May 25th, 2014

30 week workout recap + meal plan link up

Hope you’re making the most of this 3 day weekend!

Yesterday we drove to a retreat center to spend the weekend with my husband’s 3 brothers and kids, plus his cousins and aunts and uncles.  We’re really lucky that his extended family has remained close – even as a non-family member, I really look forward to these weekends away together!

Um… 30 weeks? Really? That feels like we’re on the home stretch now.  L was born ten days early, so if this one did the same, that’s only 8 more weeks to go.  Eeek! And Yaaaaay!

As for running and workouts, my run last Friday had been tough and I was unmotivated.  I took a break over the weekend and didn’t run again until Tuesday.

The rest made a big difference.  I felt strong and ran faster than I’ve been running in weeks.  I even went 6 miles instead of my planned 4! I have to celebrate those runs these days, because they are few and far between.  :-)

6 miles at 29 weeks

My workout recap for the week:

Sunday: 3 miles of walking around NYC

Monday: 15 minute elliptical + 25 minute full body strength

Tuesday: 6 mile run, ave 9:20 – first run in a long time that felt amazing!

Wednesday: Elliptical warm up + this strength workout from Runners World

Thursday: 5 miles (10:15 ish pace) Back to slow paces, but it energized me for the day

Friday: 40 minute spin + upper body weights

Saturday:  Off

We’ll head back from the weekend trip tomorrow, but will drop L off with my in-laws and continue to a beach house for another few days as part one of our baby moon. (Part two is a NYC staycation later in June!)

So my menu plan will only begin on Thursday or Friday this week, and will consist of quick, easy meals to use up whatever is left in our fridge- likely a veggie frittata and sweet potato quesadillas or pesto grilled cheese.

I’ll let the rest of you share your delicious meal plan recipes and ideas this week!

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How are you celebrating the Memorial Day weekend?

What’s your idea place to vacation- quiet beach/cabin or exploring a city?

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