What’s Your Ayurvedic Type?

I reached week 8 in my 12 week health coaching program with a client this week which is when we discuss Ayurvedic body types.

I find all of the individualized body type information so fascinating.  It helps me make sense of why and how we all have different dietary needs.

I love the Blood type info to identify who does best with meat and who does best without (most women I work with have already determined where they fall by listening to their bodies).

I love the metabolic type quiz for determining insulin sensitivity, carbohydrate needs and appropriate macronutrient balances.

I love the personality quiz and love language quizzes for insight into personality needs.

And I love how the Ayurvedic types give further clarity to all of the above. I don’t think any one of these has all of the answers, but by layering them we can get a pretty good idea of the food, exercise and lifestyle needs of each person.

In our discussion of each type, I was reminded again of how solidly I fit as a Pitta/Summer type! It’s like I’m reading a description of myself! Here’s a bit of the overview for Pitta:

ELEMENT fire and water
BODY TYPE medium body frame, well-proportioned, prone toward muscularity, easily overheated
type A personalities, compelled to accomplish things, focused, organized, never misses meals and can be cranky if a meal is skipped (has a strong metabolism), workaholic, doesn’t do well in hot, humid climates, sassy, creates problems that don’t really exist when feeling too balanced, needs to eat often
SIGNS OF BALANCE productive, get-it-done person, organized, has a capacity to work until they drop, energized, enthusiastic, quick but sharper than Vata
SIGNS OF IMBALANCE easily agitated under stress, irritable, overly competitive and other heat-associated conditions, diarrhea, skin rashes, burning eyes, increased appetite, perspiration, over-working
ORGANS TO NOURISH liver, gallbladder, spleen, small intestine, blood, eyes
FOODS TO REDUCE excessive spices that are too heating, red meat
FOODS TO INCREASE sweet and bitter foods, cooling and astringent, sweet-tasting spices (cardamom, fennel), protein
BENEFICIAL peppermint tea, fresh lime, lighter proteins (chicken and fish), dark leafy greens (bitter and cooling), sweet vegetables, calming and relaxing physical exercise, Pilates, gentle relationships

Type A, get it done, work until you drop? Yep! Doesn’t do well in heat, easily agitated under stress, over-working when out of balance? So true.

The only piece that surprises me is my apparent need for calming, relaxing exercise like yoga or Pilates.  I usually crave heart-pounding, sweaty exercise but it makes sense that I need to mellow myself out sometimes too.

I’m going to work on slowing myself down each day for deep breathing and a few yoga stretches.  I know I need it!

In the Runner’s Reset, we’ll incorporate some of the individualized body type quizzes to help you identify what’s best for YOU!

Have you ever done an Aryuvedic type quiz or another body type quiz that was talking directly to you? You can read more about Ayurvedic types here.

Do you have a good sense of what your body needs?

3 Things Injuries Have Taught Me

Hi friends! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Houston was fun (though hot!) but it’s good to be home again too.

Despite the title I’m not injured… but since my mile repeats last week my shin/calf has been feeling a little “off” and as you know, I am super conservative these days when I have any messages from my body.  I have learned the hard way what running through pain can do (lots of time off !!) and I’d like to prevent that.

So even though I had no pain running yesterday, I still “feel” it talking to me throughout the day and I decided to do extra cross training this week in place of my runs for a few more days.  This means yes, I’ll likely lose a bit of running fitness but overall it’s a trade off I’m willing to make.

It struck me that this decision came so much easier than it has in the past.  I think it’s because running injuries have taught me three things:

1. The earlier you stop running, the better!

This is obvious but most of us try to pretend like we’re fine and power on through our workouts until it’s too late and then we can be sidelined for weeks or more.  Ever since dealing with a stress fracture 4 years ago, I’m determined not to run through pain.

Yes, I may lose a bit of fitness in 5 days off but most of the time those few days are enough to heal a small discomfort.  If I don’t let the stress from that workout heal, I’m going to keep riding that fine line of injury until boom! I’m out for 8 weeks.  And clearly being out for 8 weeks has a much more dramatic impact on fitness than 5 days.

