29 weeks + What does a 2nd baby need?

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I look forward to sharing more about the Integrative Nutrition conference I attended this weekend after I have time to digest it all and collect my thoughts.  It was incredible!

For today, I’m due for another update- 29 weeks as of last Friday!

29 weeks front

29 weeks pregnant


I’m feeling pregnant this week. One of the annoying reminders is my huffing and puffing after I get to the top of stairs (breathlessness is common and mostly related to the diaphragm running out of room… have other moms experienced this?)

I’m also taking more naps and having no trouble falling asleep at night.  But my workouts are staying fairly consistent (recap yesterday) and overall, I still feel really good.  I also like being at the stage where others know for sure that I’m pregnant and even strangers are commenting! It’s much better than the “is-she-or-isn’t-she-pregnant” stage.

What else is happening:


How far along: 29 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain: up 14 lbs

Maternity clothes: L was a January baby, so I was waiting to try on all my summer tanks and tees before I bought more maternity clothes.  But I lucked out at the beach weekend last week and my girlfriends brought along their summer maternity gear for me to borrow, so I’m set now!

Sleep: Sleeping well lately, just needing more of it than usual.

Miss anything: My belly button! It’s flattened out and is threatening to become an outie.

Movement: Lots of movement- especially when I’m trying to fall asleep at night.  Why is bedtime always party time?!

Food cravings: Ice water and anything cold- smoothies, watermelon, oranges.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope- it’s been a pretty normal two weeks.

Have you started to show yet: Finally getting lots of comments wherever I go! It’s fun… with L, I wore a big winter coat in December and January and didn’t get the stranger questions and comments very often.

Gender: I’m surprisingly loving the suspense of a surprise.

Happy or moody most of the time: Same as last time- I bounce between the two extremes of ecstatically happy and exhausted/moody.  Generally more happy than not.

Looking forward to:  A weekend with extended family and then a few days away for a baby moon.


I’m also getting the nursery organized and thinking about what else we might possible need for baby #2.  I got a few more cloth diapers (from a reader who saw my post last time- thanks, Ashley!!), was given boy newborn clothes just in case, and have most of the big items we need.

The two things I’m wondering about are:

1) Video monitor: These were just coming out with L and we never had one, but I’m tempted this time.  L was a LOUD baby and there was no question when she woke up, but I know this one could be different.

2) Double stroller: I like the idea of a double jogger, but L is now 4 and walks to the places that are in walking distance and has no patience for running in the stroller anymore… I’m just not sure how often we would really use the double.  Especially since the baby can go in the Moby wrap or Ergo for much of the first year if we really need the stroller for L.

Thoughts on a video monitor or double stroller?

Any other items that you found were helpful to have for a second child?


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  1. You look GREAT, but you already knew that! I just scored a 70% off City Mini double stroller from a warehouse sale this weekend. But Gentry will only be 2 when this little girl comes so she’s not yet ready to walk all around on her own. Lots of my friends are just buying the standing attachment for their 3+ year old bigger siblings.

    SO MUCH movement at sleep time… this is not a good sign! At least they are moving right?!
    emma @ be mom strong recently posted..Stop being scared of cycle!My Profile

  2. Yay for borrower maternity clothes! I barely had to buy any cuz my sister and friends were so awesome!

  3. So fun! You look great Laura. We loved our double jogger so much! Granted our kids were all really close together so we used it for everything and ran with it and the single (all at once for all 3 of our kids when my hubby and I wanted to run together) all the time!! A double jogger will still be useful for you even with an older kid. Once you have more than one, it is nice to strap them in so that you can walk or run or travel and not think too much about where the kids are. We even used our double jogger for all three kids sometimes…one kid would sit up on the handle bars with us…probably not recommended but we pulled it off! ha! As far as baby monitor goes…our first house was too small too need one.
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  4. We LOVED our video monitor! For me it was being able to see if the baby was fussy because there was a problem or if they are trying to fall asleep. I also love our double but then again Em loves the jogger…better than the baby actually! It sounds like you don’t need it though…give it some time and then you can always buy it later if you feel like you need it!
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  5. Our essentials for kids 2 & 3 arriving in the fall are… Rock and Play sleepers, more cloth diapers, another infant car seat, and BOB double jogger.

    We’re rolling over our REI rebate from this year and adding it to next year’s. That plus any coupons should bring the cost down very low. (We use the card for most purchases.)

    At first we debated a double, but we walk to the beach nearly daily. It makes the double with weather shield a must, as we’ll only carry/wear/hold hands with 1.
    Wendy recently posted..In Bed Activities with Parents and KidsMy Profile

