Boston Marathon- looking back and looking forward

In less than a week, tens of thousands of runners will be lining up to run the 121st Boston marathon.  Boston is unique as the world’s oldest marathon and also as one of the most prestigious races, due to it’s prize structure which attracted runners and led to qualifying times for guaranteed entry, as well as it’s status as one of the World Major Marathons.

I admit, when I finally decided to train for a full marathon, Boston was on my mind.  I missed qualifying by four minutes in my first marathon, but qualifying times were also easier then.

My first BQ at the Houston Marathon

I qualified at my second marathon in Houston and ran Boston two years ago.

Boston- My brightest marathon outfit to date!

My Boston experience was unique as I was running for fun and was hoping to pace Angela to her pr and/or BQ before she had to pull out due to the worst-timed-ever injury.

I thought maybe I was done with marathons, but got roped into running another last fall and qualified again at Steamtown, which makes me eligible to race next April 2018.

I keep saying I’m going to pull back and focus on the half distance, yet the marathon is oddly addicting and continues to tug at me.  Right now I’m leaning toward a fall marathon and will likely enter the lottery for my second Boston next spring. How can you not want to repeat that experience?

This year, the weather looks perfect and I’m beyond excited to watch it live on Monday (from home) and cheer on my many friends (real and virtual!) as they run their hearts out through Boston!

Are you cheering for any Boston runners this year?

Is Boston on your bucket list?

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18 thoughts on “Boston Marathon- looking back and looking forward

  1. The marathon really is addicting! I still have the goal to qualify for Boston, and by the time I run another marathon Ill be in the next age group. Im excited to be off from work on Monday so I can watch the race!

  2. I just ran with two friends this morning who are heading to Boston for Monday’s race. I am hoping to run it next year with you, Laura. I have never been to Boston and can’t wait to experience it all. I will be cheering from home too!

  3. This has been going through my head A LOT lately. I had one goal before being sidelined with an injury – BQ at Sugarloaf. Now I’ve been wavering between do I really want it or do I think I want it? I’m leaning towards yes. The excitement of the weekend leading up to Marathon Monday, the electricity of the Athlete’s Village, the race itself. I want to experience that again. AND finish the WHOLE race! My plan was to do it in 2018 and now that I know you are doing it, that’s even more incentive. Not sure if that is going to happen since I’d be starting fresh again in training and I’d have to find a race that meets the cut off date in September. We’ll have to wait and see what my body has planned for me!

  4. Qualifying for Boston was so exciting – and now I’m already dreaming about my next marathon! I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be running it in 2018 (it’s such a long haul from Seattle), although if there’s a lot of people I know going it would be tempting. Some year I am going to run it!
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  5. I love the Boston Marathon and all it’s history. This Monday, I’ll be spectating in Wellesley due to a last minute trip to visit my elderly mother for Easter. The race is in my list for 2019 when I she up and earn an extra 15 minutes to qualify. Hopefully Berlin will be my magic race this fall.

  6. i don’t know anyone personally, but I’ll be watching it, probably when I get home. It’ll be hard to not keep track but I’ll do it to keep the suspense going.

  7. I’ve never run a marathon, so I really don’t know, but I certainly have plenty of marathon crazy friends.

    No, a BQ is not on my radar. I am so far away from it (even never having run a marathon, I know this), and while if I worked my tail off maybe it could happen, I don’t want to work that hard! It would suck the fun out of running for me.

  8. I’d love to run Boston but have yet to run a full marathon. I’d have a tone of work to do and I’m not sure it’s a path I want to go down. If I’m at Boston, it would be to watch and I’d probably love that too!

  9. I’ve qualified for Boston twice, and run it once (2015). It was on my birthday! Which was totally cool… but that cold rain was not cool. So that was a bit of a bummer… and then then next year, I qualified and I got cut (stupid time cuts!), so that was an even bigger bummer! I’m not sure if I’ll try again soon, but 2020 will be on my birthday again, so I’ll definitely try my hardest to get in that year.
    We’ll be there cheering my husband on this year!
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  10. Your Boston outfit is amazing! Boston is percolating in the very far (back) regions of my mind, but I’d have some major work to do to even snag the elusive BQ (like, knock almost 34 minutes off of my PR)…and we all know the BQ is not a guarantee to make it to the start line. So, for now, I’m content watching people like you conquer the race instead 😉
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