4 for the Park Race Recap

This 4 mile race snuck up on me.Β  It wasn’t a big week in mileage, but I taught an extra spin class on Thursday and added in some leg strength workouts on Monday and Wednesday.Β  My legs were tired Friday, so I wasn’t sure how this race would turn out.

I had signed up just for fun, and wanted to use it as another hard tempo run to push the pace.Β  Just for fun… did I just say that? πŸ™‚

The whole family came along.Β  It’s always nice to hear them cheering (and to have a few photos- thanks, dear!) I got in a 2 mile warm up and then lined up.

It was a typical Houston morning with humidity, but not as warm as it could have been.Β  The horn sounded and everyone around me took off fast! I tried not to get caught up in the adrenaline and found my own pace.Β  Mile one- 6:37

I was feeling good in mile two and fell in pace with two guys right in front of me.Β Β  Mile two- 6:41

At the half way point, we did a u-turn and started back into a headwind that I wasn’t expecting.Β  The two guys I was following slowed down, and I was torn between using them to block the wind or passing them… I decided to pass them and pulled ahead, which probably cost me some energy, but I wanted to push the pace.

We turned away from the wind and then had an overpass to get up and over before the final stretch.Β  I was telling my legs to move faster but they just couldn’t follow through and I could feel the fatigue from the week’s workouts.Β  This was my slowest mile. Mile 3- 6:49.

Final mile

I tried to pick up the pace for the final mile, but I was tired and ready to be done.Β  I focused on closing the gap between me and the blonde woman in front of me to stay distracted.Β  The game helped (and I passed her just 400 yards before the finish line.)Β  Mile 4- 6:44.


Final Chip time: 27:06Β Β  (6:43 ave pace)

My goal was sub-27 minutes, but for the week of workouts that I had, I’ll take it. What’s 7 seconds, right?!

I was happy to beat last year’s time of 27:29.Β  And because it was a small, local race, I also placed second in my age group.

After a mile cool down jog, I headed over to teach spin and finish off my quads mostly because I’m too lazy to find a sub. Crazy as it is, I love the back to back.Β  Maybe I should start looking for a local duathlon…

Did you raceΒ  or run long this weekend?

How do you distract yourself at the end of a hard race?

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87 thoughts on “4 for the Park Race Recap

  1. Girl, such an awesome job! I hate those unexpected head winds. It ended up a lot windier than I had expected at my 10K and of course that was coming into the last mile. Love how that happens πŸ˜‰ If I’m trying to get up a hill or really struggling, I start counting. Just changing my focus on something else. Sometimes it helps.
    Heather (Where’s the Beach) recently posted..My First 10K – Capital City ClassicsMy Profile

  2. Great job! My friend ran that race too and she said it was a lot of fun. I ran Angie’s and got a new PR! 1:33! Felt pretty good, except for the last 2 miles when I got a nasty side cramp. Oh well. Have a great week πŸ™‚

  3. Congrats on a great race! I’ve got an 11-mile trail race coming up in two weeks, so I’m hoping to get out for 8-9 today. It’s been a while since I’ve done any long races (or any races for that matter), so I’m glad it’s on trails. I don’t have to obsess over the time. The first half of the race is uphill to a fire tower, and then you get to fly downhill to the finish. I love this race because it’s the only one I ever negative split!
    Nicole @ Work in Sweats Mama recently posted..Escaping the Treadmill TrapMy Profile

  4. I ran long this weekend, 20 to be exact.

    Congrats on a great race, regardless of missing your goal by 7 seconds you did great! It can be so mentally challenging pushing through when you are tired, and that’s a killer time (congrats on AG placing too). I’ve never done a 4 mile race (they’re not that common around here) but I think it would be fun to see what I could muster up for it.
    Laura recently posted..The Good, The Bad & The YummyMy Profile

  5. You are so crazy fast, Laura! Sounds like you had a terrific race. I love the local races because I feel like I’ve done so much better when I’m that much higher in my AG because it’s so small πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds like one heck of a strong tempo run!!! That is super fast for that distance!! Congrats on a great race and getting on the podium is always exciting too πŸ™‚
    Corey recently posted..Taper Survival KitMy Profile

  7. Awesome job, Laura! I raced a 10K this weekend as part of a 10 mile training run. I managed to get a 20 second PR – not much, but it was a very hilly course. I was definitely fading at the end and used a lot of positive self talk to get myself across the finish line at a sprint!
    Gabby @ Marathons and Macarons recently posted..Scotland Run 10K Race RecapMy Profile

  8. Great work! I’ve raced a couple 4 milers and I find them to be tough. You want to go hard but you get to 3.1 and think, “I still have to go almost a mile?”

