Another 5k + winging it this season

Last weekend I was in PA for a baby shower and decided to run another 5k Saturday morning.  I’d love a cool, flat 5k but it was not in the cards.  The sun came out strong as we lined up.

But the course was fun, and it was a more competitive group than the last two I ran, so I had several runners to chase and ran a bit stronger- around 20:39, by my watch. I’ll take that!

I’ve had fun winging it lately.  I didn’t run the half marathon that was on my calendar early September, and since then I’ve been doing what I feel like… running a few 5ks for fun with no real plan for the fall.

I did test out my grumpy knee with a longer run yesterday (13) and it was fine, so although I’ve lost a few weeks of training, I’d still like to fit in one or two halfs this fall.

It looks like the marathon will likely have to wait for another season.  I’m okay with that.  I ran fall and spring marathons last year which is more than usual for me, so I’m due for a cut back season soon.  There is a marathon I had my eye on for November but the farthest I’ve run is 16 so it’s probably not going to happen!

I’m considering the Rise, Run Retreat meet up with Lindsey Hein early November, combined with the Seacoast half.  Is anyone else planning to be there?

I may also run the Jersey Shore half by the shore in two weeks for fun. Just rolling with this fall and we’ll see what happens!

Have you run the Seacoast half or Jersey Shore half? Thoughts?

Have you had a season of winging it?


5 thoughts on “Another 5k + winging it this season

  1. I have had a few years of winging it–I just go with how I’m feeling. I hate DNSing races, so winging it works for me!

    Congrats on that great 5k finish time!

  2. I may not make it this year, but I LOVED the Seacoast half last year! The course is flat and fast, the crowd is competitive but not intimidatingly so, the weather was perfection, and the views were gorgeous. It was a big PR for me, so I can’t complain about that either 🙂

  3. Congrats on the 5K! Right now is sort of my season of just winging it – I have my eyes on a few races, but with moving I am letting training be a bit more relaxed. I’ve heard great things about the Seacoast half – one runner I coached ran a big PR there last year and it seems like such a fast course.
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