Another post baby pr!

Hey friends,

How was your weekend?  We went to PA to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday and had a great time catching up with everybody.

A week ago I signed up for a 5k at 9pm Saturday night.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I was not feeling it Saturday.  I wanted to be winding down at 9pm on the couch.

But sometimes good races come when you least expect them, so I went.

It was hot and humid but a mostly flat course.  As a “Glow run” it’s become pretty popular for a small town and had 3,000 runners!

Glow run

I warmed up for a sweaty mile and headed to the front.  My mom, brother and husband came by to watch and had fun taking pictures and embarrassing me at the start of the race.  🙂


Glow run start


With the “ready, set, go!!” the front of the pack took off waaay too fast.  At the 400m mark my watch said 6:03 pace and I slowed it down and soon found I was passing lots of eager beavers who couldn’t hold the pace (lots of young teenagers were running this race and I get it, it’s always tempting to start too fast!)

The first mile felt strong and relatively comfortable.  I didn’t learn until after the race (because of the dark) that I ran that mile in 6:31, my fastest mile since baby J was born. Yay!


Fastest post baby J mile


However, it’s good I didn’t know because mile two was brutal.  It had some very small inclines but my legs thought they were mountains.  With the humidity I was huffing and puffing and seriously wanted to quit.  If it hadn’t been for my family waiting at the finish, I might have taken a walk break.  I later learned that mile two was 6:57, ouch.

By mile three, we were back on flat ground and I was able to pick it up slightly and hold it to the finish with a 6:45 mile and short sprint to the finish.  I used to always have a sprint left in me but not in the past 9 months.  I think I’m just not willing to let my body hurt as much I used to, ha!

Final time: 20:48, a 22 second improvement over my 5k two weeks ago and another post baby-J record!

And as much as I was hating the 5k in mile two, I know I have a stronger mile two in me so I’m ready to find the next race.  As usual, the pain is forgotten and the fire in my belly says, let’s do it again and better this time!!


Glow run finish

Oh- and I learned that I placed first in my age group and won a hand-blown glass prize, although I didn’t stick around until 10:30pm to collect it but am hoping to still claim it.


Country recovery run


The next morning, we took advantage of child care at the grandparents and got out for a short couple’s run through the gorgeous (hot, humid) countryside.  .A perfect way to end the weekend.

Did you ever surprise yourself in a race?

Are you energized or ready to crash at 9pm?

32 thoughts on “Another post baby pr!

  1. Congratulations Laura!!! I give you so much credit for even signing up for this one. 9pm? No way! But you did it and did it well. 5Ks are so brutal, especially hills in the humidity, but all is forgotten at the finish line 🙂 Nicely done and I’m so excited to see you continue to improve your endurance and speed!!!
    Allie recently posted..The Rundown: No Running? No Problem.My Profile

  2. It’s funny because I’ve had similar night time races. I haven’t thought they would be good (or even great) and all of a sudden I have an awesome race. Nice work the other evening, especially in the heat.
    Hollie recently posted..Week 4: Bonus Rest DayMy Profile

  3. I have always wanted to do a night run/ glow run, they look like so much fun!
    AWESOME JOB! and congrats on the new PR! I am just getting back on the road after pregnancy (Baby K is 7 wks) and I am looking forward to setting some new post pregnancy PR’s 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun
    Karen @karenlovestorun recently posted..Happy June! + Monthly GoalsMy Profile

  4. You are amazing! congrats Laura!! I wish I have some of your speed! My next 5k is the 4th of July 5k….no expectation on that one as it’ll be hot and humid by then for sure. 🙂
    May recently posted..I Promise to Have Fun…My Profile

  5. Way to go, Laura! How awesome that you are continuing to improve with each passing race. And in the heat/humidity, ’cause it was there in force this weekend! Keep up the great work.
    misszippy recently posted..Summer racesMy Profile

  6. You are so strong Laura! What a fabulous race. How fun to race at night. Yeah, I am a morning girl. I guess it’s all the years of having babies and early morning long runs. I’m asleep my 9pm most nights. Congratulations on a speedy race- hope you can collect the prize.
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Low Carb Chocolate SauceMy Profile

  7. SO FAST! i surprised myself in the half marathon a couple months ago since i hadn’t run longer than six miles and i ended up running the whole thing without stopping!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..#WeHeartSTLMy Profile

  8. Congrats Laura! Well done! It is hard for me to run at night too. I am pretty useless by 8pm most days. 🙂 5ks are hard… especially when you are used to marathon training! Congrats on a great race! 🙂

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