Boston Marathon reflections, workouts at 26 weeks and meal plan

Whew… possibly the longest title ever.  I’ll try to keep the post short and to the point!

I realized I never got to talk about the Boston marathon this week… I watched the live stream on Monday, and it was powerful! Both the elite men and women had close races and Shalane and Meb did fantastic.

After qualifying in Houston, this was supposed to be the year that I ran Boston so it was bittersweet to watch and not be there.  (Although I’m thrilled to be pregnant and certainly wouldn’t change that!)

 Houston marathon for UA

As I get closer to the due date, I’ve started thinking about my next running goals and the big one is definitely to requalify for Boston and run it.  I’d have to qualify by September (not gonna happen) to run next year’s race, so my goal is to run a winter/spring marathon to qualify for Boston 2016.  Sounds so far off, but you have to plan ahead way ahead for that race!

This weekend I was toying with the idea of going back to run Houston again… that way, I can see old friends, new babies and get back for a visit.  Plus, a January race means fall training which sounds a lot easier than a spring marathon after this crazy winter!

Training this week was surprisingly good – I had more energy every day than I’ve had in weeks.  Maybe it’s due to the spring reset challenge? Cleaning out the junk in my diet always makes a difference.  Here’s the recap:

Sunday: 30 minutes weight circuit + afternoon 40 minute walk

Monday: 5.5 run (10 minute pace)

Tuesday: 3.25 run + quick circuit (push ups, squats with press, kettle bell swings)

Wednesday: taught 55 minute spin class

Thursday: 5.5 run with a fast finish mile (9:45 pace, finish 8:30 pace)

Friday: Subbed 45 minute spin class + a quick strength circuit from Jess

Saturday: 7 mile run at 9:00 pace, (most at 8:40 after a slow warm up mile — not sure where this burst of “speed” came from)

26 weeks long run

And resting today!


For the meal plan this week:


Sunday:  Leftover One Pan Mexican Quinoa


Monday: Asian Chicken Salad (spring reset recipe)

Tuesday: Gado Gado (Indonesian peanut sauce over steamed veggies and rice)


Wednesday:  Grilled Salmon +Smashed kale and avocado salad + millet



Thursday:  Sunset Sensation Salad (spring reset recipe)


Friday: Leftovers or out


Saturday: Inside Out Sushi Salad (never made this last week, trying again!)



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Have you run Boston, or do you hope to run Boston someday?

What’s one of your quick, go to dinners?

42 thoughts on “Boston Marathon reflections, workouts at 26 weeks and meal plan

  1. That is a fantastic goal! You will definitely get there. Great workouts this week, you are doing great 🙂
    The meals look yummy, especially the peanut sauce one. I ran Boston with charity when my son was 2 months old. It was an amazing experience!

  2. Boston? I think of it often and wonder if it’s possible. Most of the time I feel like I can do it! Today doesn’t feel like most of the time. After a year of long and slow ultratraining and how much it impacted my pace I wonder. Can I ever qualify for Boston?

    Love how you ended the post with And resting today 🙂
    jill conyers recently posted..Spicy Southwest Roasted VegetablesMy Profile

  3. I 100% relate to your feelings on Boston! I qualified twice and wasn’t able to go b/c of the happy circumstance of being pregnant with my girls. Last year I re-qualified and cannot wait to finally experience the mama of all marathons next year! Then it will be your turn!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..On the CuspMy Profile

  4. Boston would be amazing. I don’t know if I’ll ever make it there to run but I would love to spectate at some point. Your workouts this week look great and I clicked a couple of your links on the menu plan. Yum!
    Angie @ A Mother’s Pace recently posted..Race Week Menu PlanMy Profile

  5. You are rocking your runs! It’s so great you’re feeling good so far into it 🙂 I definitely dream of qualifying for and running Boston, it’s my number one goal but I have a LONG way to go. Go to meal is usually baked fish with rice and veggies, or chicken chili in the slow cooker

  6. Wow-that salmon looks so delicious. I think I could eat it for breakfast right now! (Well 2nd breakfast after my oatmeal.)
    I don’t ever see me running a marathon, but I’m totally impressed by those who do. Watching this years BM was so emotional.
    A frittata is usually my quick, easy healthy recipe, but that Mexican Quinoa is right on up there. So good and even better the next day or two 🙂

  7. When you run Boston, please consider taking your family to the New England Aquarium. It’s beautiful and the staff is great!

    As a former volunteer there, one of my favorite weekends was marathon weekend. We were packed, and the love that oozed from runners and their families was beautiful.

    PS I’ve never run it. My hub did in 2009 after qualifying in 2008 on a training run. (His long run was to be 20, but he found a marathon that weekend and signed up figuring, “what’s another 6.2?”)
    Wendy recently posted..Current Favorite Yoga Poses (First Trimester)My Profile

  8. You know I would root for having you join us for the Houston race weekend!! 🙂 Thanks for the post.
    BTW – I have been starting to do more cross training. Last Monday, I went to a class at my gym called “CORE 30,” which is essentially 30 mins of core work (planks, etc) with short cardio bursts (mountain climber, burpies, etc). On Tuesday, I was so sore, I could barely do my speed workout! 🙂
    May recently posted..Boston 2013…A Year Later…My Profile

  9. I don’t think Boston is ever in my future, but I enjoy watching others strive to achieve greatness there, and I truly believe you can!!

    One of super quick go-to meals is Wegmans Mexican Naan. It takes just a few minutes to throw together and is cooked super quickly, plus it tastes amazing.
    Jillian @ Baby Doodah! recently posted..Sunday Meal Plan – Lucky 13My Profile

  10. I am glad you have chosen a new marathon for post baby. I can only imagine how hard that was but it is clear how happy you are with your pregnancy. I couldn’t be happier for you!
    Hollie recently posted..No Training Week 3My Profile

  11. I (secretly) feel like pregnancy is ruining all my running plans. (Don’t tell my husband I said that). I got into NYC by lottery this year and I’m so bummed about having to defer it back to 2015. By no means am I not happy to be pregnant, but I’m sad I’ll be missing out on running NYC AND Chicago with my running buddies. So I know how you feel. Children trump marathons. LOL
    Haley @ running with diapers recently posted..Things You Should Not Say to a Pregnant WomanMy Profile

  12. Wow!! That’s a great run, especially considering you are at 26 weeks!
    I know how you feel about Boston.. hard to miss out on something you worked hard for, but the baby is something beyond Boston. ♥ You’ll be back there~!!

  13. I think that is a great idea, to focus on a Fall/Winter marathon. This winter was unbelievably hard to marathon train in and the Fall training should be much more productive. Houston sounds like a good option and plus, you know the course and will know what to expect. I think that can be very helpful when trying to qualify. I’m sure you’ll get that BQ again!
    Christina recently posted..My tulips have bloomed and running shoe nerd stuffMy Profile

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