May 21st, 2014

Best takeaways from the Integrative Nutrition Conference

As you probably know if you’ve been following and reading for awhile, I am a proud Integrative Nutrition grad.  My health coach training was all done from Houston so I never made it to a Live NYC Conference until this past weekend.  I knew it would be amazing, but wow- it was incredible!

Waiting for the bus into NYC

Waiting for the bus into NYC

I have all sorts of blog posts ideas brewing so I can share some of the newest research and my “aha” moments with you, but here’s a quick peak at some of the highlights:

Mark Hyman, MD, functional medicine – (my personal favorite) spoke about why we (Americans) are fat, and why losing weight is not about will power.

The idea that weight loss is about balancing calories in vs calories out is outdated and false.”

[On food addiction] “Overweight and cocaine-addicted brains look the same.”

You can watch a great 2 minute clip of him here.


Rubin Naimin, PhD, Psychologist specializes in sleep.  He talked about the connection between sleep and diet.

Sleep impacts our eating, metabolism and weight.  Eating impacts our sleep and dreams.”

“We are dream deprived- this functions as our body’s chance to consolidate memory, learning and emotional healing.”


Lissa Rankin, MD, is also the founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute Training program.  She told some powerful examples about cases where diet has nothing to do with health.. our community, support, relationships, and hope can trump the lard and pizza, while chronic stress trumps all the kale and quinoa we might be eating.

“We have self-healing mechanisms, but they only function when the nervous system is in the parasympathetic response rather than the fight and flight response.”


Daphne Miller, MD, became fascinated by the idea that it’s not necessarily our food that is medicine, it’s the soil in which the food is grown.  When farmers go back to traditional growing methods, the vitamin content and immunity ability of the food drastically increases.

“It’s not about organic, it’s the question of microbial life.”

“There is a constant microbioal swap between ourselves and the soil.”

Kids with asthma have no diversity in their microbe environment.  It’s not about the hygiene [ie farm vs city] but it’s a matter of bio-diversity of microbes.”

Microbes in our gut are talking to the microbes in the environment.  Where your food is grown has everything to do with how well you can digest the food.”


Dr Oz, surgeon and best known from The Dr. Oz Show, shared his 5 simple tips for best health, plus updated research on cholesterol, belly fat and obesity.

Waist drives health issues.  Rather than weight, a better measure of health is belly fat.  Ideally, your waist measurement should be less than half of your height in inches.”


Plus there were IIN grads sharing inspiring stories, chefs, Mastin Kipp from the Daily Love, fantastic business advice from Marie Forleo, and coaching tips and tricks from IIN founder, Joshua Rosenthal.

IIN Live conference

I was thankful for the 40 minute bus ride home to start to digest everything I had heard and to piece together my next steps.  I come away from these kinds of events with so much passion and drive! I have goals for children’s health, school lunches, more honest labeling, an e-book idea, etc. and this conference pushed me to keep moving toward them, but to also realize they don’t all have to happen overnight.

I’m excited to share more from these speakers and doctors over the next few months.

Who would you be most excited to learn from?

Have you attended a conference where you came away incredibly touched and inspired?


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