6 weeks to NYC Half training + Meal planning

Six more weeks of winter, according to the groundhog! My first grader is thrilled- she is waiting for a big snowstorm to hit.  Personally, I’m loving this milder winter.  It’s been pretty ideal for runners!

So with only six more weeks of training, the half specific workouts and tempo runs are becoming the focus.

The recap:

Sunday: off

Monday: 8 miles with a 2 mile warm up (8:18, 7:47) 2 at hmp (7:08, 7:03), 1/2 easy, 2 at hmp (7:03, 7:08) 1 easy (8:36), 8 x 30 seconds hard/ 30 seconds easy (hard 5:25- 6:00 pace) + Barre

For whatever reason, the 2 x 2 workout felt really hard! I was struggling to hold those paces and doubting that I can hold them for an entire half marathon- but I know those days come.  I tried to remind myself it’s more about effort than actual paces… like I tell my runners… but it’s hard when you feel like you’re working much harder than the watch is telling you!

Tuesday: 5 easy (9:30 minute ave) on the treadmill before anyone was up… it’s always tempting to increase the pace and get it over with, but I knew my legs were tired Monday and I wanted to get in a really easy day

Wednesday: 9 miles easy progression (8:30 ave with last two at 7:54) + 80 push ups/core

Thursday: 45 easy spin + 5 minutes push ups/pikes and core on TRX (5 minutes is seriously all you need on those, whew!!)

Friday: 15 long run (7:41 ave) with 3 x 3 – warm up (9:00, 8:05), 3 at MP (7:30, 7:25, 7:20), 1 easy (8:31), 3 at (7:20, 7:17, 7:14) 1 at 8:50, 3 at HMP (7:04, 6:59, 6:55), 30 sec walk recovery then cool down (7:47, 7:42)

This run felt really good! And I had to do it on the treadmill but having music and constantly changing paces made it fly by.

Saturday: easy 4 miles before we left for a retreat all day

Sunday: easy 3 with a client by the lake

I love getting the long run done on Fridays and having an easy weekend! The weekend worked out to be a little easier than normal but it was nice to have more time for family activities.

Meal planning:

Sunday: Birthday party for a neighbor’s 1 year old

Monday: Minestrone + grilled cheese

Tuesday: Homemade meatballs and pasta/ spaghetti squash

Wednesday: Chicken sweet potato Buddha Bowl

Thursday: Lentil sloppy joes (never got to these last week… trying again!)

Friday: Traveling

Saturday: Visiting friends in Houston

The family will be on their own next weekend as I hang out with some old friends in Houston and do a nutrition workshop on Saturday… looking forward to a warm weekend getaway!

What day do you typically do your long run?

Have you had tempo runs where the paces are just not happening?!

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6 thoughts on “6 weeks to NYC Half training + Meal planning

  1. Nice work this week. I prefer Sunday mornings for a long run. I don’t have small children any longer and my husband usually plays golf that day anyway. I’ve just done it so much, it feels “right”. But, I will switch it up due to weather if necessary. I hope you enjoy your trip to Houston. The nutrition workshop sounds interesting. I hope you’ll share! Thanks for linking, Laura!

  2. Once again…seeing this few days late, but it looks like you had a great week last week! Mondays workout sounds really tough. I used to love it if i could get my long run done on Friday so I could really enjoy the whole weekend!

  3. I like to keep my long runs with a Saturday date! In fact when races are on Sunday it throws off my whole week following it.
    Not a deal breaker cause I do keep signing up for them but I prefer a Saturday.
    Great job on yours done on the treadmill! I’m not sure I could do that!

  4. Wow! That is some great mileage,sounds like you are nailing your training!! Thanks so much for sharing this at Sunday Fitness & Food 🙂

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