5 by the 5th Winners and Link up

First, I almost forgot to pull a winner from the For Two Fitness giveaway last week… can I blame that on pregnancy brain? It’s Christina (the one who said she is currently 15 weeks pregnant) ….. congrats!!

So how is the 5 by the 5th challenge going? This is the second month.  Did you push yourself a little harder on your race this month?

I did mine on the treadmill on Wednesday.  I warmed up with 3 miles, took my usual smushed bladder pee break, and then ran my 5k.  I wasn’t “racing” it but I did run at a slightly faster pace than I felt like running.  I like hanging around the 9:15-9:30 pace on the treadmill these days.  I certainly won’t see 6:xx or 7:xx  minute miles again until after this baby is born.  Probably not many 8:xx paces either.  And I’m okay with that!

March 5 by the 5th

I didn’t realize this when I was setting it up, but all of March’s prizes are fuel related: pre, post and during the workout.

Here are this month’s winners (randomly pulled):

Larabars –

These yummy bars are made from nuts and dried fruit, with very few ingredients (all of which you will recognize).  They’re great as a pre or post workout snack.  The winner is….  Allison T!

Probar Organic Chews

Great long run fuel.  I trained for my fall marathon with these and loved them! The ingredients are cleaner than many gus and chews available, and they’re delicious.  The winner is…. Liz B!


Drink Chia!

Mmm, these drinks are so good.  They’re very lightly sweetened (just 40 calories) but delicious! They contain chia seeds for protein, hydration, antioxidants and b-complex vitamins.   I love the strawberry citrus and lemon blueberry.  They’re great for pre or post workout hydration and recovery.  The winner is… Maria H!

If you won, please contact me with your mailing address.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

How was your 5 by the 5th race?

What are your weekend plans?



30 thoughts on “5 by the 5th Winners and Link up

  1. Congrats to all the winners – YAY! Love the pic of your belly on the ‘mill. So cute. That’s a pretty good pace mama – nice job! I plan on running my last long run before my NYC Half a week from Sunday – yikes!!!

  2. I ran my 5k on the treadmill as well- It was not as fast but oh well! Your belly shot is so cute! Hope you are feeling well! I am excited to help host a baby shower for one of my best friends this weekend! She is due in May!
    thanks again for hosting such a fun virtual challenge!

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