1st Trimester Updates

First of all, thank you all SO, so much for your support.  I really wanted to go through and reply individually to your comments, but my exhaustion got the better of me and I went to bed.  But please know that I loved reading your words of support and excitement!

I’ve been open about our whole journey to get to this point, and as many of you recognized, it’s been quite the process! I don’t want the pregnancy to overtake the blog, but I’ll try to post updates every week or two (with belly pictures, of course!)

So here’s a bit to answer some of your questions and catch you up:

Getting Pregnant

We tried for 18 months with L, and ended up getting pregnant naturally (possibly due to acupunture, herbs, and natural progesterone cream).  This time, we tried for about that long again before deciding we wanted to pursue adoption first.  After the adoption fell through, we left the door open to get pregnant this summer and were pregnant that first month! We miscarried very early (that’s when I had a bad case of poison ivy before I knew I was pregnant, so I wonder if the cortizone shot and steriods I put in my body had anything to do with the m/c?)

I decided to train for the marathon, and got injured two weeks before the race.  I knew immediately it was serious enough that I wouldn’t be running it so again we decided to leave the option open of getting pregnant.  I took a positive test the day after the Philly marathon! That helped ease the disappointment of not racing a little bit.

Again, this time we got pregnant naturally.  I’m not sure why it happened twice on the first try after so many months of trying in the past… something in the water in NJ? God’s timing? Possibly a change in diet? (I eat a lot more fat and protein and meat these days!) In any case, we’re so, so thankful and recognize more than ever what a gift a pregnancy is.

First Trimester Symptoms

I’ve been pretty lucky both times that I don’t get too sick.  I had more nausea this time than with L, but it’s been very manageable.  Food doesn’t always sound or taste great, but I’ve had a normal appetite and am eating most of my usual foods, with the exception of extra protein (craving meat, beans, eggs, cheese, etc big time!!). Thankfully, I still love veggies.

Some of what I’ve been eating:What we've been eating Jan

[Hummus salad tostados and potato leek soup; Kale and egg on Ezekial toast; Salmon, baked potato and salad; Ham and white bean soup; and L with her deconstructed hummus salad tostado]

A few more details:

How far along: 11.5 weeks

Total weight gain: gained 1 lb

Maternity clothes: Not yet but I am limited to a few more forgiving pants and often have to open the top button after dinner.

Sleep: I had boughts of insomnia in the beginning but I’m sleeping well right now.

Miss anything: My energy! But hopefully it will come back in the second trimester.

Movement: Not yet.  But I can’t wait!

Food cravings: Protein like crazy, Indian food, sauerkraut and anything spicy that I can actually taste.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Crackers, bread, cereal all tastes like cardboard and makes me want to puke.  I can’t even stomach my beloved dark chocolate!

Have you started to show yet: I feel like I popped out so much faster this time but most people probably still can’t tell.

Gender: Not sure yet… my guess is a boy only because I feel different than with L.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Definitely happy.  🙂

Looking forward to: Showing more, feeling movement and starting to think about nursery ideas.


Here’s the first belly pic for you:


Belly week 11

11 weeks- this is about how big I was at 16 weeks with L, I’m definitely finding it true that you show faster the second time!



Before L, I was running 20-25 miles per week and I maintained that through the first and second trimester.  Before this one, I was running 40+ miles a week but because of my injury, only began running again in the last few weeks (up to 5 miles now!) But I’ve been able to stay active 5-6 days a week with spinning, elliptical, circuit training and weights, long walks, etc.  I’m getting a lot more variety than I would if I were running which is probably a good thing!  I think I’ll start tracking my workouts again on Sundays with my meal plan.

Whew, I think you’re all caught up! I really loved being pregnant the first time around and had a easy pregnancy and delivery so I’m hopeful that this one will be similar, but of course, that is not fully in my control.  If I missed any of your questions, let me know and I’ll add it to the next update.  🙂

For those of you who were pregnant before, what was your first trimester like?

Pregnant or not, what are you craving these days?



