4 Steps to Healthier Kids

On Tuesday night, another Holistic Health coach (Lily) and I gave a presentation on natural kids health and nutrition.  We had a great turn out! She did the fun “hands on” piece with smoothie making, quick kid snacks and eating tips and tricks.  I took the less exciting but equally important nutrient deficiencies piece.

I wanted to share the four key things I talked about, as I’m passionate about these for every kid.  And who doesn’t want a healthier, happier kid?

  1. Remove Toxins

I think sometimes we forget that the cleaning supplies and chemicals in our house can have a very direct impact on not only our child’s health but also his/her behavior, learning and ability to focus.

Children and toxins

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I began overhauling my cleaning supplies and threw out all the junk.  Chemicals and toxins are everywhere in our homes- they are released by carpets, furniture, mattresses, plastics, etc … and while we could drive ourselves crazy trying to buy organic everything, it’s really easy to swap out cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.

The one I use is an organic concentrate- a few drops in a spray bottle can clean windows, floors, counters, wash fruits and vegetables, degrease ovens, and more and lasts over a year.

2. Address nutrient deficiencies

As a culture, we are overfed yet undernourished.  Nine out of ten Americans (adults and children) are missing nutrients! With the current obesity crisis, this is the first generation that children are predicted to have a shorter life span than their parents… that’s scary!

9 out of 10 fall short

It’s especially frustrating because it’s completely preventable.

The key nutrients for children can be found in a basic multi-vitamin (with Vitamin D) and Omega 3 fatty acids. However, not all children’s vitamins are created equally.  Read the labels! I’m amazed how many have food dyes and artificial ingredients, both of which can lead to additional problems.
Omega 3s are possibly the most important- especially if your child is a picky eater and if he/she has mood swings, difficulty concentrating, ADHD or is on the autism spectrum.  We use these chews.

Kids nutrition- omega 3s

3) Proactively Boost Their Immunity

Shaklee’s children’s vitamin is unique because it contains lactoferrin, an immunity boosting compound, as well as Vitamin D.  You can also boost immunity with extra Vitamin C, elderberry syrup, garlic and lots of Vitamin C rich foods like oranges, kiwis, red peppers, papaya, etc.

Natural Shaklee Vitamin Water

This vitamin water combo is great to prevent sickness or at the beginning of a cold/sickness developing.


4) Improve their gut flora

I’ve talked about the importance of a healthy gut for adults several times but it’s just as important for kids!  Antibiotics wipe out their good gut flora and leave them prone to more sicknesses as 80% of our immunity is linked to our gut.

Poor gut health is also tied to depression, asthma, ear infections and additional brain or behavioral issues.

kids nutrition- poor digestive tract

I use a triple encapsulated probiotic that is guaranteed to survive stomach acid and release in the intestine.  It’s a tiny little pearl that both of my girls can swallow, and is safe for kids and adults.

Kids nutrition probiotic

You can help your child build a healthy gut by avoiding excess sugar, antibiotics, food dyes and preservatives and replenishing good bacteria with a high quality probiotic like Optiflora.

This is another great article on the importance of lactoferrin and probiotics.

To summarize, remove toxins, fill nutrient deficiencies, boost immunity and build a healthy gut and you will have the healthiest, happiest kid on the block!


I offer short, free consults and am happy to chat about the best options for your child (or you) to prevent sicknesses naturally this winter!

Or contact me if you’d like more info on natural children’s vitamins, Omegas or probiotics at a discount price, which I can get for you through my health coaching business.


Do your kids take any of the above? Do you pay attention to cleaning products around your house?

What other natural tricks do you use for preventing sickness? We love elderberry syrup, garlic, and a few essential oils as well.

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    • I know- the supplement industry is scary. The more I learn, the crazier it gets! Yes, I wish my kids could get enough from food too but I’ve learned even I was not getting enough from food despite trying my best. The nutrients in our vegetables are about half of what they were 50 years ago thanks for our farming practices and depleted soil. It’s crazy!
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    • Happy to talk, Nancy! I feel the same way about my 5yo… she used to eat much more than she does now so I like knowing she’s getting all the nutrients she needs, even if she will only eat plain pasta for dinner. 🙂
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