27 weeks pregnant update

Happy Monday!

When I was working full time, I dreaded Mondays but I kind of like them now.  We all get back into a regular routine and it’s a nice, fresh start to the week.  Am I the only one? Of course, I love weekends too.  This one was especially relaxing.  We soaked it up because the next three in a row are packed!

I’m linking up with Katie today to share what is marvelous.  I’m really excited to be kicking off the third trimester- I feel ready to meet this baby.  Of course, there are a few more things we need to do and it’s probably a good thing that we have 10-13 more weeks, but time is flying and I’m not complaining!

27 weeks pregnant


27 weeks teaching spin

What else is happening:


How far along: 27 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain: up 13 lbs (weight gain slowed the last few weeks- same thing happened at this stage of pregnancy with L but I know it will pick up again in the 3rd trimester)

Maternity clothes: Just starting to figure out what spring/summer items I have that will work… I’m hoping to make due with long tanks and skirts once summer hits!

Sleep: This week was rocky.  I keep waking up at 4am and then lay awake for an hour or two.  I hope it’s just a phase.

Miss anything: Sleeping on my belly!

Movement: Yes! Still my favorite part of pregnancy.

Food cravings: Nothing was appealing this week… especially if I cooked it.  All I really wanted was cereal or chocolate although I continued to eat as many healthy meals as possible. Again, hoping it’s just a phase!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing in particular but I have been feeling more nauseous this week.

Have you started to show yet: Yep! I’m carrying this baby so differently than L- I feel like I’m getting more of the “basketball” look than I did with her, which is fun.  Is that another possible sign that it’s a boy?

Gender: We’ll find out in 10-12 weeks.  🙂

Happy or moody most of the time: I bounce between the two extremes of ecstatically happy and exhausted/moody.  Generally more happy than not.

Looking forward to:  A beach trip with girlfriends this weekend!


What are some of the myths about carrying a boy vs girl? Just curious.  🙂

What was something marvelous in your weekend?

31 thoughts on “27 weeks pregnant update

  1. boy = good skin, girl = blemishes because she “steals your beauty” haha that always cracked me up but i did have really great skin with william!
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..flying babyMy Profile

  2. The boy/girl myths are my favorite to play with! I was determined both mine were boys (wrong both times!), but I probably should have guessed girl! My belly right now (39 weeks 3 days) is completely a basketball. It’s amazing to me how many people come right up and ask if I’m excited for my baby boy- haha! Hopefully we will be meeting HER this week and confirm she’s a her 😉

    You look and sound wonderful- I love following your journey!

    Here are 10 of my fav old wives tales: http://www.ahealthysliceoflife.com/2013/11/22/10-wives-tales-for-determining-the-babys-sex-get-your-guess-in/
    Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life) recently posted..Fork Restaurant and Last Week’s EatsMy Profile

  3. Not a believer in the boy-girl myths here.

    My Mother’s Day gift arrived early this weekend, and so I suggested to my hub that we celebrate Father’s Day early, too.

    He picked out a new (fancy, easier to use) clam gun for the last dig on Sunday. He was beyond happy and madly in love with it.

    A happy clamming hub and hanging with our girl on the beach during digs makes any weekend wonderful!
    Wendy recently posted..Pregnancy Pool Goal: 100,000 YardsMy Profile

  4. You look so beautiful! Love that your baby bump is showing! I have the occasional cravings and sleeplessness too– mine never went away! haha especially the waking at 2 am and staying up for an hour. The most fabulous thing about my weekend was finding out my son made the all star team at baseball, and running a 20 miler– wasn’t sure I could get past 13– guess I still have it somewhere in me.
    Lisa @ RunWiki recently posted..Comment on 7 Ways to Ease Muscle Soreness by Bean Bytes 88My Profile

  5. You are so darn cute! This has been such a great, healthy pregnancy for you. I will say that my two pregnancies were very different and I carried different, too. And…I had one of each! So maybe it is a boy in there!!
    misszippy recently posted..A big, huge runfessionMy Profile

  6. You look great! Keep your head up and that weekend at the beach with the ladies is sure to keep you in a good mood. My highlight of the weekend was having my husband and kids hang out on a playing field while I did a run/bike transition workout. Just being able to see them/hear them, gave me a boost!
    Allie recently posted..The Countdown!My Profile

  7. You look fantastic! I can’t believe that you’re in your 3rd trimester already! I always heard that if you carry higher and it’s really round like a basketball, then it’s a boy. And if you have skin issues, it’s a girl 🙂
    Sleeping on my belly was the one thing that I really really missed while pregnant. That and sushi!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Ask a Yogini: What does Vinyasa Mean?My Profile

  8. I heard craving spicy food indicated boy, but we’re expecting a little girl, and I can’t get enough sriracha, chili soup, and jalapenos… and recently wanted Indian food. So there’s that. I also miss sleeping on my stomach. I’m super-grateful for my pregnancy pillow, which helps me feel like I’m sleeping on my stomach.
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted..24-Week BumpdateMy Profile

  9. I don’t know any of the myths – I carried 2 boys and both were slightly different when I was pregnant!
    Hopefully you are back to normal appetite again – no fun to be queasy.
    Enjoy your girl’s beach trip this weekend!
    Kim recently posted..Sometimes Rocks CrackMy Profile

  10. The girl/boy myths for how you carry weren’t true for me. My belly was very similar both times. However, both pregnancies FELT different. I had more nausea w/ my daughter & I craved completely different things.
    jan recently posted..Hot WeatherMy Profile

  11. What an article!!! I craved tons of fruit during my first trimester too. I couldn’t get enough of it. I’m 15 weeks now and have been enjoying sparkling water a lot also; which I’ve never liked before in my life!! Thanks!

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