Anyone else want to join me at the Newport 10k?

I’m excited to have announce that I’m teaming up with the Newport 10k as an official blog partner!

I had to look back at my records to find the last 10k I ran and I realized it’s been years! Both the 5k and 10k intimidate me a bit with the faster paces that you have to hold onto.  I make myself do some 5ks because, well, they’re over faster.

But the 10k is an awesome distance and I had promised myself I’d do a few in 2017.  So I was excited when Newport reached out about running their race on Saturday, May 6th.

It’s flat and fast, and if you’re anywhere near NYC, it’s a must! It runs along the Hudson River Waterfront Parkway with some amazing views of the NYC skyline.

I loved running the half here in the fall and am excited to head back for a shorter race.  As it gets closer, I’ll share some 10k specific training tips and my own race experience afterwards, of course.

Join me?

When’s the last time you’ve run a 10k? Do you have one on your 2017 calendar?

Is anyone else signed up for the Newport 10k or considering it? I’d love to meet up before or after!

7 thoughts on “Anyone else want to join me at the Newport 10k?

  1. Oh how I would love to make this my daughter and my 10K this year, but it’s a little too far away. We did a mom/daughter 10K last year… made a fun little overnight trip out of it. I’m sure you will do great!

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