5 Day Reset

Reset your health in 5 days with the Fresh Fix!

The Fresh Fix 5 day kick off

I love this reset.  It was designed by several Integrative Nutrition colleagues and I to help move you toward the following goals:

  • Eliminating cravings
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving sleep
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Cleaning up your diet


This reset emphasizes real whole foods, healthy smoothies and some of the best natural supplements to boost metabolism, fix nutrient imbalances and improve digestion and bloating (check out my experience here).

5 Day Reset

What it includes:

  • 1-2 Canisters of a nutrient dense protein smoothie mix and recipes to whip up delicious smoothies. You’ll enjoy 1-2 smoothies as part of a healthy meal plan to incorporate all the nutrition you need and help your body burn fat.
  • My favorite supplementation pack (the Vitalizer) full of probiotics to help reduce bloating and improve digestion, B-Complex for natural energy, antioxidants, Omega 3 for the same benefits of fish oil (but guaranteed purity- no heavy metals) and a whole lot more!
  • Healthy Snack List & Meals Recipe Guide
  • Exclusive access to a Facebook accountability group with daily tips and motivation
  • There’s also an option to make this detox even more sustainable with an order of 2 canisters of smoothies

The “Fresh Fix” repeats the second week of each month! The next reset begins Monday, May 16th!

Deadline to sign up is May 14th.


I’M IN! ($162) Fresh Fix with the 180 protein and extra canister (2 canisters + Vitalizer strip)

The 180 protein includes leucine amino acid + extra fiber and is ideal for weight loss goals.  This is the most popular option and most economical with an extra protein to last through the month.

I”M IN!  ($127) Fresh Fix with 1 canister of Vitalizing protein+ Vitalizer strip)

I’m in with the basics ($85) Multi vitamin + Omega 3s + 1 smoothie canister


— The first two options come with a 30 Day supply of the Vitalizer (5 supplements in 1 strip -Multi/Vitamin D/B complex/probiotic/omega 3 fish oil capsule)


— All 3 options come with the nonGMO smoothie mix with pre/probiotics + Shaklee membership and discounts on anything from the #1 natural nutrition company–


If you’re not looking to do the reset but want to learn more about the Vitalizer or protein, contact me.



What’s a sample day look like?

There is some flexibility but I typically recommend structuring the day like this:

AM: Lemon water + Vitalizer

Breakfast: Protein smoothie with veggies/fruit (Lots of great recipes included!)

Mid Morning: Healthy snack option (choose from recipe guide)

Lunch: Healthy Meal option from guide

Mid Afternoon: Smoothie

Dinner: Healthy Meal Option

PM: Optional sweet treat from recipes


Will I have support?

Definitely! The Facebook group is an awesome resource and is led by a group of Integrative Nutrition Health Coaches.  I’ll be available for any questions throughout the reset as well.

Will I be hungry?

I find the meals and smoothies very satisfying.  If you are extremely active, you may have to add an additional snack.  Listen to your body and be in touch with me if you are unsure.  You won’t be stuffed by the end of the day but you shouldn’t be hungry either.

I can’t drink my meals.

Me neither! That’s why this is set up as a whole food reset with the support of smoothies for a quick, healthy protein option to help you reduce cravings and feel satisfied.

What is the Vitalizer?

The Vitalizer is my favorite combo pack of the 5 most crucial vitamins/supplements you need. In one daily strip you’ll receive a multi-vitamin, Omega 3s for inflammation, a probiotic for bloat and digestion, B Complex for increased energy and Vitamin D for mood and cravings support.  The Vitalizer is one of the best I’ve found.  I wrote about the research you should do before buying vitamins and these fit all the criteria and more.

They are highly tested for both purity and effectiveness, and are the only vitamin company to have a landmark 20 year study done on Vitalizer users by the University of CA Berkeley showing improved health numbers and risk of disease compared to those taking other supplements or none at all.  Check out this cool finding:

The average 65 year old fills  19+ prescriptions annually.

(NHANES:  National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007)

65 year old Shaklee consumers taking supplements for 20+ years …

fill 0.6 prescriptions annually.

I love that this company is about working with nature and building health in the body with safe, well-tested, plant-based options.

I’ve also seen clients have awesome results- improved PMS symptoms, clear skin, increased energy and even the ability to get off thyroid medication from consistently taking the Vitalizer.  Personally, I no longer break out before getting my period and I feel energized all afternoon.

What if I’m interested in the Vitalizer but not in a smoothie reset?

Awesome! I totally get that smoothies are not for everyone.  The Vitalizer is an incredible way to boost your health.  Contact me and we can get you set up, or you can order the vitamin strip here. This is a great way to replace the 5+ bottles floating around your house (and more economical too!)- it replaces the fish oil, and all basic vitamins (multi, B, C, D, etc.) plus probiotics.


What’s the difference between a juice fast and using smoothies?

Great question!


(wise words from holistic Dr. Frank Lipman)

  1. A juice cleanse does not supply the fiber to “scrub” the intestines, bind toxins & promote their elimination.
  2. A juice cleanse is just that – juices & no real food which can leave you feeling hungry & angry (aka HANGRY!).
  3. A juice cleanse doesn’t provide the liver with the essential nutrients it needs to support optimal detoxification, which is important since your liver is your main detoxification organ.
  4. A juice cleanse is often high in sugar which can spike blood sugars & make you “crash.”
  5. The results of a juice fast are not sustainable! Any weight lost is often regained once food is re-introduced.

I have a question you didn’t answer here.

No problem- email me and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!


 5 day reset challenge smoothies



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