For others who might battle the shin splint/ stress reaction issues that I do, I found this article really interesting.  He argues exactly what I’ve found- that many shin issues fall on a spectrum (not you do or do not have a stress reaction) and can often be resolved in 4 days as opposed to needing weeks off IF they are dealt with immediately.

2. Each time I take time off from running, I’m less stressed about it

Let’s be honest, it’s never easy to stop training!

We stress about losing fitness, missing key workouts, missing our race goals after so much hard work and sweat behind us, over eating junk to squelch our misery, etc.

And it’s not like it’s ever an easy decision.  But that first time was by far the worst!! I went through all the grief stages- and simultaneously felt guilty for grieving over something so silly as not being able to run.

Now, I still get bummed by the idea but I have perspective.  I know that taking time off is and healing will make me stronger.

Because in the recovery process comes healing, and in the healing process, our bones, tendons and ligaments are actually strengthening themselves to be ready for that level of stress next time.

This is why I used to get hurt every time I ran more than 30 miles in a week.  But over time, I was able to push that injury line back to 35, 40, 45 and 50.  But if I do it too quickly or with too many speed workouts, my physical body let’s me know it needs extra time to catch up to what my cardiovascular system is doing.

3. I know it will be okay

I know that I will run again.  I know that I will run hard workouts again.  I know that I can come back and still get pr’s and hit new race goals.  AND I know that my body will be stronger for taking the time to rest.

It doesn’t mean it’s easy to watch everyone in my Instagram feed nailing their workouts and hitting peak mileage, but I can bring myself back to my reality and be happy for the training success other’s are having.

I’m doing what’s right for my body.  It would be awesome if my body would let me run 60 miles with tough tempo and speed workouts without any niggles or aches or pains. But we’re all different!

My body is not bio-mechanically perfect.  I will never be an elite runner.  My identity is not tied to my running (as much as it can feel that way near race day!)

If I never run again, it will all be okay.  But thankfully I know I have many miles and races ahead of me, as soon as my body gives me the green light to keep pushing hard!


Have you had to make the hard decision whether to run through an ache or pain or push through your training?

If you’ve been injured, did you find it got easier going forward to listen to your body and back off when you needed to?

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5 weeks until the NYC half training recap + meal planning

Hello from Houston!

I’m on my way home today but got to do a nutrition workshop with a friend (and fellow Shaklee business leader) and caught up with some old friends, including my friend Hannah and my favorite Houston running buddy, May!

Plus, I saw the sun and got to experience 80 degree temps again! That should hold me over for another month or two.

So on to training.  This was a cut back week for me (I wrote more on how to do cut back weeks here).  I had one tough workout Monday and then focused on getting in some miles where I could and did a bit more strength training.

The recap:

Sunday: 3 easy walk/run with a client

Monday: 8.5 miles with mile repeats! 2 miles warm up (9:00, 8:05) 4 x 1 mile (6:40, 6:36, 6:31, 6:27) with 400m walk/jogs between each and cool down (8:30, 7:30) + Barre

I was really happy with this! I avoid mile repeats (800s are about as long as I like to go with speed) which obviously means I need to do this workout more often.  These are some of the strongest repeats I’ve done, and I felt smooth and in control.  Granted, I needed that recovery, but I wasn’t killing myself to run this.

Tuesday: 45 easy spin + most of the Iron Strength Workout (I used this You Tube and did 10-15 of each move in each set x 2)

Wednesday: 6.5 trail miles + pm spin class

My neighbor and I do a child swap once or twice a week and this was her morning to have J, so I got to explore some nearby trails mid morning which felt much safer than venturing there in the early morning hours.  There were lots of people around.  My pace barely broke 11 minutes, but it was fun!

I tacked on a spin class in the evening knowing the snow storm was coming and it wouldn’t happen Thursday!