    I had a 10-mile long run, sort of a step back between my last half and as I peak for my next one in a few weeks. I was finally able to wear shorts!
    Kimberly @ Healthy Strides recently posted..Use your noodleMy Profile

  9. when i saw that pic of that woman right in front of you my first thought was, “LAURA! YOU GOTTA RUN THAT GIRL DOWN!” so glad you did πŸ™‚

    and GREAT race! i chuckled when you said you were too lazy to find a sub for your class, so you just did it. i agree that it’s more work to make phone calls than to put in a good workout!
    Amanda K. recently posted..31 weeks and runningMy Profile

  10. Great job during this race and as everyone else says…super speedy. I have had races that I’m just like…oh dear where did this race even come from? It’s time to race today…that is how I’ll probably feel about my 5k this weekend. I haven’t raced a 4 miler but would like to find one around.
    Hollie recently posted..Party Pants and Weekend MusingsMy Profile

  11. So speedy! Congrats! I ran that race in 2011 because I lived a few blocks away from the race route. I see from your photo that they’ve improved the shirts since then – a good thing! What a great accomplishment to place!
    Tina@GottaRunNow recently posted..Great 18 Mile RunMy Profile

  12. i love how you have documented before and after of passing the girl… always fun to see that! your constant improvement in times amaze me. It should be interesting to see how much faster you’ll get once you finally move out of the humidity!

  13. YAY!! AMAZING!! I love how you totally smoked that girl at the end! I do that too during smaller races – it really has nothing to do with finishing ahead of them – more just something to focus on and help you push the pace when you start to get tired. You ran a crazy fast pace on tired legs! Can you imagine what your time would have been if you rested and tapered for this race!?!? =) =)
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama recently posted..Scotland 10k Race RecapMy Profile

  14. Great job on your race. 4 mile races aren’t very common, but I have a 4 mile trail run in July that I am really looking forward to. I had a long run this weekend–8 miles.

    It helps me to focus on the end of the race…I count up to halfway and then down. So on a 4 mile race–I’d count 1 mile, 2 miles, 2 miles (to go), 1 mile (to go). It doesn’t seem as daunting as thinking about what I’ve already ran.
    Renee @ Renee Runs Miles recently posted..A Run in Which I Ran 8 Miles and Met 4 DogsMy Profile

    • Yes, I love procompression socks! I have one pair but can always use more. πŸ™‚ Although I can’t wear them for races here, even in the “winter” it’s way too HOT! Love them for recovery.
      Laura recently posted..4 for the Park Race RecapMy Profile

  15. Nice job! Did you get a cool prize for your age group win? A guy in my running club got a massage gift certificate.

    I had a good race but missed a PR by 5 seconds, likely thanks to having to weave around tons of walkers in the beginning. I’ll definitely do this one again next year, though– best post-race food and drink spread I’d ever seen!

    Also, where is that purple top from??
    Emilia @ Run for Your Life recently posted..No news is good newsMy Profile

    • You know, I don’t even know because I had to leave for spin… I’ll have to check in with them and see if I can still pick it up. Last year they also gave out massage certificates, but I never got mine for some reason. πŸ™
      The purple tank is from oiselle- I’ve been wearing it nonstop this spring, it’s so thin and perfect for the humidity!
      Laura recently posted..4 for the Park Race RecapMy Profile

  16. I know I’ve said this to you like 20 times lately, but WOW You are fast. So inspiring! In fact, I think you’ve inspired me to push the pace more in Saturday’s scheduled 2×2. I would LOVE to break 7 minute miles. BTW, because I’m curious, is your spin class you teach Les Mills RPM?
    Rachel B @ Busy Mama Fitness recently posted..Wow, My Quads are SORE!!!My Profile

  17. Well done speedy Laura! Great job passing the girl in front of you at the end. I like to play that game too, but the opposite happens at the start where I get overtaken by tons of runners!
    Sherry recently posted..My #BestRunMy Profile

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