30-20-10 Intervals and Yogurt-making

One of my new running buddies has been experimenting with the 30-20-10 workout.  Did you see the article about it on RW?  It’s designed to be easy to remember speed work… a 30 second jog, 20 seconds at training pace, and a 10 second sprint (5 times, then recover and repeat).  I read the original article, but after chatting about it with Liz, I resolved to give it a try.

I got myself to the treadmill for this workout last night.  Big mistake- I spent most of the intervals increasing/decreasing speeds.  Because of that, I only ran through it once (5x 30-20-10) and tacked on a few 400’s… but I do think would be an awesome workout outdoors!

It’s also What I ate Wednesday- snacking edition. After posting on Instagram about my homemade yogurt, I had a few requests for a recipe.  It’s more economical than store-bought yogurt, healthier with your own add-ins, and delicious.  I don’t remember the original source, but I now have it memorized.  Here’s what you do:

Homemade Yogurt in the Crock Pot

  • 1/2 gallon (8 cups) whole, 2 % or 1% organic milk
  • 1/2 c. organic yogurt with cultures (store-bought or reserved from a previous batch)
  • optional fruit or honey/maple syrup to flavor yogurt

Pour milk in a crock pot and turn on low for 2 1/2- 3 hours, or until temps reach 180 degrees.  Turn off, and let crock pot sit covered for another 3 hours until it drops back to 110 degrees.  Whisk in yogurt, and cover again.  Insulate by wrapping in a large towel or blanket and let sit for 8-9 hours, or overnight.  Optional: Blend in fruit or sweetener to part or all of the yogurt.

 *To ensure thick yogurt, pay attention to temperature (any meat or candy thermometer would work!)  I often start the process at 4 or 4:30pm, turn off the crock pot at 7pm, and wrap it all up by 10pm before I got to bed.  Then in the morning… presto! Yogurt!

And because the theme is snacks, here are a few of my favorite yogurt-based snacks:

  • mid morning: plain yogurt with toasted oats or granola and fruit
  • afternoon: blended with frozen blueberries, bananas and spinach for smoothies
  • great kids snack: freeze above smoothie as homemade popsicles
  • healthy dessert: lightly sweetened yogurt with garbanzo brownies crumbled on top
  • before bed: soft toddler cheeks

Would you try the 30-20-10 interval workout?

What are your favorite ways to eat yogurt?


82 thoughts on “30-20-10 Intervals and Yogurt-making

  1. I’ll try the 30-20-10 next week. Easy way to remember.

    Greek yogurt is the only thing I miss when changing to a plant based diet. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, banana with KIND granola was my absolute fav! Happily I recently read that you can buy soy yogurt. Sadly I’ve only been able to find it flavored and way too sugared.

    Have a great day Laura!
    Jill @ Fitness, Health and Happiness recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday || Recovery WeekMy Profile

    • It is very easy to remember- that’s definitely a perk to this workout. I found a few plain soy yogurts when I did the vegan challenge in March, but could not get past the taste difference. They worked to throw into smoothies but not alone. Good luck!
      Laura recently posted..30-20-10 Intervals and Yogurt-makingMy Profile

  2. That 30-20-10 looks interesting……I may have to give it a try. I was going to switch out the mile repeats (HATE them!) in my training plan for ladder workouts but these may be easier. Thanks!

    Your yogurt looks good. I’m lactose intolerant so I can’t eat it. Jill, those soy yogurts do not taste good. I have tried almond ones which taste slightly better. Note I did say slightly. LOL

  3. I didn’t see that workout, but it sounds like a great one if you are traveling and away from a track or familiar territory. Now I will try to stash it away in my brain and remember it. Yeah, I think the treadmill would make that challenging!
    misszippy recently posted..(Mostly) Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  4. I actually LOVE the sounds of that workout. I’d totally try it. I actually prefer intervals more than any other form of speedwork. I feel like I can do any pace for seconds 😉 it’s when I start doing 800’s that I start to die half way through 😉 lol

    Nice job on the yogurts!
    Ali Mc recently posted..Running with your Dog: A Refresher CourseMy Profile

  5. I LOVE yogurt! Fage 4% with honey and fresh berries! Have never tried to make yogurt…can you make it thick and tart like Greek yogurt?
    Thunder recently posted..In the Weeds . . .My Profile

  6. I am so painfully behind on my RW reading! I like the sound of this workout though! I have been fortunate to have the tri club coach giving us speed workouts lately and emailing them to me when I can’t make it, but I definitely want to give this one a try!
    Corey recently posted..WhirlwindMy Profile

