4 the Park Race Recap and JellyBean run

Saturday was the “4 the Park” race, a local run to benefit Memorial park and the tremendous loss of trees there since last year’s drought and heat wave.  It was my first time racing the 4 mile distance, and as I am still relatively new to racing shorter distances, I was nervous about pacing.

I was also coming off of a fairly light workout week and little running during the week my family was visiting, so I didn’t know if my legs would be shocked by a faster pace or itching to go.  My goal was 28 minutes, a 7 minute pace.

The race had an 8:30 start, so my husband and L came along to cheer and spectate.  We arrived with plenty of time, and I did a 1.5 mile warm up at an easy pace.

The kids race started at 8am, and L took off running behind them, even though she wasn’t registered.  People cheered her on and she was loving it… she didn’t last for long, and she’s only 26 months, but there were kids younger than her and I think she’s ready to do a kids run at the next race, if it’s short!

Our race started right on time.  I started near the front, and it was small enough that I didn’t have to do much weaving.  My first mile beeped at 6:45! I was really nervous that I would be able to maintain a sub-7 pace, but decided to do my best to hold on.  I settled in with two other women, and we were neck to neck almost the entire race.

(I’m the third one, almost cut off the photo, and wow- I need to work on my arm swinging!)

My splits for mile 2 and 3 were both 6:54.  The final mile was by far the longest.  I pushed myself and passed the two women I was running with.  In the final quarter mile, I heard one of the women catching up to me, and I did my best to sprint the final stretch.

Chip time: 27:29 (6:53 pace)

I found the final-sprint-woman afterwards, and thanked her for pushing me! She was really sweet, and we chatted for a few minutes.  Her focus is 5k’s, so I’m sure I could learn a lot from her– but I resisted the urge to ask if she needed a running buddy.  🙂

I heard my husband and L cheering at mile two, and again in the final stretch to the finish.  It makes such a difference having their support at the race!

I was hoping to get in about 9 miles for the day, so I added on another 3.5 miles at the park (on a nice, shaded 3 mile loop) while L played with some other kids at the post-race party.

I also used this as my 10k run for Jess’s JellyBean run, so my final 10k time (with a short break immediately after the race) was 44:18… a pr, but with a break in there, so it doesn’t really count.

Avg Pace
Summary 44:18 6.20
1 6:45 1.00 6:45
2 6:54 1.00 6:54
3 6:54 1.00 6:54
4 6:51 1.00 6:52
5 :11 0.03 6:16
6 7:53 1.00 7:53
7 7:42 1.00 7:42
8 1:09 0.17                                                                                   6:43

As we were getting ready to leave, I saw the results were posted and went over to check it out.  I knew there were a number of women in front of me, so I was shocked to see that I placed second in my age group! Gotta love small races. I won a 30 minute massage, which I assume will be mailed to me.  Can’t wait to use it!

To make a great day even better, I got a nap in that afternoon while L napped, and then had the treat of a quiet house while L and daddy went to the pool.  (Yes, it’s already that hot here!)  It was a pretty perfect Saturday.

How was your weekend? Do you get as excited about a quiet house as I do?!  Do you think a 2 year old could do a kids race?


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  1. Great job on the race! 🙂 O did a kid’s race last summer and had a blast even though she was the last one in the 3 and under group, just kept running with a huge smile on her face! Afterwards I heard the best words “running like mommy” 🙂
    Jen recently posted..Happy EasterMy Profile

  2. Congrats on a great race!!! Sub 7-min. miles is amazing!

    I love having a few minutes of quiet time alone in the house. As much as I love having my girls around and hearing them play together, sometimes it’s nice to have just a little peace and quiet so I can hear myself think : )
    Karen recently posted..{Giveaway} Winner & WIAWMy Profile

  3. obviously your time is fast… whats even more impressive is how close your splits are. this year i’ve been focusing on being consistent, but still a long way to go.

    a 30 min massage is a GREAT prize, more races should offer that!!
    lisa j recently posted..Jelly Bean 10k + EasterMy Profile

  4. Congrats on that rockin’ pace!! Very well done. And I love winning “things” instead of just hardware. A massage is a great prize!

    And keep your little one going–that’s how mine started and now they both do 5ks. It’s so much fun.
    misszippy recently posted..We almost (all) made itMy Profile

  5. Congrats on the PR and placing! Wow! Enjoy the massage 🙂

    Yes. I get excited about a quiet house. All week I’ve loved being home with my kids during spring break! The bonus is they went back to school today and I don’t go back until Wed!!

