 14 total on the schedule, [...]

October 20th, 2014

Dressing for Fall

We had an unusually warm September but it’s starting to feel like fall now and I love it!

I tend to overdress on the first cold morning, and then settle into a more appropriate layering. The first 30 or 40 degree morning feels bitter cold!! But by January, those are the warm days.

I asked [...]

October 19th, 2014

Workouts this week + meal planning

Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

This morning I’m off for my rematch 5k. I’m looking forward to the chance to push myself again, even if I’m not back in racing shape yet. I found a local race so I can run over and back for my warm up and cool down and I’m [...]

October 17th, 2014

#FitblogNYC Tweet and Meet

Did you see the tweets and excitement yesterday around Fitness Magazine’s Bloger Meet and Tweet?

I didn’t make it last year and wasn’t sure how it would work this year with a 2 month old at home, but my husband agreed to watch her and sent me out the door. It was my first all [...]

October 15th, 2014

Some amazing news!

Gah! I have been chomping at the bit to share some updates with you all, and I finally have the green light to do so.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to be part of the Stonyfield team (along with 7 other running, blogging moms) to run the Boston marathon! Um, yes!!

I’ve been [...]

October 13th, 2014

Ready for a rematch

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend. We’re back from time with family and a little more sleep deprived than usual but it was so worth it. I love seeing my sister as a mom and meeting our new nephew. I also got to meet my cousin’s new baby… the babies are multiplying!


October 12th, 2014

Workouts this week and meal planning

Hello from PA!

This was our first overnight trip with the baby and she did great! She stuck to her regular schedule and slept well. My 4yo, however, always has trouble settling down at night when we travel and wakes up extra early and the trend continued. When will she ever grow out of that?! [...]

October 10th, 2014

What I'm Loving Lately

How is it Friday already? This week flew by for me. We’re heading to visit my family this weekend and finally get to meet my nephew who was born 8 weeks before baby J! I can’t wait to get those two cousins together.

To keep things fun for Friday, here are a few things I’m [...]

October 8th, 2014

Reset Results + WIAW

Hi friends,

How’s your week going? Baby J caught her first cold so she’s been a little sniffly and congested, but it hasn’t dampened her spirits. I knew it wouldn’t be long with a big sister coming home from preschool full of germs every day!

I realized yesterday that I never gave a recap of [...]

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