5 weeks until the NYC half training recap + meal planning

Hello from Houston!

I’m on my way home today but got to do a nutrition workshop with a friend (and fellow Shaklee business leader) and caught up with some old friends, including my friend Hannah and my favorite Houston running buddy, May!

Plus, I saw the sun and got to experience 80 degree temps again! That should hold me over for another month or two.

So on to training.  This was a cut back week for me (I wrote more on how to do cut back weeks here).  I had one tough workout Monday and then focused on getting in some miles where I could and did a bit more strength training.

The recap:

Sunday: 3 easy walk/run with a client

Monday: 8.5 miles with mile repeats! 2 miles warm up (9:00, 8:05) 4 x 1 mile (6:40, 6:36, 6:31, 6:27) with 400m walk/jogs between each and cool down (8:30, 7:30) + Barre

I was really happy with this! I avoid mile repeats (800s are about as long as I like to go with speed) which obviously means I need to do this workout more often.  These are some of the strongest repeats I’ve done, and I felt smooth and in control.  Granted, I needed that recovery, but I wasn’t killing myself to run this.

Tuesday: 45 easy spin + most of the Iron Strength Workout (I used this You Tube and did 10-15 of each move in each set x 2)

Wednesday: 6.5 trail miles + pm spin class

My neighbor and I do a child swap once or twice a week and this was her morning to have J, so I got to explore some nearby trails mid morning which felt much safer than venturing there in the early morning hours.  There were lots of people around.  My pace barely broke 11 minutes, but it was fun!

I tacked on a spin class in the evening knowing the snow storm was coming and it wouldn’t happen Thursday!

Thursday: SNOW DAY! I got in some “play” with the kettle bells and resistance bands in the basement while the kids played and then shoveled the driveway for my “workout”

Friday: Short run + 30 minute spin

Saturday:  Barre with my friend Megan

Sunday: Easy miles with May + travel day

I’m still considering the Utah Valley marathon in June… did you see my race entry giveaway? Enter and join me!!

Meal planning:

Sunday: Travel day

Monday: Chili with butternut squash

Tuesday: Gado Gado (Veggies in peanut sauce and rice)

Wednesday: Chicken Sausage and Kale Stew

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Girls to grandparents for the weekend- dinner on the road?

Saturday: Date night!!

Another fun weekend ahead with help from the grandparents! Now the big decision is… paint the kitchen together, or spend the weekend in the city? Or somehow do both?!

Do you enjoy house projects, or do you hire others to do it?

Did you get snow this week? Was your training affected?

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7 thoughts on “5 weeks until the NYC half training recap + meal planning

  1. Awesome training log Laura! I usually try to avoid mile repeats, too, just like you mentioned here in your log. 800s are the most I run for speed, otherwise I feel too tired and worn out the next day… You did a good job though! Your pace was crazy good!
    I almost can’t even see you at an 11 minute pace!! Those must have been some pretty hard trails on Wednesday!
    No doubt – you’ll be great in NYC!
    Btw, I do enjoy house projects – I think they’re fun!!

  2. The child swap is such a great idea! I’m glad you could get out and explore the trails. I’m also considering the Utah Valley Marathon (or Half). Maybe I’ll see you there! We do a lot of the easier house projects ourselves but hire out the big ones (like our kitchen remodel). No snow for us. It’s like summer here. But I’ve enjoyed everyone else’s pictures. Thanks for linking, Laura!

  3. I like the variety of speed workouts but dang they are hard, which yes I guess that is the point! I’m like you though I don’t like long intervals!
    I really think it’s neat you swap up child care with your friend!
    So many are going to Utah I’m trying to make things work to get there but it is not looking good. 🙁
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