A day in life + WIAW

Spring? Where are you?

Yesterday I woke up to -2 degrees (and I don’t even want to know what the “feel like” temp was!) I bundled up to head out to our (unheated) garage to get my 8 miles in.  It’s crazy to me that 8 miles on the treadmill is so doable these days but it is getting VERY old. (This was after feeding baby J, drinking as much water as I could stomach and downing a banana with almond butter.)

WIAW 8 miles treadmill
I warmed up quickly and shed my layers but I would really appreciate some milder temps to finish out Boston training!

I refueled with two bowls of oatmeal with banana, more almond butter and chia seeds.
wiaw oatmeal chia breakfast


I got a super-fast-mom shower and headed to preschool. After dropping L off, I joined the parent meeting for the school’s upcoming fundraiser, committed to bring spanokopita triangles and a bottle of wine, and headed home to get in a few hours of work during baby J’s morning nap.

Somewhere in there I had a snack,

wiaw yogurt muesli snackMuseli with plain full fat Stonyfield yogurt

nursed the baby again, and then warmed up leftovers for lunch.

wiaw fish veggies lunchFish and roasted veggies with Charmoula sauce over rice

And a happy, blurry baby with a yellow pepper strip.  I’ll share more on how we’re feeding J next week.

wiaw baby j pepper

She took another quick nap and I finished some emails before it was time to go pick up L.  Our afternoon was spent creating another tea party (she is obsessed with the Fancy Nancy Tea party book) and then we sent out invitations for an upcoming “winter fashion” party she’s been planning.  I have no idea what that means, except that they are all supposed to arrive dressed up.

It’s scary how much she is like me.  She decided we needed to make a list of snacks for the party and possible games.  My mini-me-list-maker.

Despite the bitter cold outdoors, we made a smoothie for snack with Stonyfield plain yogurt, frozen blueberries, 1/2 a banana, a handful of spinach and a dash of almond milk and cinnamon.

She decided we need to add the smoothie to our party list, too.  It’s a favorite of ours!

Meanwhile, baby J was sitting on the floor, grabbing whatever was in her reach and smiling at us.  (I now understand why so many people have babies close together or large families – if all babies were as easy as her, I’d keep going too!)

It was just us girls for dinner.  L requested Annie’s mac and cheese and I threw together a giant salad plus eggs for all of us.


wiaw dinnerEggs, beets, potatoes, avocado, shredded carrot, apple and sunflower seeds over greens

Mine was on top of as many veggies as I could find plus a few bites of L’s mac and cheese.  I balanced it out with a few tortilla chips.

This is what happens when you send your husband to Costco…. how are we supposed to finish off 40 servings before they go stale?

wiaw 40 servings

Sadly, it seems like we’ll manage just fine.

L had an egg and some avocado with her mac and cheese, and then we attempted to clean up.  Doll hair cuts have been popular around here.  (See that hunk of blonde hair on the floor?)

wiaw kids

After bedtime for the girls, a health coach client, and catching up with my husband, I climbed into bed to read.  I was enthralled with the Atlantic’s article on ISIS and their beliefs about the end times- I recommend it.  Fascinating.

And that wraps up a day in life and WIAW!

Side note: The health coach/ running coach giveaway is open for a few more days if you missed it!

What are you reading these days?

What’s your go to dinner when it’s just you?



19 thoughts on “A day in life + WIAW

  1. It’s been so cold lately. I am ready to travel down south tomorrow so I can at least enjoywarm weather. Your food always looks the best. I guess that is what I get for reading a health coaches blog right?
    Hollie recently posted..Marathon NutritionMy Profile

  2. Minus 2 should not be permitted in the lower 48. I went outside yesterday at 4 degrees and I think that is the coldest one I have done yet. I’m so over it, too. Hopefully your final 20s will be in warmer temperatures!

    The baby is so cute and happy–I do think second babies tend to be easier partly b/c we are more relaxed about it and they pick up on that. And isn’t it scary how much our children can be like us? My daughter is me to a T.

    I would love to read that article–the Atlantic has so many good ones!
    misszippy recently posted..How to know if you’re race readyMy Profile

  3. -We polish off tortilla chips way too easily when they’re around. They taste so good!
    -Currently I’m reading a lot of books for our Bradley Method childbirth course. They’re really interesting and it’s fun to learn all about pregnancy, natural childbirth, etc. It’s honestly an area of health that I would love to get involved with someday!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..February Recipe RoundupMy Profile

  4. Love this look at your day! I hate it when my husband goes to BJs (like Costco). He comes hone with tubs of pretzels and cookies and candy, I have to remind myself that if it comes in a tub it can’t even taste that good … right? I really can’t wait to hear more about the winter fashion party — too cue!
    Coco recently posted..Hearty Tomato Soup RecipeMy Profile

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