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  1. Wow a truly exciting post and I am excited to follow you through this new journey. I hope you continue to update us! 🙂 I’m sorry to hear about your miscarry earlier.
    Hollie recently posted..WIAW: SugarlessMy Profile

    • It’s so fun how close in age our babies will be! Yes- I’m realizing “different” doesn’t really mean anything in terms of gender. But really hoping my nausea doesn’t hang on that long!
      Laura recently posted..1st Trimester UpdatesMy Profile

  2. So so excited for you Laura!!!! My first pregnancy I was nauseous the entire time! I found that if I never let my belly get completely empty than I wouldn’t be as nauseous…so that’s why I gained 40 pounds! The second pregnancy the full stomach didn’t help the nauseousness. I just had to deal with it. But once I got to the second trimester it went away. I thought since the second pregnancy felt different that it would be a girl. Nope…I’m blessed with TWO boys! 🙂
    Mindy @ Road Runner Girl recently posted..The Biggest Loser RunWalk PCB Half Marathon Recap!!!My Profile

    • It’s funny how differences in pregnancy don’t necessarily translate to a different gender. My nausea is mostly gone so fingers crossed it doesn’t continue into the second trimester!
      Laura recently posted..1st Trimester UpdatesMy Profile

  3. You are just so adorable!!! I definitely showed earlier with my second…your body just knows what to do but I was able to “hide” it until about 6 months from work! I was so excited when I finally told everyone and I could exhale!! My cravings with my second was BLTs…like I wanted one every single night for about 3 months!!! I haven’t had one since!
    Fancy Nancy recently posted..WIAW…Detox StyleMy Profile

  4. Congrats! I am so happy for you. I look forward to reading pg updates. 🙂

    First tri w/first baby – sick sick sick sick sick (girl). I was actually nauseous the entire pregnancy and couldn’t even stand the smell of cooked/cooking food for the first few months.
    First tri w/second baby – so very very very tired (boy) plus a toddler at home!
    Kimert recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  5. It’s been a LONG time since I was pregnant, but I remember having an easy pregnancy and I remember craving mashed potatoes and chocolate milk like crazy!! Again-I’m so excited and happy for you all!!!

  6. Congratulations!!!
    I hope all will go well…
    We had hard times getting pregnant also so I know how it is…took 2.5 yrs the first time
    First trimester both times were same…no getting sick but I was very tired and had no energy and I have 2 sons…
    My second pregnancy was like yours..I showed right away….with my first people did not know I was pregnancy until I reached 5 mos!

    Wishing you all the best and a healthy pregnancy and baby!
    Caroline recently posted..Happy 2014My Profile

  7. Congratulations Laura! Each of my pregnancies were so different and each one turned out to be a girl 🙂 The last one, in which I was allowed to exercise (I had a low-lying placenta with the first two which did not allow me to workout, and my 1st was born premature) was by far the easiest pregnancy and child-birth. Keep up the great work and being such a great ACTIVE role model for other moms-to-be!
    Janice recently posted..Win a GoodLife Fitness Membership and take the Find Your Better GoodLife Fitness/SportChek Challenge!My Profile

    • Thank you, Janice! Yes- exercising throughout with L definitely helped me feel more prepared for labor and I think it helped me bounce back quickly, too. I hoping this one is similar!
      Laura recently posted..1st Trimester UpdatesMy Profile

    • So funny- I felt so much better when running, too. This is the first week that I didn’t HAVE to take a nap in the afternoon so I’m hoping that means more energy is on it’s way… 🙂
      Laura recently posted..1st Trimester UpdatesMy Profile

  8. I can’t wait to hear more about your pregnancy. I know you don’t want it to take over the blog, but I hope you post regularly. I know I’m totally done having kids, so it’s fun to live vicariously through others : )
    Michelle recently posted..2013 Running In ReviewMy Profile

  9. I’m 36 weeks with my first- a boy and I craved meat and cheese for many, many months. I haven’t had any odd cravings at all.

    My first trimester and entire pregnancy really has been so smooth. I was never sick, sleep has been okay and never really had debilitating exhaustion. I definitely have been waiting to see when the other shoe will drop so to speak, but maybe he’ll just be a perfect baby all around. Haha

  10. So excited for you and your family!! I hadn’t eaten red meat for about 6 years before I became pregnant with my first baby. I then started to crave steak like crazy. Pregnancy is strange :)… in the best way possible.
    Jerilee recently posted..St. George Marathon 2013!!My Profile

  11. Congratulations!! How very exciting for you! I’m actually just about 18 weeks along with my first and I’m soooooooooooo excited. We find out the gender in 2 weeks!! My cravings have pretty much subsided at this point – and I’m pleased to say none of them were too crazy or weird or even unhealthy for that matter (except for s’mores poptarts around week 12!) I look forward to following your posts!!
    Jen@Twenty-Something&Starving recently posted..What I Ate Wednesday #9My Profile

