Boston marathon training week 2

Happy MLK day! We’re all off and hanging out for the day… one child has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, so at least there is something to break up the day since it’s too cold for much else!

Thanks for your support on my whining and complaining about winter! Feeling under the weather last week certainly didn’t help.  Slowly my energy is coming back.

My cold/cough turned into pink eye and I was a bit of a mess last week but I felt okay running.  I just had no extra gear.  I hung out in the 8:30- 10:00 range.

I heard a quote recently around the lines of “it’s better for training plan to be controlled by the runner than the runner to be controlled by the training plan” – in other words, listen to your body and be flexible.  That was me this week.

I scrapped all ‘workouts’ with any speed or intensity last week but still managed to get my planned miles in, so I’ll take it!

Monday :  7 easy (9- 9:30 range, on the treadmill) + push ups

Tuesday: 45 minute pool run

Wednesday: 10 easy, outside! (8:55 ave) + new gymnastics class for the little one

Thursday: 8.5  with friends, made the miles fly by (9:30 ave) with awesome 40 something temps… plus a leg strength workout later in the day

Friday: 4 easy, no watch to enjoy the 55 degree weather!!

Saturday: 14 miles, easy (9:03 ave)  It was chilly! But nice to get these done outside and with some company as I joined a group run.

Sunday:  rest


What I’m making this week…

  • chicken noodle soup
  • roasted chicken thighs with butternut squash puree
  • chickpea squash soup
  • most likely eggs or pizza one night


Have you ever had pink eye?

Did you have a mix of freezing and unseasonably warm days this week like us?

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9 thoughts on “Boston marathon training week 2

  1. I did some whining and complaining myself in my post, so feel free to commiserate. It has been a ridiculous winter so far. I hope you are feeling better!
    Wendy recently posted..Cold as IceMy Profile

  2. Pink eye sounds horrible! I can’t remember if I ever had it as a child. A coworker’s kids had it a month or so ago. 🙁

    I love the quote about controlling your training instead of having it control you! So wise. 🙂

    Have a great week, Laura!
    Clarinda recently posted..Weekly Wrap – Jan 14thMy Profile

  3. I’m so impressed you are still sticking with your weekly pool running workout. I remember how tough it felt to get into even the heated indoor pool in cold weather. It was truly an exercise in mental toughness. I hope you are feeling better and the pink eye is now just a memory. Thanks for linking!

  4. I’ve never had pink eye but I can relate with this feeling. Guilt and self-condemnation were riding me so hard that time because I didn’t know what to do, why it happened and how can I prevent this from spreading. It started with my 2-year-old baby, he’s been rubbing his left eye, I thought it was sawdust in his eye, but I saw nothing. Then, it spreads in the corner of our home. Yeah, we were all infected, with my wife and our eldest son.
    Richard@Pool Sunday recently posted..Best Pool Cleaner Reviews for 2017: Top Rated Pool Cleaner for the MoneyMy Profile

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