A confidence boosting run + 3 things I’m doing every night to stay healthy

How are we already wrapping up another month?!

February had highs and lows in training… a pull back week or two in the middle from pushing too hard (low) and then a solid weekend of running with a surprisingly strong 8 miles of tempo work yesterday (high).

So I’m back to feeling like maybe there is some hope for this half in 3 weeks.  My husband commented that my life has much higher highs and lower lows than his, thanks to running. Ha! Definitely some truth to that!

I’ve been taking all the preventative care pieces very seriously… no more aches or pains!

Here are the three things that I’m doing every. single. night.

  1. Icing.  Typically I only ice my shin when it’s starting to feel tender, but I’ve continued to ice after every single run to boost recovery.  So far so good!
  2. Rolling.  I know how important it is, but honestly, I was lucky to do it once a week.  Now I’m doing a 5 -7 minute roll out every evening… my chiropractor taught me a simple roll starting with the back and glutes, and then one leg at a time for hamstrings, calves, and quads.  It really only takes a few rolls on each body part- 5 minutes total!
  3. Yoga:  I am so NOT a yoga girl- terribly unbendy and inflexible.  But I’m started doing a simple sequence (again 5 minutes, that’s it!) I typically run through downward dog, cobra and do a few hip stretches and warrrior holds.  I don’t know if I’m even naming everything correctly, but it’s a nice way to stretch out and get some deep breathing in.

For Tuesdays on the run, we were asked to grade ourselves on our month.  It wasn’t exactly what I hoped but February is finishing strong and with these new habits in place, I’m giving it an A!

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17 thoughts on “A confidence boosting run + 3 things I’m doing every night to stay healthy

  1. I think you are ready for a strong half in 3 weeks – you are being so diligent! I’ve been slacking on foam rolling – maybe a couple times per week, but I know I do best when I prioritize it. Like you said, it only takes a few minutes and is so beneficial for such a short time investment.

  2. I hear you on the yoga. I used to be a gymnast and a dancer. I can’t believe I used to be able to do splits and twist myself into a pretzel. Not anymore. But flexibility does come back if you work at it.

    I’ve started taking yoga once a week and not only does it help me work out the niggles, it’s also very relaxing.

    Really need to follow your lead and get better about the foam rolling.

    You will do great on the 1/2. 3 weeks is like a year in runner’s time 😉

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