December 15th, 2013

Back to running + menu link up

I can’t believe that in one week we’ve gotten two snow storms.  I hope this doesn’t mean we’re in for a long winter! I was hoping to ease back into the northeast weather a bit more slowly.  But it is beautiful.

Snowy Day

And I was reminded that shoveling the driveway definitely counts as a workout!

Snow shoveling

I have to admit, the cold temps and snow and ice have made it hard to motivate myself to get back to running… I’m been pretty content hitting the weights, spin classes and elliptical in the warm gym.

But I also REALLY miss running.  Last time I tried a week or so ago, I felt twinges in my shin the next day and I decided it wasn’t worth it until I knew I was 100%.  Yesterday I ran one mile after spin class, and so far, so good… I think!  Fingers crossed that I can continue to ease back in with some run/walk combos.

On the menu this week…

Sunday: Veggie Omelets

Monday: Homemade sushi or Inside Out Sushi Salad

Tuesday: Hawaiian turkey meatball stir fry

Wednesday: Baked mahi mahi + Asian style Quinoa salad

Thursday:  Quinoa Minestrone + grilled cheese

Quinoa Minestrone Soup

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Out or quesadillas

Did you get much snow where you are? How are you adjusting to winter running?

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