5k Race Recap (20 weeks pregnant)

Hope you all had a great weekend! It was another marvelous couple of days, with plenty of sunshine.

I signed up for a last minute 5k Saturday morning, which we followed with a St Patty’s Day Parade in the same town for a fun Saturday outing. Who knew there were so many bagpipers in the area?!


The 5k was surprisingly fun! I haven’t run a road race since… um? I guess the half this fall? I love seeing races popping back on the calendars now that spring is around the corner.

My goal was an 8 to 8:30 minute pace.Β  Since becoming pregnant, the fastest I’ve run was a 7:55 mile just this past week on a run (and that was the final downhill portion of a hilly run).Β  I ran a 15 minute warm up, about a mile and a half, and got ready to run.

The whole family came, and L packed her Cinderella costume because she thought it would be fun to cheer in it.Β  πŸ™‚

I ran the first mile with the pack around me, staying at a comfortable pace and settling into the run.Β  I was surprised when I saw I hit the marker in 7:39! Maybe my legs remember how to run faster than the 9 minute pace I’ve been hanging around at lately?

5k Morristown st pattys

I’m pretty easy to spot in the bright orange!

Mile two had a gigantic hill.Β  I was determined not to walk, but many people did at the steepest part.Β  My pace slowed to a ten minute mile but it was probably only a quarter mile long, so I had time to make it up.Β  Side note- I can tell all the hilly routes around me are paying off! I would have felt much worse on that hill a year ago. With the hill, mile two was a little slower: 7:49.

The final stretch was flat and even slightly downhill.Β  After my breathing recovered from the uphill, I slowly picked up speed and decided to finish strong.Β  I wouldn’t call it a spring but I did push the pace and mile 3 was 7:00, with the final .1 at 6:20 pace.

My husband caught this shot in the final tenth of a mile:

5k Morristown St Pattys run(I kind of wish I had a sign on my back to let those guys know they were chicked by a pregnant mama, ha!!)

5k Result: 23:11, (7:26 pace) 5th in age group

5k results

And now I’m excited to race for “real” in several months, but this race will hold me over for now.

Post race belly shot and my Cinderella with a balloon

Post race belly shot and my Cinderella with a balloon

I also finally officially signed up for a spring half:

Garden Spot Half Marathon in Lancaster, PA.Β  I’ll be visiting my family that weekend, so the timing is perfect! And I may be biased, but the country roads in Lancaster are some of the prettiest road running I’ve done.Β  If you’re looking for a spring half, join me!! πŸ™‚

Are you running a half marathon this spring?

How did you enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend?

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  1. I am trying to figure out which 5k that is. I am glad you had so much fun and did so well. The weather looks really nice.

    The Garden Spot half looks like a lot of fun. Lancaster isn’t that far from Tim’s family and if we weren’t racing another half the weekend before I would debate it. There are just so many great half marathons this time of year.
    Hollie recently posted..A Week of Warmth (65 miles)My Profile

  2. It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend! The weather was GORGEOUS on Saturday….shame its covered again this morning πŸ™

    I, like Hollie, am trying to work out where you are! Happy it went well! Exciting that you have picked a race, I am still trying to find a half, but am running the Cherry Blossom 10 mile in early April πŸ™‚
    Tina Muir recently posted..Meatless Monday: Vegetable and Avocado EnchiladasMy Profile

  3. You are AMAZING! Such a speedy mama — congrats! I was fastest this pregnancy from weeks 19-22ish. At 22w, I ran a 5k at 7:49 pace and just remember thinking “what? how? no way, really?” because I had only run one sub-8 minute mile all pregnancy. So what I’m saying is, you need to get a couple more races in! πŸ˜‰
    Jen recently posted..Pregnancy update: week 35My Profile

  4. Awesome job chickie!!! That picture is awesome at the end…all those guys chasing you to try and catch up!!! Your daughter is so right…cheering as Cinderella is far more fun!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..Monday MotivationMy Profile

  5. Sounds like you and baby had a great race! That is awesome!! I’m looking forward to running one definite 1/2 this spring: St. Michaels Running Festival and possibly Irish Eyes 1/2 in Lewes, DE!

  6. Wow–nice job mama! I love it and so glad you got out and enjoyed yourself like that. I agree about Lancaster–it’s beautiful country there. Should be a beautiful spot for a half!
    misszippy recently posted..All the greenMy Profile

  7. You did awesome in your 5K!! Way to go! Haha, I wish those guys could have known a pregnant mom beat them! I am so excited that it’s getting nicer outside for good racing weather! I have my first full coming up in three weeks so I am getting ready for that! I would like to do another half soon, it’s been forever since I did that distance in a race!

  8. That is amazing! I would TOTALLY have worn a sign that said “Running for Two” or “Baby’s first 5k”…something to let people know! You did a great job – congratulations!!

  9. You are one speedy lady! You look happy and strong in that last mile. SO glad you are able to run through your pregnancy- you need all those muscles and endurance for delivery! Congratulations!

  10. Congrats on that strong 5k while pregnant! I think that’s amazing … and I agree, you needed that sign on your back. My hubby always remembers a 5k he ran a while back where he got chicked by woman pushing a stroller, haha!
    Christina recently posted..Monday run with hubbyMy Profile

    • Thanks, Sandra! Yes- so far, feeling good! I ran until the end with L, but we’ll see what this pregnancy feels like at the end. I’m already bigger than I was with her, but hoping to wog around those final weeks!
      Laura recently posted..5k Race Recap (20 weeks pregnant)My Profile

  11. Congrats on an awesome race- I totally agree a sign saying those guys were chicked by pregnant mama would have been awesome! I’m truly inspired by how active you are staying during pregnancy, I hope to be that way someday!

    P.S. love the picture of you, L and the baby bump!
    Laura @losingrace recently posted..Boston Training: Onward & UpwardMy Profile

  12. way to go!
    when i ran my half marathon at 10 weeks no one (including family, friends) knew i was pregnant. i wish i’d announced the pregnancy with a “running for 2” shirt.

  13. When is the half? I’m training for the Flying Pig half on May 4 & I’ll be 25 weeks pregnant. Great job on that speedy 5k!
    Allie recently posted..18 weeksMy Profile

  14. Wow great job! You are very inspirational to run that fast and be pregnant too.

    I am still working on my speed but I am making progress. I love half marathons and plan to do a few this year but I am also do a few marathons too. So excited for racing season!
    Sheena @ Paws and Pavement recently posted..Happy St. Patricks Day!My Profile

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