25 weeks pregnant update

I hope you had a marvelous weekend!

I see what they mean about the second child… the weeks of this pregnancy are passing so quickly.  I keep forgetting to stop and get belly pics, and then have to dig through our photos from the week to see what might work.  So you’re getting 3 not so ideal shots today- an awkward couple shot, a sweaty gym selfie and a family pic.

25 weeks belly

Awkward couple shot in grandma’s driveway

I’m now 25 weeks, 4 days and it’s all starting to feel so much more real.  My belly is popping, the baby is moving much more frequently, I feel more pregnant when I try to exercise or figure out what sounds good to eat, and people are finally noticing and commenting on my belly.

25 weeks

Sweaty gym selfie- but you can see the belly! 🙂

Plus, we got the nursery painted and the crib set up so now I can walk past the nursery and actually see it all happening, as opposed to a few weeks ago when it was our “catch all” room from the move this summer!

Some Easter pics:

Easter L

Easter family pic

What else is happening:


How far along: 25 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain: up 12 lbs (just a few pounds more than where I was with L at this stage, but pretty similar)

Maternity clothes: There are two pairs of maternity pants that I like.  I have more summer items for when I’m bigger so I’m holding out for those.  No need to buy more winter gear at this point!

Sleep: Still good right now! As long as L doesn’t wake me up to use the bathroom, I sleep through the night soundly.

Miss anything: Not really. I’m in a good stage right now where I’m really enjoying the pregnancy.

Movement: Yes! This week the baby was especially active.  I think he/she enjoyed the spin music from the two classes I taught.  🙂

Food cravings: I’m still struggling to figure out what I want to eat some days, but cheese is always appealing.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.  I have had a few bouts of nausea off and on the last week but it doesn’t last long and I don’t think there is a particular food causing it.

Have you started to show yet: I feel like I really popped this week. The baby is now about 2 pounds and growing steadily- I feel like I see my belly growing by the day!

Gender: Still planning to be surprised.  And I’m really excited about it!

Happy or moody most of the time: Traveling so much the last few weekends has worn me out, and that affects my mood.  But this past week was fantastic.  I was in a great mood and got a lot accomplished in the afternoons when I’m usually dragging.

Looking forward to:  Putting the rest of the pieces of the nursery together.  Hitting the third trimester next week, woah! Fun trips over the next few months before the baby gets here.


Just a quick note on weight gain in pregnancy: I sometimes hesitate to include the numbers because it is so different for every woman.  I know a few women who gain much more quickly early on in their pregnancy and others who pack it on at the end.  Some lose most or all of their baby weight immediately while others need the nine months to get it back off again.

With L, I gained almost exactly what my mom gained in her pregnancies (just under 20 pounds).  But then I held onto those last 5 pounds until I finished nursing. I’m a few pounds ahead of where I was with L at this stage.  Our bodies (and each pregnancy) are all so different.

Our culture is so scale-obsessed, it’s hard not to pay attention to numbers when you’re body is changing and you’re growing a baby.  The current guidelines recommend 25-35 pounds for most women (more if you’re underweight, less if you’re overweight).  Eating well and exercising can help you stay within that range, but the bottom line is that sometimes your body will do what it wants to do regardless of those factors.


If you’re willing to share, what was your pregnancy weight gain like and how quickly did you feel back to normal?

When did the pregnancy and new baby start to feel “real” for you?


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  1. Look at that belly! So cute! I gained 40 pounds with my twin pregnancy. It was slow and steady with the most gain the last month. I was very, very fortunate to lose the majority of the weight within the first week. I had a lot of fluid on board at the end. My feet and ankles were sausages!
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  2. Thank you for your note at the end! It’s hard not to get caught up in the scale. With my first pregnancy I gained 45 lbs (and I’m very petite), and it did take some time and lots of work to take off. I have a wonderful, happy and healthy baby – for me that matters the most! I am 28 weeks tomorrow with my second and have been much more active and more conscious of what I’m eating, I’ve gained about 20 pounds so far, so I anticipate gaining 35ish pounds this time. For me the weight packs on at the end. I really enjoy following along with your blog since we are at similar stages in our pregnancies!