    Yes. I think a 2 year old could run a kids race. They are such fun to watch!
    Jill @ [Fitness, Health and Happiness] recently posted..Motivation MondayMy Profile

  6. I came in just under 500th place. LOL. But I did set a PR for the half marathon and was 39 seconds away from breaking 1:50, which is huge for me. Kudos on the 2nd place and a massage is well deserved after that performance.
    @PavementRunner recently posted..US Half Recap: Bunny RaceMy Profile

  7. You’re a badass! That is all. I have a hard time pushing myself at a faster pace in short distances. My marathon, half marathon,10K and 5K pace are all close. Weird. Feel free to give me any coaching tips, Speedy!
    Kelly recently posted..Thank you, Easter BunnyMy Profile

    • I just checked out your pr page… your shorter races aren’t as slow as you make it sound! Weren’t many of your shorter runs done during half or full marathon training? I think that makes a big difference for me… I was well rested for this. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..4 the Park Race Recap and JellyBean runMy Profile

  8. Congrats on your award! That’s awesome. My kiddo was 2 when she did her 1st “kid’s K”. She was incredibly cute, but was very frustrated that her little legs wouldn’t let her go as fast as the bigger kids. I ended up carrying her a little of the way, because I could tell she was getting tired. So much fun!
    Christy (txrunnermom) recently posted..The Week(s) in PicturesMy Profile

    • Thanks, Christy! Aww, that sounds adorable– I’m sure we’d be helping her get across the finish line, too. Looks like the kids run is most often 1k, which is a little long for her, I would think!

  9. Awesome job Miss Speedy!! You should of asked if she wanted to run with you, what’s the worse she could say..no? I was just thinking that would be a great way to find running buddies 🙂 my weekend was good and I did a magic mile and it was a 6:39 so pretty much as fast as you during a 4 mile race, haha. I like a quiet house but it doesn’t happen very much, yay for you getting that 🙂 I think L could run a short race, that would be super cute 🙂
    Kris recently posted..Week 5 Half Marathon TrainingMy Profile

  10. Congratulations on a great race, Laura! I hope I come back from injury the way you have. :^)

    Will and Ruthie did their first kids race at two and some months old. It was only about 25 feet or something and really funny because many of the kids just took off in whatever direction.
    Terzah recently posted..Physical Therapy Ch. 5My Profile

    • Thanks, Terzah! I’m still being cautious building miles, but am excited that racing has felt good. That 2 yo race would have been hilarious! I hope L will get to try it out soon. Oh- and I mentioned you to Michelle from http://michellesa.typepad.com/ as she mentioned some sort of hip/butt pain… she may stop by your blog. I don’t know if it’s anything similar to yours, but thought I’d give you the heads up.
      Laura recently posted..4 the Park Race Recap and JellyBean runMy Profile

  11. P.S. THANK YOU again for the great water bottle, which arrived over the weekend! My stepdad in law liked it, too–he might get one of the smaller Nathan ones for his own runs.
    Terzah recently posted..Physical Therapy Ch. 5My Profile

  12. Wow! Nice job Laura! Way to take second in the AG- and you are getting fast. Short races are tricky, but you learn a lot from each. I like your final push- it felt like i was there. 🙂
    Raina recently posted..Cruise IntervalsMy Profile

  13. Wow! Nice job Laura! Way to take second in the AG-. You are getting fast. Short races are tricky, but you learn a lot from each. I like your final push- it felt like i was there. 🙂
    Raina recently posted..Cruise IntervalsMy Profile

    • Yes, so true– I’m realizing how important the mental toughness is for these short races! I really wanted to be done in that last mile.

  14. Congrats on a super speedy race and AG place! Woot! My only concern with racing when my kids were that young is that they would get flattened by older kids or fall on their face. That’s over protective me though. I’m sure it would probably be fine, especially if they sent them off by age group.
    Marcia recently posted..Running a Fine LineMy Profile

  15. dang you are fast! Alyssa did her first kids run right when she turned 3. She ran 1/2 a mile in under 5 minutes, crazy the energy they have! The only reason we waited until 3 was because that was the youngest you could be. But I think your 2 year old could definitely handle a kids run that is only 1/4 mile, like a lot of the ones I’ve seen.
    Lindsay @ Fuel My Family recently posted..WIAW and Strawberry PickingMy Profile

    • Thanks, Lindsay! Oh, how fun! And your little girl was flying along! I think she could do it, too… I was gonna wait til she was old enough to ask for it, but she showed us last week that she wants to be out there running, too. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..Green dip, rice crackers and wiawMy Profile

  16. This is so awesome Laura! You’re speedy! My speed….ahh, it has kind of dulled a bit since marathon training took over but looking forward to finding it again this summer. Awesome about the massage too! xo

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