Boston training week 5 + Meal planning

I am exhausted from the weekend, but in a good way! We spent Saturday hanging out with my husband’s cousins (also good friends) and their kids.  Sunday we squeezed in church, I had a client meeting and then we hosted friends for the Super Bowl.

As an introvert, I am in need of a down day to recharge but here we go Monday! It was worth it.

Training is chugging along. This week started with sore quads from the trail race last weekend but it was also a planned cut back week so it worked well to take it easy for a few days before picking it up again.

Monday :  2 easy miles but my knee was bothering me from the trail fall so I went to the pool and finished with 40 minutes of easy pool running

Tuesday: 1 hour elliptical with 8 minutes x 1 minute sprints and 4 x 2 minute sprints + upper body

Wednesday: 10 miles (TM) with 5 at 1.5 incline and 4 x 4 minutes at 6:30 pace with 2 minute jog recoveries

Thursday: 8 easy (9:30s down to 8:30s) + a few minutes of core/push ups

Friday: 5.5 easy (9:10s) + 15 minute swim

Saturday: 15 miles early and it was freezing (again) so I hit up the treadmill for a 3 x 3 workout… 2 warm up miles (8:35, 8:10) then 3 at 7:08 with 1 mile recovery, 3 at 7:03 with 1 mile recovery and 3 at 6:53 with a two mile cool down.  I felt strong and controlled, and that is the fastest 3×3 I’ve ever done, so that’s always a confidence booster!

Sunday:  rest!!

What I’m making this week…

  • Chicken cordon bleu (made this for friend’s with a new baby so we made extra for ourselves)
  • Sweet potato and black bean hash
  • Pesto chicken + Quinoa salad with leftovers
  • Homemade pizza Friday

Training wise, I’m feeling refreshed and ready to dive into next week! I just need to carve out a little more time for strength training… it’s become 5-10 minutes here and there instead of focused sessions, which can also be okay but I need a better plan for when to make it happen.

How was your week of training?

What’s one workout you were proud of this week?

I’m linking up with Wendy and HoHo from The Weekly Wrap.

26 thoughts on “Boston training week 5 + Meal planning

  1. Your workouts sound awesome! I miss doing speedwork but know I’ll be able to soon once I get back to running consistently post-injuries. I always loved doing timed intervals on the treadmill like your 4 minute workout. It sounds like you had a great weekend with the party and the wedding though, but I feel you on Monday being even tougher when there’s an exciting weekend.

  2. Well, my stair training is probably my most unique workout each week, and I’ll be doing them consistently until April when I have the Fight for Air Climb. I also finished the Challenge with all the burpees one could ever wish for LOL That was a major feat. Congrats on your solid week…hope the knee continues to feel better.
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted..Back in the Training ModeMy Profile

  3. Nice week of training! I don’t envy having to train for Boston through this winter. It’s been a rough one here. I hear you on Super Bowl exhaustion. I enjoyed a much needed rest day today after CrossFit yesterday.
    Marcia recently posted..January by NumberMy Profile

  4. I like your 3 x 3 workout! I may have to use it later in the year while training for my next marathon (hopefully). I’ve never thought of a sweet potato and black bean combo. But after seeing your list, I think I will try the sweet & spicy pairing. Thanks for linking!

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