Boston training week 3 + Meal Planning

Happy Monday!

It also happens to be my daughter’s 8th birthday, so it’s a special day over here! We celebrated this weekend with a Descendants themed party (that she planned, for the most part) and 9 (!) 7 and 8 year old girls in our house !!

Thankfully, they did great.  We planned probably a dozen games and activities that they did in teams which they loved.  It’s a great age for teamwork! We wrapped it up with a pinata and ice cream cake (and the holistic health coach sent them home all sugared up but happy.)

Training is moving along.  Here’s week 3 for Boston:

Monday :  9 miles with 2 mile w/u, 8 x .5 mile @ fast tempo (6:47) and 1 minute rests between each, then 5 x 30 seconds @ 5:52 pace

This was too cold for anything but the treadmill, but the time flew by with all the varying paces and it was a really fun workout!

Tuesday: 4 easy miles + 20 minute pool run

Wednesday: 10 easy, outside! (9:01 ave) – a few inches of snow on the ground, so I ran this one in my Yaktrax and felt like a kid playing in the snow

Thursday: 45 easy spin

Friday: 15 miles with 3 x 3 @ just faster than MP

I moved this to Friday because of a crazy packed weekend, and the ice sent me to the treadmill.  I broke it out like this:

3 mile warm up, 3 x 3 @ 7:18 pace with 1 mile easy between each, 1 mile c/d

Saturday: 6 miles easy (8:29 pace)

It was worth it to get the long run done early.  I went from this run to teaching a nutrition workshop all morning, and then rushing home to finish prep for the party.  The girls were here for the afternoon and we all crashed hard Saturday night!

Sunday:  rest   strength workout + 30 minute pool run

The weather was so nice, I was itching to run outside! But I played it smart and did a short gym session instead.  I am increasing slowly and don’t want to risk injury, even on the random 50 degree day, but it was hard!

What I’m making this week…

It’s a 7 day cleanse week and I have 20 women joining me.  I’ll be increasing the recommended carbs and protein to fuel my workouts but will lay off the ice cream cake.  🙂

  • ground turkey butternut squash one pot dish
  • roasted chicken thighs with roasted beets, parsnip, carrots and onions
  • pesto spaghetti squash + fish
  • veggie frittata

And that’s a wrap!

Did you get to run in the 50 degree temps?

Do you enjoy planning and hosting kid birthday parties? I can’t say I look forward to them, but they generally flow better than I think.  L had a blast so it’s always worth it!

I’m linking up with Wendy and HoHo from The Weekly Wrap.

24 thoughts on “Boston training week 3 + Meal Planning

  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to indulge in all the cake and not worry about it?

    Looks like you got a lot of quality training in. And yes, the 50 degree temps were nice!
    Wendy recently posted..January ThawMy Profile

  2. You are so incredibly fast! I can’t even fathom 5 seconds at a 5:52 pace. LOL

    Happy birthday to your daughter! I used to love planning parties for my girls – so long as it wasn’t at my house. haha. I just can’t deal with that many kids in my house.

    We’re on an upswing of warmer temps and I’m really hoping they stick around. I don’t mind cold runs (25-30 degrees) but I could totally do without anything colder. It just makes it so hard!
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted..Weekly Workout Recap #3My Profile

    • I’m hoping they stick around too, I’m with you on anything colder than 25. Too cold!

      Yes- she LOVES having them at our house but I’m hoping to start moving away from that… it’s a lot of work!

      As for the speed, 30 seconds is about all I’ve got… it’s incredible that elite women hold a faster pace for 26 miles!
      Laura recently posted..Boston training week 3 + Meal PlanningMy Profile

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! Mine will be 10 in two weeks, can’t believe how fast time flies. Great week of training!

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Glad the party went well and everybody came away happy. That chapter is over for me as my girls are now 12 and 16 but every age presents a new adventure. Great training week! It was 55 here today but poured all day.

  5. I hope your daughter had a great bday! I did run outside this weekend and it felt so good. Now we are supposed to get rain and cooler temps I think, but not as bad as what we had before! Your training looks like its going great and that was probably a smart choice to take the day off from running even though it was nice out!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted..Return From Disney WorkoutsMy Profile

  6. Great party mama and I’m so glad you sugared those kids up properly 🙂
    Treadmill work really isn’t so bad and, when there’s no alternative I’m so glad I have mine! I did manage to make it out in the thaw over the weekend but OMG the puddles!! < – – I have to complain about something 🙂
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown – “Easy” Weeks Can Be So HardMy Profile

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter. The party sounds like a success! I had some pretty cool parties when my boys were little. I think a pirate theme scavenger hunt was probably the best. I ran in both extremes last week; 17 on one end and 63 on the other. Nice week of training for you! Thanks for linking!

  8. What a great party! Happy Birthday to your daughter! I love planning birthday parties for the kids – this year we will have a Moana birthday party for my girl and a construction themed one for my boy in April and May!

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