    • You’re doing great, Karen! I have a friend who gained 40-45 pounds with each of her three kids, no matter how well she ate/exercised… I think our bodies just take over sometimes in pregnancy! You’re right- the healthy baby is what matters most.
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  3. Interesting about the weight gain. I gained a ton with both pregnancies despite one being filled with less healthy eating and almost no activity and the other as a vegetarian with lots of activity. The weight came on in the end like a freight train. Both of my kids were over 9 lbs, my son was almost 10 lbs. With my first child it took me about 9 months to feel normal again. The second one…I had more postpartum complications (I think I am still dealing with a few 6 years later!)
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  4. You look fabulous, Laura!! I gained almost exactly the same amount during both pregnancies. I tried not to obsess about the number and stayed as active as possible. I ended up gaining about 25 pounds each time, and, like you, the last few pounds stuck around until I weaned the girls after their first birthdays. I think our bodies just need a little extra when we’re nursing, but it disappeared quickly when I was done. Of course, I think I lost 90% of it directly from my chest. Bye bye big gals, hello itty bitties!
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  5. I understand what you’re saying about hesitating to mention numbers since it’s so different for every woman/pregnancy. For me, a lot of my weight gain was at the very beginning, and then it actually slowed down towards the end. Curious to see what happens if/when we have a second child. Your body knows best and you have to trust the process!
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  6. What a beautiful family. I gained 25 and 22 pounds with my son and daughter. After the first pregnancy the weight didn’t come off as quickly as I wanted (of course) but after the second pregnancy it seemed to come off so much quicker. I wonder if that is typical?
    jill conyers recently posted..Wellness: Putting the Pieces TogetherMy Profile

    • I have no idea- I thought my pregnancies would be similar, but they’ve felt different in many ways. Curious what the postpartum recovery will be like, too! (And labor, for that matter).
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  7. Hooray for 25 weeks! I think that I gained 25 pounds with each pregnancy? I think? Geez, I can’t remember a thing! I do remember losing the physical weight within 6 months (I think) but my body definitely did not feel like my body and definitely was not the same body even though I was at my pre-pregnancy weight. That took a much longer time. You look fabulous and love the Easter pictures!
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    • It definitely takes time to feel like your old self again… in terms of running, I heard one doctor say 2-3 years before your body fully returns to pre pregnancy state in terms of muscles, hips, whatever else gets out of alignment… so interesting.
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  8. I only gained about 15 each pregnancy, (all 3 were preemies) but it seemed to take a good year after each of the kids were born to finally feel back to “normal.” By the year mark I was back to my normal speed in my workouts, my sleep schedule was returning back to normal and the baby weight was gone. With preemies it’s really hard to get back to normal workouts when they need so much in the beginning.
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  9. You look absolutely beautiful! I have never been pregnant, so I don’t know anything about weight gain, but you are so right that every woman is different and they don’t need to be hard about how their bodies are changing when they are pregnant. It is amazing to me that women are able to carry a child and then give birth to them when they are ready!
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  10. You look fabulous!! Even the awkward couple photo 😉 Seeing baby at the 20-week ultrasound made this pregnancy and baby thing very real to me. We found out her gender, and she moved about and sucked her thumb. After witnessing that, it all sunk in a lot deeper. This is my first pregnancy, and I haven’t gained much weight at all. At my last appointment, only 4 pounds. But the doctor says that’s great, that I shouldn’t worry. I’m eating plenty and taking care of myself, so I’m not going to. We’ll see how the weight gain goes during my 2nd half 🙂
    Jaclyn @ BumpSweat recently posted..22-Week BumpdateMy Profile

    • Yes- the ultrasound definitely helps! Your experience sounds a lot like my first pregnancy- the weight came on very slowly. This one I’ve consistently been about 5 pounds ahead, which makes me think maybe it’s a boy because so many things feel different… who knows!
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  11. With Susanna, I gained about 35 and all but the last few were gone quickly. The remaining ones are still there as we start pregnancy number 2, as she’s still nursing.

    My mother-in-law has always told me that it takes a year postpartum for the hormones to settle and balance. I fully experienced that.
    Wendy recently posted..A Gluten Free PregnancyMy Profile

  12. i gained really slowly… i’m still amazed at what our bodies do and are capable of… i put the scale away during my pregnancy and haven’t taken it back out since. my appetite is just as ravenous breastfeeding as it was during my pregnancy! my body will find itz way again soon enough – no rush! 🙂
    Linz @ Itz Linz recently posted..Life With A NewbornMy Profile

    • You are absolutely right- the scale is not helpful in pregnancy or in those months afterward. Your body will bounce back- for now, it’s more important to focus on loving up that new baby!
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  13. Looks like you had great weather on Easter too … and your pics are great! Love the little one’s Easter dress 🙂 You know, I have no clue what I weighed during pregnancy. I was actually never concerned and as long as my OBGYN was happy, I left it at that. I worked full time out of the house during my pg so I never recorded all of the information. We don’t even have any pics of me PG! I think my father in law has one … I should get a copy from him so I have it as a record. Enjoy your week and have fun feeling the baby move!
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  14. I, too, really appreciate the note at the end! I gained about 25-30 with my two kids, and the weight came off pretty easily with the first, but a bit less so with the second. I would have been happier with a little more weight gain but less nausea early on and lack of room for food toward the end of the pregnancy.