Thursday: SNOW DAY! I got in some “play” with the kettle bells and resistance bands in the basement while the kids played and then shoveled the driveway for my “workout”

Friday: Short run + 30 minute spin

Saturday:  Barre with my friend Megan

Sunday: Easy miles with May + travel day

I’m still considering the Utah Valley marathon in June… did you see my race entry giveaway? Enter and join me!!

Meal planning:

Sunday: Travel day

Monday: Chili with butternut squash

Tuesday: Gado Gado (Veggies in peanut sauce and rice)

Wednesday: Chicken Sausage and Kale Stew

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Girls to grandparents for the weekend- dinner on the road?

Saturday: Date night!!

Another fun weekend ahead with help from the grandparents! Now the big decision is… paint the kitchen together, or spend the weekend in the city? Or somehow do both?!

Do you enjoy house projects, or do you hire others to do it?

Did you get snow this week? Was your training affected?

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A Utah marathon? Plus giveaway!

Good morning!

I woke up to lots of snow this morning and schools closed.  It’s ironic, as yesterday hit 50 degrees and as I sit here writing about a summer marathon! But it’s nice to finally have a little taste of “real” winter.

This week I was given the opportunity to run the Utah Valley Marathon in June! It’s still under discussion as my June calendar is up in the air and I wasn’t planning on a marathon until the fall…

But as I make my decision, I also have a giveaway for one of you!

Some stats about the race:

  • The Utah Valley Marathon was named a TOP 10 race in America by Runner’s World Magazine in 2014

  • They are giving out a nice race jacket instead of a shirt in 2017 due to this being their 10 year anniversary

  • The course is fast and net downhill course, (great for a BQ or pr!)

What do you think, should I do it? Wanna come with me?

Enter the rafflecopter below to win an entry to the Utah Valley half marathon, full marathon or 5k!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also use discount code mrf15 to get 15% off any race distace.

Have you done a destination race or racecation? Where to?

Where would be your ideal location for a destination race?

Runner’s Reset… round 4!

Yay, it’s back!

I love love love hosting these resets and winter is by far my favorite time of year to do them.  I’d much rather do a little extra strength indoors this time of year.

The next Runner’s Reset will begin Monday, February 27th!

 Who is it for?

Runners who want to commit to healthier food choices and learn how to shift into fat burning… especially helpful for those who struggle with body composition and/or weight maintenance.

I share a lot of info in these 21 days… from both the nutrition side, running training and strength resources.  We look at micro-nutrient balance, macro-nutrient balance, how to build lean muscle as a runner, metabolism tricks/tips and metobolic efficiency.

This is what has worked for me, after lots of experimenting, my body is much stronger now than ever before.  I’m able to run more miles, maintain high bone density and low risk of injury, and balance my nutrients in a way that means treats are welcome yet the focus is on fueling our body as well (and deliciously) as possible.

I shared my journey to get stronger several weeks ago and this reset is structured around everything I did and learned in the process.

Bonus we have an awesome trainer/group fitness instructor/ yoga instructor joining us for weekly strength workouts and live tips on the Facebook page!

Because two voices are always better than one.  And I know that there is a bit of variance in what will work for YOU and your body type- so we’ll look at some individualized factors too.

Whew, can’t wait! Plus there is the option to get a box of my favorite clean products for boosting nutrients, good health, and muscle support.

All of the details are here… let me know if you have questions! Or if you are a previous participant, reach out and I have a discount code for you!

PS- I’m leading a FB live event in two weeks on protein for runners: how much do we really need, what sources are best, what is too much, and the appropriate timing.  Email if you’d like to be added to this event!

Do you focus more on strength in the winter? 

Is the nutrition piece or the workout piece more of a struggle for you? For me, it’s always been the nutrition- I love my workouts! But finding the right balance of nutrients took a lot of experimenting… and the right balance of sweets, my favorite! 🙂


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6 weeks to NYC Half training + Meal planning

Six more weeks of winter, according to the groundhog! My first grader is thrilled- she is waiting for a big snowstorm to hit.  Personally, I’m loving this milder winter.  It’s been pretty ideal for runners!

