Runner’s Fit and Fueled course

The Runner’s Fit and Fueled course will begin Tuesday, January 2, 2018!

What is it?

A month long course consisting of 6 modules with training around fueling and training specific to runners.

Learn the 6 KEYS to fueling and training to RUN  and FEEL your BEST!  I’ll share what I do and what I’ve learned over 6 years as a running and nutrition coach. 

We will learn:

  • nutrient timing
  • how to put together the most effective training schedule
  • metabolic efficiency for runners
  • the best carbs for runners + how much sugar is okay
  • ideal macros for runners
  • what type of strength training to use and how to incorporate it

Bonus info:

  • the 3 mistakes I see most runners make
  • 6 tips for weight loss for runners
  • runner’s grocery list


 Who is it for?

Runners who want to run stronger and learn how to shift into fat burning or improve body composition… especially helpful for those who have big running goals and need a nutrition boost or women who struggle with weight maintenance when increasing mileage


When is it?

The group will be active for the month of January 2018.  The lessons, videos and handouts will be available beyond the month and you can go at your own pace or review and repeat portions of the course whenever you need to.


In the Runner’s Fit and Fueled course you will receive:

  • sample meal plans, runner’s grocery list + sample strength workouts
  • short videos teaching the 6 keys outlined above
  • group Facebook page for support and accountability
  •  emails with bonus tips and advice to use nutrition to reach your goals
  •  guidance on how to get fitter as a runner and burn fat, not sugar
  • Optional add on: Boost your results with the Runner-specific Performance kit   with the natural products I use: (pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin, electrolytes for hydration, BCAAs to boost endurance and maintain muscle, and tart cherry recovery)


Register here:

I’m in for the Fit and Fueled Course!

This course is PACKED with information, actions steps, tips and specific guidance… you can ask all the questions you want along the way as well.  I want to make sure you come away armed with everything you need to run stronger, boost your metabolism and fitness, and feel amazing!

 Reach out to me with any questions! mommyrunfaster at


32 thoughts on “Runner’s Fit and Fueled course

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  20. Just found your site. The reset sounds interesting. Will you be running it again?

    I am a runner 5 – 10k. I grave sugar and about 2 stone over weight. I think your programme could help.

    Abbie 🙂

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