October 17th, 2012

9 Healthy Cookie Dough Balls

I am on an organizational kick.  I finally sorted the stack of papers on my desk, uncovered my dresser from the weekend race clutter, and switched out L’s snug clothes for the next size up.  It’s time to get recipes organized, too!

It makes my life so much easier to have lots of recipes in one place, and I hope it’s helpful for you as well.  Last week, I featured 24 delicious pancake recipes, and this week I’m going to round up my scattered cookie dough ball recipes.

This is a combination of no-bake and baked cookies, some with no added sweetener, some with no grains, and one with butter and sugar for good measure.  Ready?


No Bake Nut-Fruit Balls


Date-nut Ball (with a chocolate variation)

Coconut Date “Mound” Ball

Date-cashew balls and Chocolate Date-walnut balls


No Bake Peanut or Almond Butter Balls


PB-Oat Balls

Coconut Brownie Bites

Coconut Brownie Bites


Chickpea “Cookie Dough” Balls


Chickpea Chocolate Chip Dough Balls

Double Chocolate Chickpea Dough Balls

Chickpea cookie dough/ Double Chocolate cookie dough balls


Pumpkin Cookie Balls

Pumpkin Pb Raisin Balls

Pumpkin Banana Oat Balls

Pumpkin Pb Raisin balls


Healthified Cookie Dough


Chocolate Chip Sunflower Cookie Dough Balls (traditional cookie with less butter and sugar)

Chocolate Chip Sunflower Cookie Dough Balls


For toddlers, I love the PB Oat balls, Date-nut balls (watch out- chopping nuts in the food processor is noisy!), or the Pumpkin Banana Oat balls.  These are mostly naturally sweetened (the pb-oat balls have a little bit of honey) and are portable and delicious.

Finally, if you’re not up for making your own, I highly recommend Lindsay’s Healthy Bites.  She has four flavors: Peach/Apricot/Apple Cinnamon; Whey Good; Apricot/Coconut Fig; and Cookie Dough.  You can order them here!

I’m linking up again with Peas and Crayons and Munchkin Meals to see what everyone else is eating.  What is your favorite healthy treat? How often do you take time to get organized?

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