December 20th, 2013

A Day in the Life

Fridays are perfect for a light hearted post.  Today my friends Jill and Angela are hosting a Day in the Life link up… feel free to join in!

Here’s what yesterday looked like for us:

5am- L wakes up (not normal!) We all tried to fall back asleep until 6am when she and my husband got up for the day.  I caught a few extra minutes of sleep before joining them downstairs.

They had oatmeal on the stove, so we had oats with berries, ground flaxseeds and chia seeds.  Then I scurried around packing L’s lunch for preschool, finding missing gloves and getting us ready to go out the door.

We stopped to buy flowers for her teachers, as it was my job to present the class gift to them today.  I also found these gorgeous orchids and couldn’t resists 50% off.  :-)


After dropping her and the flowers off at preschool, I spent a few hours working and then took a long walk before picking her up.  It was such a beautiful, mild winter day.

Winter walk

I ate leftover quinoa minestrone for lunch and headed out to pick L up.  She is officially done with napping, but I guess the early morning got to her.  She crashed before we made it home, and slept for an hour in the driveway. (Confession: I took a nap in the car, too!)

We had a few minutes for her to grab a snack and then headed out the door again to her “dance” class where they do a little of everything.  She loves it!

Creative moment

We got home in time to start prepping dinner.  We learned this week that one of our old Ithaca friends was in the city for a visit, and it worked out for her to join us for dinner.  She is now launching her professional opera singing career in Sydney so it was fun to here about her new adventures.


Dinner: Pork tenderloin; Roasted potatoes; Carrot beet Salad; Balsamic green beans

She caught the 9:20 train back to NYC and I settled down to blog, catch up with my husband and crash! It wasn’t the most typical day, but I’m not sure that any day really is at this stage in life.

Have your workouts changed for the winter? Do you have a set routine, or does it change every day?

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