    I’m not at my pre-baby weight, but I’m okay with where I am at for the moment, since the pre-baby point was the lowest weight I’d ever had and I had lots of time for long bouts of exercise at that time in my life. Now, well, not so much. Nursing really helped me with weight early on, but the lack of life flexibility (you can’t just leave the house!) has slowed things up later on.

    • I don’t think I’ll ever see my pre-L weight either, and like you, I’m okay with that! We settle into the place that is easiest to maintain and a few pounds does not change our health/fit status… as hard as that can be for women to wrap their minds around. 🙂
      PS- Hope all is well as you wrap up your first year in the new job!
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  15. You still look absolutely amazing!! I gained 45 pounds with both pregnancies. I was back in regular clothes in about 10 days after having my first, but it took a couple of months with my second. I’d say 6 months for my body to get TOTALLY back to normal size in all areas.
    jan recently posted..Boston MarathonMy Profile

  16. You look so happy and cute Laura! I’m really glad you added that “disclaimer” at the end on weight gain. Since I had twins, I put on 42 pounds and it was pretty gradual with no real big jump. But, it was a TON of weight on my 5 foot frame! Luckily, I lost pretty much all of it over the next three months because I set a goal to do a sprint triathlon. I’m just glad I don’t have to ride that roller coaster again – even though the rewards are priceless!
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  17. My first pregnancy I was hyperemetic so was really ill, so the numbers from that one aren’t helpful, but with my son I gained 22lbs and was back to pre-preg by 3 weeks postpartum. I ran until 6m, then walked 10-20 miles a week until delivery. I was 15lbs overweight when I got pregnant though so it’s not as impressive as it sounds!
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  18. I always marvel at women who only gain 20-25 lbs! I gained close to 50 lbs. with both pregnancies. But I wasn’t very active, and I ate whatever I wanted. Both times I lost all the weight after about 6 months was back to my pre-pregnancy size, so I agree with you that it totally just depends on each woman!

    • I have a friend who was very similar! I’m so impressed that you were back to pre-pregnancy in just six months. Clearly your body knew that it need those extra pounds for the pregnancy!
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  19. I love that disclaimer! It’s true we are too weight obsessed. I’m peruse a birth board and I refuse to look at the ‘How much weight have you gained” posts now as most are a place for bragging rights on how least weight you have gained and to top it off they shame those that are truthful and say the gained XX weight… This second time around I’m mentally trying to be in a different place with the weight gain as I was super obsessed the first time around and it made my post partum time much harder than probably what it should have been as I was expecting to be skinny like 5 days afterwards.
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  20. Such a precius family! Yes, I always debate putting the weight gain up to… and I haven’t until the last post. But, why not show everyone how different body’s can be! I too held onto 5 pounds until I finished nursing. My doctor wouldn’t let me lose them! Mother Nature knows best!
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  21. Such a cute bump! I’m happy to hear you’re sleeping well. I gained 25, but E came early. I was back in most all of my clothes by 4 months, but to be honest, I didn’t really diet or find much time for exercise. Just being a mom is exhausting! Ha
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  22. I gained 45-50 lbs. with both pregnancies. I was constantly nauseous unless I ate, so that’s what I did;) I lost most of it with the 1st and it took a bit longer with the 2nd. You are right that every woman is different. I probably gained too much, but I was young and stayed active throughout my pregnancy so I wasn’t too worried:)

    You look great!
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  23. You look so great! I love that another Mom shares her weight because I find it so interesting :). I have gained more with this baby too, not by much but the human body fascinates me by what it is able to accomplish so I always love hearing from other active moms on this topic!

    I was the exact same as you and held on to a few pounds while I was nursing. It totally makes since that this would happen while you are feeding your baby, it didn’t worry me at all. I know some of my friends freaked out a little because they wanted that number on the scale to be back to what it was before the baby. You are right we put way too much effort on what the scale reads. So happy I found your blog and excited to follow along with you. Thanks for commenting on my post today!
    Tamara @ The Workout Mama recently posted..34 Week BumpdateMy Profile

