3 Strength Moves to Improve Your Running Form

A huge thank you to my sweet friend Lindsay for sharing here today! She and her pro triathlete husband have some great advice for improving your running form, which can decrease injuries and make you a faster, stronger runner.

Hi there friends. My name is Lindsay Cotter and I blog over at Cotter Crunch and I’m happy to guest post for Laura here while she tends to her new beautiful baby (who was born on my birthday by the way)!

Anyway, I’m a pro triathlete’s wife, nutrition manager/fitness consultant, kombucha and wine lover who has a joyous passion for GLUTEN FREE cooking! It’s funny, this is my blog title and subtitle and yes, it really does describe my life. I’d say the main reason I blog is support my husband. We’ve created this dream together, a dream to pursue HIS professional triathlon career and I get to be the Sherpa wife that is by his side.


Today, I am actually not going to talk about food, but rather strength. You see, it’s been a little over a year now since we’ve had to deal with injuries. This past brought good health, healing, and being injury free for me and the kiwi (aka my husband). That means something. It means we’re doing something right. It may have took us a long time to find that right (rest and injury prevention), but hey, we were humbled, we learned, and will continue to focus on it.

That being said, I have a bit of GOOD info to share from the Kiwi. Tips and techniques to help improve your run form.

Tips from the Coach/Pro:

Proper run form is a KEY component of injury prevention. Think about it, the body needs to run upright, core engaged, knees and feet biomechanically correct, glutes activated. Whoa, that’s a lot to remember! And I will be the first to admit that I forget about my form about 10 minutes into a run.

This is where strength can help. Here are 3 strength moves that mimic proper run form and therefore can IMPROVE your run form, naturally.

3 Strength Moves to Improve Your Run Form

The first move is called HOT SALSA (I have no idea why). Haha. All you need is a med ball and some space to walk and lunge forward. The kiwi explains in the video.

The second is forward lunge on the BOSU with straight arm med ball twist. This helps activate the core, works on knee stability as well as activate the glute muscles.

The third is reverse lunge with bar overheard. You really want to emphasize the lunge motion coming up towards the body. Almost like a snatch or explode movement. This is another great move that mimics running (knee to foot to ground).

We did about 10-12 reps of each. 3-4x through. Just depends on your current strength. It should be a slow workout because you are really working on form.

Do you have any favorite strength moves to help with injury prevention?

Crazy Cotters

25 thoughts on “3 Strength Moves to Improve Your Running Form

  1. great post! i’ve been dealing with some postpartum weakness (can you call it postpartum when your baby is 14 months old?) and need lots of strength work in my life! these are great!)

    my husband isn’t a pro, but he’s WAY faster than me. i love being his cheering section 🙂
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  2. My strength-training is aimed almost entirely at injury prevention, but these look terrifically efficient, putting to work muscle combinations that I ordinarily work separately. Will be trying them in tomorrow’s workout – Thanks!

      • I did 2 sets of each this morning. The first one definitely encourages a deeper lunge than I’ve been doing lately, so that’ll make a big difference. I also suspect that the bosu exercise, with the medicine ball twist, might be evil. 😉 Or I need a lighter medicine ball! Feels like good stuff though – everything is firing, that’s for sure!

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