    • Thank you so much, Jen! And congrats on your pregnancy!! I really loved everything about being pregnant and am excited to go through it again. 🙂 Yay for finding out the gender soon!!
      Laura recently posted..1st Trimester UpdatesMy Profile

  12. Congratulations! Thst is brilliant news, it definitely made me smile! So so so exciting. The world works in mysterious ways, definitely bba baby meant to be in your arms! X
    Jess recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  13. Congratulations! So excited for you! My first trimester was uneventful, I just felt tired all the time. But now that she’s here, I still feel tired all the time. Hah!
    christa recently posted..Recently…My Profile

  14. Congrats!!! I’m a little over 25 weeks right now, it’s been quite the journey this time around and it’s true when they say that every pregnancy is different!!

    Current craving: Frosted Mini Wheats with a sliced banana and ice cold vanilla almond or coconut milk.
    Jen@PregnantDiabetic recently posted..25 Week AppointmentMy Profile

  15. WooHoo fun stuff! I was never terribly sick with either of my kids, just a bit queasy at times early on. I remember craving slabs of BBQ ribs like crazy with Thing 2. So weird how that goes!
    Marcia recently posted..Race Pace Head CaseMy Profile

  16. so so thrilled for you!! love all the preg details. i def popped earlier with #2 – by 11 weeks i felt like i had a bump (but it didn’t grow much until later – so it was really just that initial “pop” that i noticed). hopefully the fatigue will ease up when you hit the second tri. wishing you all the best on this wonderful journey of life!

    btw, and this is just my opinion, but number two has been SOOOOO much easier than the first. i feel like i am able to enjoy the newborn phase and i am just so happy (even without running in my life). it is really an amazing feeling.
    runner26 recently posted..End of the year menu plansMy Profile

    • I’m so glad #2 has been such a smooth transition for you!! And I was wondering the same about the pop- if it will level out and be similar to be other pregnancy, or if I’m going to just keep growing. 🙂
      Laura recently posted..1st Trimester UpdatesMy Profile

  17. Both of my pregnancies were very different and I still had 2 boys!! I felt sick most of the time the 2nd time around and so much tireder (probably because I was chasing a 2 year old!!).
    Glad that overall you are feeling good – you look awesome!!!
    Kim recently posted..You’ve Never Been Where?!My Profile

  18. All these milestones are bringing me back to my pregnant days with the twins! My first trimester I was really nauseous all the time but it was pretty great overall. I sailed through the second but the third got UGLY!!! I’m sure you will have a beautiful pregnancy and I’m so glad you’re sharing it with us!
    Allie recently posted..In Defense of SkinnyMy Profile

  19. So glad you’re feeling happy! I’m not pregnant, but with all this cold weather, I’ve been craving oatmeal like crazy. 🙂
    Marilyn recently posted..WarmingMy Profile

  20. So glad that you are doing well. Yes, I most definitely popped a lot earlier with the second one. All I remember from my first trimester was that I was so incredibly tired. All I wanted was to be in bed. Luckily that didn’t last the whole time! Congrats again!
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..How we tell storiesMy Profile

  21. I love everything about this post b/c it all means such great things! I’m glad things are off to a good start AND that you’re close to turning a corner on the first trimester tiredness. Second trimester is always so nice. Keep up all your healthy habits–I’m betting you sail through the next six-plus months!
    misszippy recently posted..What I’m loving right now (Polar Vortex edition)My Profile

  22. You look SO cute! And, yup, I popped WAY earlier with this baby than Wyatt — but at least for me it evened out by 20w and now I’m actually smaller. Wyatt always measured 3w ahead though, so I’m guessing that’s why.

    Great job with the workouts! You’re giving an awesome gift to your baby. <3
    Jen recently posted..Pregnancy update: week 25My Profile

  23. Hmm… well, your bump is smaller than mine at 5 months post partum! I seriously craved vinegary things when I was pregnant last time. At one point, I just ate mustard plain! I’m glad to hear you weren’t too sick, that part is pretty gross.
    Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout recently posted..2014: WelcomeMy Profile

  24. Congrats again! All I remember about the first trimester is nausea and fatigue. And nausea and fatigue! LOL I still cannot each spinach salads because I ate so many in my first trimester w/ Evan (was trying to eat healthy but felt so sick). With Campbell I was way sicker. Both pregnancies were definitely different so I think you might be right about having a boy this time!
    jan recently posted..What I Read WednesdayMy Profile

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