  6. Looking good, mama! I’ve been contemplating all-things baby supplies this past week and weekend. What are your favorite cloth diaper brands? Have you heard of Alvababy? They’re apparently super-similar to BumGenius but fit when baby’s smaller and are $5 apiece. Would love to get your 2 cents on cloth-diapering.
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  7. You look so dang cute!!!
    We didn’t have a video monitor – they weren’t really a big deal when I had babies. And, I’m a light sleeper so I pretty much heard all noises!!!
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  8. So glad things are still going so well and that being tired is really your only complaint. That is awesome!! As for the video monitor – I couldn’t have lived without one with the twins. I even use it now, in their upstairs playroom, to keep tabs on them. It was definitely worth every penny since it’s the only thing I’ve been able to use for 5 years and counting!!
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  9. You look amazing!
    I’ve never been a mom, but I have been a nanny and babysitter multiple times and the video monitor gave me so much more freedom! It was really easy to notice when/if baby was up and moving, and let me check on them before they even started making noise. I also know moms who still use the video monitor to keep tabs on kids in other rooms!
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  10. You look great for 29 weeks with a second baby!
    My girls are only 22 months apart, so it might be a little different with a newborn and a 4 year old. We bought a double jogger/bike trailer. I don’t know how much biking you do. For us, it was worth it. The front wheel flips up for when you are biking and back down for a jogging stroller. However, it is HUGE and does not travel well.
    We were also blessed with just a “regular” double stroller. However, it was also HUGE. I am a much bigger fan of a wrap and a single stroller.
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  11. We didn’t have a video monitor, but after hearing all the stories from my mama friends who did, I had video monitor envy. At least two of my mama friends found the monitor helpful when their little ones became more active (transitioning from crawling to standing) because they could see how much time their kiddos spent just roaming around the crib before they actually fell asleep!
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  12. Aren’t work conferences great! It gets you all excited about your job-I really need to go on one right now-ha!
    I only have 1 so I have no advice on a 2nd kid, though those video monitors seem really cool.
    You really do look good! It’s going to be fun to see what the gender will be!! Is L hoping for a baby brother or baby sister?

  13. You look wonderful and so glad to hear that you’re feeling well. A friend gave us a double stroller but honestly, we barely used it. J was 2.5 when E was born and we ended up just attaching a buggy board to the back of the stroller. J ended up standing on that most of the time (he didn’t want to sit in a stroller anymore) or he scooted. We didn’t have a video monitor because, well, our apartment is so small!
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  14. My daughter has four children and would love a double stroller. However, hers are all close in age (5 on down) so it would really be more for the two little ones. So nice of your friends to let you borrow some maternity clothes. I never bought a lot when I had kids because I never thought I’d wear them again (all three times! :))
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  15. Good question! I always thought I needed everything before my babies came, but I learned after the second I think that I could always wait to see how things went! I only use a monitor for naps or when I am out in the yard and the baby is inside sleeping (and even though it is a video monitor I rarely look at it, just listen so I think a regular monitor is fine). Otherwise at night baby is always close enough for me to hear her.
    My kids were all 2 years apart so I used my double jogger all the time (because they weren’t near school age and were always home with me), but with L’s age I bet you won’t use it much. Also something you could wait on especially since newborns can’t go in the jogger for a little while. I love that you are loving the surprise gender!
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  16. I never had two babies– I went from one to three! I’m tired thinking about it. The double jogging stroller was used a lot, so I would recommend that. I had also purchased an “stand on” attachment to the back of my double stroller, so that when my older son got tired of walking he could hop on the “board” and I could push him–that was very helpful. In the short time since I’ve had small children, things have changed and more gadgets seem to be popping up. There is probably some new items worth considering.
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  17. I had a video monitor for A that is just now dying. I have already purchased a new one with two cameras. It’s a bit of an indulgence and not NECESSARY, but I have loved being able to look to see what kind of response crying requires before getting up.

    I’m debating the double-jogger myself right now.
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  18. You look beautiful!

    We just did a regular old monitor no video. It was fine for us.

    We decided on a sit and stand stroller. This way the baby had a seat and my older one could stand and still ride and get of and on with out if causing us to stop too much. When he got tired he could sit. We used it a lot!
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  19. we did get a double bob but it is typically our main form of transportation living in the city. my three year old can walk but often not the distances we need to go together. plus i plan to use it for running / family runs. we have actually used it quite a bit. i think it just depends on your situation – for us, a stroller is absolutely key b/c we walk a lot.

    the other thing we got was a new video monitor – our old one was good but instead of getting a separate camera, we just got a whole new one that has wifi (which my husband really wanted but i think was a waste b/c we live in a apt but some things you just don’t argue).

    other than that – esp if you have two of the same gender – we didn’t need much. all the baby stuff is just being passed along and it’s really fun to relive everything all over again.
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  20. You look great! I don’t think a double stroller is necessary. We didn’t get one because Keenan walks everywhere that is in walking distance, too (he is almost 4) and doesn’t like to ride in the BOB when I go for a run. He’d rather ride his bike or stay home with Daddy! We are just using our regular monitor, as we didn’t feel it was necessary to see them. The best thing that we did purchase was a swing! We didn’t have one for Keenan and it has definitely helped this time around. I have the swing in our kitchen nook, so I put Mirella in it while I’m cooking, doing dishes or helping Keenan with something that he is working on at the kitchen table and she is perfectly content because she can see me while she swings. Also, I wear Mirella in the Moby or Ergo much more often than I did with Keenan. When we are out and about or playing outside, I almost always put her in the Moby or Ergo so I’m hands free with Keenan.

  21. Personally, I’d say wait until you have the baby to get a video monitor. I was told by multiple people that they recommend against one because you just sit and stare at it. We got a very inexpensive sound monitor and it works well….sometimes too well. I occasionally wake up when the baby is just mumbling, and that is with it on the lowest level.
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