Broad Street Ten Miler Recap

I think I’m still smiling from this race two days later.  Philadelphia holds a lot of special memories for me and this race in particular was an old favorite from back in college.  I knew it would be amazing to be back and I was looking forward to running well but running for fun, no time goals necessary for this experience.

Philly is the place I fell in love with running.  In college, I began running with friends and together we trained for our first half marathon, the Philadelphia half, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Through grad school I lived in North Philly and often headed down Broad Street to Center City on my runs, and made a 3-4 mile loop.

Philly is the place where I had all my internships and had my first ‘real’ job after grad school. It’s where we got engaged and had our first apartment together in West Philly.

We got to stay with good friends (from our dating years in Philly) which made it even more special.  Our kids had a blast together and it was so nice to catch up with them.

Broad street expo

We got to Philly on Saturday and spent some time at the Expo and also at the Reading Terminal Market (where I had an awesome waitressing job through college at an Amish stand that paid my bills!) We picked up soft pretzels, had some ice cream, and got chocolates from a bakery to share with our friends.

The evening passed quickly with the kids playing outside together and we all had delicious homemade pizza together.  (Allison also inspired me with her pickling and fermenting- she made some awesome water kefir and had batches of kombucha brewing as well.  I need to get back on that!)

Sunday morning was cool and rainy, but thankfully it was a pretty light rain for most of the race.  I layered up with a tee and shorts, arm warmers and my bright orange poncho to keep me warm and dry.

Broad street orange poncho

Allison dropped me off near the start and I did a 1/2 mile or so warm up. I had a few issues getting into the right corral as it’s now all colored based and I first thought I was pink, which put me at the very back.  I didn’t think that could be right so I ventured to the front where I finally realized I was purple, and had to jump over the barrier to join my corral.  But it all worked out.

This race flew by! There are so many people running together the entire time and so much to see running through the city. I was especially distracted as I was watching for key landmarks I used to know well (Diamond Street, Temple, Center City favorite spots, South Philly, etc.)

The first mile was my slowest because of the density of people. (The waves were great, but it’s hard not to notice 40,000 runners as you start!)  I found myself weaving a lot to get settled into a steady pace. Mile one: 7:15

From there, I ran very consistently.  I wasn’t worrying about my splits for a change.  Miles 2-7: 7:02, 6:59, 6:59, 6:57, 7:04, 7:02

About mile 7, I was getting warm and ditched my hat.  Not long after, I ditched my trusty orange poncho (so long, friend!) but I have to say, running felt a lot easier after that was gone.

It was about mile 7-8 that my energy dipped.  My legs felt great but my stomach felt a little weird.  The same thing happened in my half 2 weeks ago and I think I need to revisit my race morning fuel plan.  Both mornings I had whole wheat toast (which I rarely eat anymore) with pb and both times it was closer to the race than what is ideal (two hours before, instead of three.)  I think my system is not used to running on wheat, and wasn’t done digesting the fiber and fat.

I took out a pb gu that I had saved from fall training and ate a bit of it. I do think I felt better within a few minutes.

It was around this time that I realized a pr might be possible! I focused on keeping the final few miles steady and strong.  Miles 8-10: 7:08, 7:02, 6:54

Final time: 1:10:34 (7:02 pace)

Yes!! My post-baby legs are back, I think! Can I still call them post-baby when she’s 20 months old?!

Broad street finish

Regardless, it felt awesome to run strong and soak up everything I love about this city.  And to surprise myself and shave a minute off my ten mile pr!

Post race was less awesome. I got cold fast.  I somehow missed the HeatSheets they were passing out and managed to grab a clear poncho from a less than thrilled volunteer.  I got my gear bag but could hardly get my cold fingers to cooperate to get my sweatshirt over my wet clothes.

I joined the group heading to the shuttle bus to take us the one mile to the subway station.  All the buses turned left, but ours went straight.  The poor volunteer had no idea where we were.  There were some angry, very frustrated runners on our bus and we eventually all got off and walked the mile to the subway which was better for my legs anyway.

Broad street finish walk to subway

Thankfully the subway ride was smooth and warm.  I refueled with a Philly soft pretzel and banana and my family met me at the station.  That hot shower was amazing!!!

Broad street pho

We celebrated with Pho before hitting the road home.  All in all, a fantastic weekend!!

How you run a race in the rain?

Did you ever run a race ‘for fun’ and surprise yourself?



23 thoughts on “Broad Street Ten Miler Recap

  1. I’m so happy for you and that the race went so well. The weather conditions were not favorable and the forecast changed a lot before the actual race. The day before, they said it wasn’t supposed to rain…then it changed overnight.

    Around mile 7 is where my energy dips in that race too. It has every year and I don’t have any explanation why.

    I didn’t realize you went to school in Philly. Was it Temple?
    Hollie recently posted..Training: Back on Track (For Real this Time)My Profile

    • I know! You and that orange poncho go way back. 🙂 Yes, this was such a good lesson in taking the pressure off. So much more fun not to be nervous the night before and morning of, too.
      Laura recently posted..Broad Street Ten Miler RecapMy Profile

  2. Laura – congrats. Amazing splits. Your post made me smile. I am so glad you and your family are able to continue to build beautiful memories in Philly!

  3. That’s amazingly fast! Especially for the conditions! Yep, I ran a half last November with no training, just signed up the week before. But I must have still had some juice left from Chicago and ran my second fastest half ever! It was so fun, too!

    Great job!

  4. Congrats Laura!! I’m so happy for you that the race went well although I’m so sad to hear that you had to ditch the orange poncho!! And so glad that you got to spend time in Philly with friends. I loved running Broad Street and would love to run it again. So far I’ve had really good race memories in Philly.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..How to Modify Pigeon PoseMy Profile

  5. Running in that type of weather can be so hard. Chilling to the bone! Hilarious that you wore the orange poncho again! You are too funny. Way to go with those speedy splits! You are rockin’ it girl! I still have yet to run this race. Some year as it is my home city! Love that you went to Reading Terminal Market and also had Philly soft pretzels! The best! Congrats again!!!!

  6. Congrats! Malinda ran Broad Street for the 5th time since 1999 and finished with her 2nd fastest time (1:18:40). Running in the rain wasn’t too bad but walking from the finish line to the subway was soooooooooo cold.

  7. Congratulations!! I had no idea you spent so much time living and working in Philly, I hope you enjoyed your visit back! I totally agree that the post-race experience was pretty miserable. I heard that some buses were taking people the wrong way, which makes me glad that I walked to the station, even though it was cold and miserable!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted..Zensah Well Rounded Shorts Review + Discount!My Profile

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