    • Thanks, Tamara- I’m glad we connected! As I was reading your blog, I jumped over to the post on varicose veins which was SO helpful because I am at the same place… it wasn’t too bad with #1, but this time it’s worse and I have a feeling I’ll need to get treatment post baby (I assume there’s nothing they do while you’re pregnant). But it’s nice to find another mom who deals with it!
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  24. Ugh. I didn’t lose the last 5lbs until I finished nursing, either! Everyone around me (nursing mom friends) were dropping weight like crazy!
    I also gained differently with both pregnancies (both girls). With the first, my behind was the size of Texas and with the second, it was all in my belly. So strange. 🙂
    Jamie @ Rise.Run.Mom.Repeat. recently posted..A Week of Magic part 5My Profile

    • That is funny how they can be so different! I’m showing so much faster with #2, somedays I feel huge and think, how in the world can I have 3 more months to go?! But I’m sure at the end I’ll look back and laugh that I thought this was huge. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  25. Wellll…this is my first rodeo, if you will, but I loathe the guidelines at a mere 17w3d. LOL Because I was THREE pounds over a “normal” BMI when I got pregnant, they saddled me with a gain of 15-25 pounds. Except I wasn’t vomiting and was eating saltines and bagels and other blandness that packs weight on my frame in the first tri…and foolishly scheduled my first checkup for 4pm. They told me I gained 11 pounds at 13 weeks! Inaccurate due to water weight so late in the day, but the lectures still started.
    Late last week I had another appointment…and now I’m up a total of 13 pounds. I’m not a petite girl. I never was. And I am still just as active and exercising as I was prepregnancy. I’m still eating well.
    I guess I just wish I got asked about those things, and encouraged to do them, rather than just being weighed and scolded.
    I hold onto weight…and anticipate getting it off will be challenging. But we will see. For now I’m hoping I’m just an “early gainer” and it will all even out in the end.
    Kelly Blechertas recently posted..Menu MondaysMy Profile

    • 15-25 pounds is really tough for a lot of women! I wouldn’t stress about it if you go over, although it’s frustrating that your doctor is being so strict about it. I’m sure you’re one of their healthiest patients! The weight thing is hard, but your body does know how to find it’s way back and it will. 🙂 13 pounds at 17 weeks is not much at all. You’re doing great, mama!
      Laura recently posted..25 weeks pregnant updateMy Profile

  26. I’ve gained a little over 10 so far (almost week 26 like you) but packed most of it when I started my 2nd trimester after going through a really rough 1st trimester (lost 5-7 Ibs). I know my bump isn’t too noticeable when I wear loose clothing but someone told me that despite not being able to tell I’m pregnant, she remarked, “No wonder your face looks bigger and fatter!” That definitely got to me since I have been feeling extremely self-conscious lately. I just know that I’m doing my best to stay in shape while listening to my body and eating as healthy as I can while indulging in moderation 🙂

      • Thanks Laura! Quick question: do you deal with cramping and pain in your lower abdomen and pelvic area when you run? I have been taking this week off because of it and just swimming and strength training instead. But I’d be really sad to not be able to run…

        • I haven’t this pregnancy but I did a bit with my first on runs over 8 miles, and took a week or so off and then stuck to shorter distances and was fine for the remaining months. I think you’re doing the right thing this week, and then I’d try again and keep it shorter and slower and see how it feels. Good luck!
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  27. You are definitely popping now! So cute! I gained a lot with my first and was on the verge of preeclampsia with my first with water retention, high blood pressure, etc. I was more careful and gained less with my second.
    Coco recently posted..Back In The SaddleMy Profile

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  29. I LOVE the pictures!!! Your Easter picture is SO cute! We were so busy with church things that we had going on that I forgot to take a picture of our family on Easter so I am bummed….oh well, we did take pictures a few days before at the Cherry Blossoms so I am making that my Easter picture :).
    I hear ya on the scale obsession…I am weaning myself from it…it is not the number that defines how my day or week went.
    With my first daughter I gained 30 pounds and with my second I gained 20. I felt pretty great during and quickly after both pregnancies…I continued to run/walk until the day before each was born and I was back at it (at least walking) 2-3 weeks after. With my second pregnancy I had the flu for about a week and lost some weight which I think was part of the difference 🙂
    Glad your nursery is done!!!
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  30. This is my first pregnancy and its hard to find another running mommy around. I am only running 10 to 20 miles p/week. I talked to my doctor about it, and, they told me I needed to eat 110 g of protein a day. I also try to follow the pregnancy food recommendations to a tee which means I am eating ALOT more than im used to. :p. Its also causing me to gain more weight then I think i need to. How much protein did you eat while preggo, did you micromanage your diet based on standard guidelines, and did you ever use protein powders in smoothies??? Your pics are cute and thanks for the blog. :)) its very inspirational, especially when you tell people you’re pregnant and run and they look at you like you have two heads. Lol. Ty!!!

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