November 27th, 2013

5 steps to a healthier Thanksgiving

As many of us head into large Thanksgiving meals this week, here are a few things to keep in mind for a healthier day and happier gut.

1) Be thankful!

And mindful. Take a moment to appreciate the cook(s).  Enjoy the display of food, smells, and colors.  Bring yourself into the moment.

2) Time it right

According to Aryuvedic tradition, the digestive “fires” burn hottest in the middle part of the day, approximately 10am- 2pm.  This is the ideal time to eat a large meal.

Not only will your body be better able to digest and process all the food, you will feel satisfied for the rest of the day and be content with a small and simple dinner.

3) Chew well

For less bloating or digestive trouble, take time to chew your food well.  Digestive enzymes are released in the saliva and can begin to break down food in your mouth, relieving some of the work for your stomach.

Chewing your food well also forces you to slow down and you will reach the same level of fullness much sooner than if you are eating quickly.

4) Plan your water guzzling

Drink water about 20 minutes before the meal, and very little with your meal to encourage better digestion.  The water dilutes the digestive enzymes that are released, and can cause bloating, cramping or gas.  Drink more water again about 30 minutes to an hour after eating.

5) Keep it positive- and enjoy every bite!

Did you know your mood can affect digestion? Stress in particular can increase stomach acid, shut down digestion and blood flow, and increase inflammation.

It’s pointless to complain about over-eating or beat yourself up for the second sliver of pie.  Instead, compliment the host, the cooks, and appreciate your content, full belly.

And focus on your blessings… that’s what Thanksgiving is about, right?

Talk about your blessings

You can find a few more natural health digestion tips here.

Wishing you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!

Are you hosting Thanksgiving or traveling? Do you have any tips to keep Thanksgiving healthier?


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