Blogging Tips from Fitbloggin 2012

In my final Fitbloggin recap, I mentioned that I would save the things I learned from the conference for a future post.  Where to begin?

Most of the sessions were tied into ways to improve your blog, improve your blog’s traffic, and/or make money from your blog.  I took a lot of notes and was impressed with the speakers who presented.  Each session has been recorded by a live blogger.  Some of my favorites were:

  • Using Social Media to Drive Blog Traffic – Emily gave so many helpful tips.  Google Analytics is essential for tracking your traffic. The Sharaholic plug-in makes it easy for readers to share your posts in multiple ways (make sure you edit the settings to include your specific Twitter handle and Facebook page).  HootSuite is a great way to organize twitter and gives you the ability to schedule tweets in advance.
  • The Business of Blogging– This session was in a discussion format, so lots of bloggers had the opportunities to share their experiences working with brands.  The overall theme was don’t be afraid to approach brands! Be intentional about promoting the products that you already use and love.  Often, brands are already watching you (especially on Twitter).  Again, being genuine and authentic is so important.
  • Turning a Blog Post into an Article– Susan covered a lot of the nuts and bolts of submitting an article for publication to a journal or magazine.  I realized how many unspoken rules there are in the publishing world (such as NEVER address a submission to Dear Editor- find a contact and use their name!) It would take a lot of work and time, and is not something I’m interested in pursuing right now.
  • Drive More Traffic through SEO – I knew the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but learned so much from Brandi.  Some of my favorite tips were the sites and to get a better understanding of current search terms and trends on google.  This can help you word your post titles correctly to capture the search engine audience for your topic.  She suggested using 5-10 search terms for your post (not endless search terms) and occasionally including common misspelled words. (I use the All-in-One SEO Pack plug-in for WordPress).   Also, title your photos with the key words and link them back to the post after it is published.  I wish I had known that a year ago!


Of course, there’s so much more. You can find all of the live blogs on Fitbloggin’s website.  My friend Christine also wrote an excellent recap of some of the things she learned.  I’m also happy to further clarify anything I’ve touched on, so feel free to email me with questions.

I’ve been processing this information and thinking about who I am, what I want this blog to be, where I see myself going in life.   Meeting so many fitness and health professionals at the conference got me thinking about career directions, and I made a decision I’m excited about.  More on that tomorrow in part two…



29 thoughts on “Blogging Tips from Fitbloggin 2012

  1. Great tips! I started my blog so I wouldn’t slack on training for my first marathon- never expecting anyone other than my family to read it. I am just now figuring out how others find my site, so this info is awesome!
    Jerilee recently posted..Conquering St. George…My Profile

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. My blog has only been for recreational, social and personal use so far but awesome to know that I could turn it into something more. 🙂
    Kris recently posted..Craving RunningMy Profile

  3. Laura!! I’m so curious as to the decision you made. I’ve still be processing everything from Fitbloggin’ (and thank you for mentioning my recap) and haven’t quite come clear yet as to where I’m going. I keep saying that I’ll figure it out once I have a chance to sit and think but that time doesn’t seem to be appearing anytime soon. Can’t wait to read your post tomorrow.
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..An unexpected visitMy Profile

    • I know what you mean! For me it was the three hour plane ride home… I intended to sleep, but my brain was too busy processing everything. I originally wanted to make this all one post but quickly realized how long that would have been! So tomorrow it is. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Blogging Tips from Fitbloggin 2012My Profile

  4. Great post I use Attracta and LOVE IT! I am definitely in google but I’m always looking for ways to drive more search traffic. I’m going to check out this stuff THANKS for sharing 🙂 I also never word my post titles correctly, I’d like to research more on that. I JUST started making a bit of money off my blog and I’m super excited about it. I never had ads, or other button or advertisers contacting me before so at first I thought I was selling out – now I just see it as getting a bonus for doing something I love 🙂
    Ali Mc recently posted..Answers & I can’t walk!My Profile

  5. Google Analytics cracks me up sometimes with the things that people were searching for when they came across my blog, but it doesn’t always seem like a very accurate tool. At any rate, I only check for curiosity’s sake, as I’ve chosen not to monetize my blog or worry about traffic to it too much.
    Raquelita recently posted..Reasons to SmileMy Profile

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