    • Yes, I didn’t really think the treadmill thing through. I probably made it to my goal sprint speed for all of 3 seconds before it was time to notch it back down again… felt like I had my hand on the up/down buttons the entire time! But I do think it’s a good workout- a nice change from traditional speed work.
      Laura recently posted..30-20-10 Intervals and Yogurt-makingMy Profile

  7. The interval workout looks fun, I’ll have to try it but I agree it could be really tough on a treadmill. Yogurt looks so easy to make, it’s on my list of things to try.
    Jen recently posted..Zoo DayMy Profile

    • You should! There’s something very satisfying about doing it yourself, and you can make it exactly as you want it- plain, very lightly sweetened, etc. Plus, it’s almost half the price of buying organic yogurt, so it helps me cringe less at the cost of a gallon of organic milk when I know half of it can produce two quarts of yogurt!
      Laura recently posted..30-20-10 Intervals and Yogurt-makingMy Profile

  8. I am obsessed with yogurt! Thanks for sharing. Your 30-20-10 workout sounds similar to a fartlek workout. Do you ever do those? I just learned that term this week 🙂

    • Yes, your right! It’s basically a fartlek workout… which I do rarely. I’m either doing easy runs or pace runs, or the rare times I force myself to do some speed work I always think I have to do 400s or 800s or mile repeats… it’s nice to remember good old “speed play” is an option!
      Laura recently posted..30-20-10 Intervals and Yogurt-makingMy Profile

  9. I’ll have to give that speed work a try, it looks fun 🙂 I like my yogurt with granola, except I’m staying away from dairy now so I can’t have it 🙁 adorable pic of L, she’s such a cutie pie!!

    • Thanks for the sweet L comment. 🙂 I forgot you’re giving up dairy- how’s that going? I did okay with it for the vegan challenge, but would struggle long-term, I think. And I didn’t find any good non-dairy yogurts… they were all pretty gross.
      Laura recently posted..30-20-10 Intervals and Yogurt-makingMy Profile

  10. I used to work for a yogurt company and I’ve never tried making my own yogurt. How messed up is that? I overthink things and think of all the things that could go wrong. I’m going to try this next week.

    Are you near the Woodlands? Has the Trader Joes there opened yet? Don’t know why I just thought of that. It’s that over=thinking thing I think….
    Michelle {lively kitchen} recently posted..Photo Friday – Summer 2012, week oneMy Profile

    • My sis-in-law can’t do any canning for similar reasons- she knows too much of the science behind it and what could go wrong!
      We’re about 45 min from the Woodlands- too far for regular shopping, but close enough to check it out now and then, I’ll have to find out if it opened!

  11. I like interval workouts, but those seem short to me! You’d never be able to relax into your workout because you’d be constantly looking at your watch. Maybe this is why I’m a distance runner 🙂
    Kara recently posted..My cravings buddyMy Profile

  12. I have not tried that workout or even read it, how did I miss it? lol But it does sound interesting. Right now with my running I’m just running, well I’m actually having to add walk breaks for the sake of the hip which has slowed my pace down but no fear. 🙂 I think I will find that article and see how I can make that workout fit into my schedule once my running is back up to par! I do love intervals and HIIT workouts though!
    kimert recently posted..I’m not perfectMy Profile

  13. I’ve only every done 30-20-10 on the treadmill…it would be WAY better outside, but I found that if I decide in advance what my three paces will be I can start to crank it up 3-4 seconds before the interval starts. It works. But I hope to brave the heat soon and do it outside 🙂 So glad you shared your blog!

    • Yes, I think it would work on a track, or even on any outdoor run- it’s nice to have ways to mix up the speed and trick your legs into going at faster paces without it being as intimidating as official 400s or 800s, etc.
      Laura recently posted..When to call it quits?My Profile

  14. Hmm maybe I will have to give that work out a try (if it’s not sweltering by the time I get out there tomorrow…) I saw it in RW but didn’t think much of it. I often do interval type things on a treadmill just to break up the monotony but usual for a lot longer time. I really struggle in the summer with the heat, but have zero motivation to get on the tread mill. I’m already counting down the days til fall 😉
    Mary Helen recently posted..Training ScheduleMy Profile

  15. hmmm, 30-20-10 sounds like treadmill do-able speed work…might have to try it this week.
    i LOVE yogurt and tried to make it once and FAILED. my sister is an avid yogurt maker and she’s coming to visit. learning her method is on the top of my list of things i want to do!
    Amanda K. recently posted..Father’s Day craft: DIY wrapping paperMy Profile

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