So with only six more weeks of training, the half specific workouts and tempo runs are becoming the focus.

The recap:

Sunday: off

Monday: 8 miles with a 2 mile warm up (8:18, 7:47) 2 at hmp (7:08, 7:03), 1/2 easy, 2 at hmp (7:03, 7:08) 1 easy (8:36), 8 x 30 seconds hard/ 30 seconds easy (hard 5:25- 6:00 pace) + Barre

For whatever reason, the 2 x 2 workout felt really hard! I was struggling to hold those paces and doubting that I can hold them for an entire half marathon- but I know those days come.  I tried to remind myself it’s more about effort than actual paces… like I tell my runners… but it’s hard when you feel like you’re working much harder than the watch is telling you!

Tuesday: 5 easy (9:30 minute ave) on the treadmill before anyone was up… it’s always tempting to increase the pace and get it over with, but I knew my legs were tired Monday and I wanted to get in a really easy day

Wednesday: 9 miles easy progression (8:30 ave with last two at 7:54) + 80 push ups/core

Thursday: 45 easy spin + 5 minutes push ups/pikes and core on TRX (5 minutes is seriously all you need on those, whew!!)

Friday: 15 long run (7:41 ave) with 3 x 3 – warm up (9:00, 8:05), 3 at MP (7:30, 7:25, 7:20), 1 easy (8:31), 3 at (7:20, 7:17, 7:14) 1 at 8:50, 3 at HMP (7:04, 6:59, 6:55), 30 sec walk recovery then cool down (7:47, 7:42)

This run felt really good! And I had to do it on the treadmill but having music and constantly changing paces made it fly by.

Saturday: easy 4 miles before we left for a retreat all day

Sunday: easy 3 with a client by the lake

I love getting the long run done on Fridays and having an easy weekend! The weekend worked out to be a little easier than normal but it was nice to have more time for family activities.

Meal planning:

Sunday: Birthday party for a neighbor’s 1 year old

Monday: Minestrone + grilled cheese

Tuesday: Homemade meatballs and pasta/ spaghetti squash

Wednesday: Chicken sweet potato Buddha Bowl

Thursday: Lentil sloppy joes (never got to these last week… trying again!)

Friday: Traveling

Saturday: Visiting friends in Houston

The family will be on their own next weekend as I hang out with some old friends in Houston and do a nutrition workshop on Saturday… looking forward to a warm weekend getaway!

What day do you typically do your long run?

Have you had tempo runs where the paces are just not happening?!

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Monthly goals check in (January)

I blinked and January is behind me! But I’ll take it, as it’s typically my least favorite month. Just four more weeks of “real” winter and then the hope of some milder weather!

So how did January wrap up?


I ran one race this month, a 5k on January 1st. And while I didn’t break 20, I did shave off another ten seconds or so from my post-baby 5ks so I’ll take it!


The month started with a recovery week after the 5k (and slightly achy shins) and then gained momentum with the last week being my highest, at 47 miles! Total: 148 for January

Cross training:

I’ve made Monday Barre a staple in my calendar now and love that I get a great workout with minimal impact to my joints.  I’m trying to get to spin on Thursdays and for the most part hit one spin class each week and fit in one additional strength session somewhere.  I’d love to be closer to 3 strength sessions, but with my focus on the upcoming half, that’s going to probably take a back seat for February.

Running partners:

I made a serious effort to run more with others this month… it takes a little more planning to make it happen, but it’s been so worth it.  I love the company, and the easier paces have been so helpful to reign me in on easy days.  (I haven’t made it to track nights, but likewise, the company helps push me for tough workouts!)

Fuel/ Nutrition:

I loved kicking off January with the sugar detox with many of you! It definitely helped me kick start the year on the right foot.  And even though sugar is now back in my diet on an almost daily basis, I’m in a pretty good rhythm of mostly real food and feeling good.

This month’s focus:

I now have a little over 6 weeks to go until the NYC half, so my focus is on the half marathon specific workouts.  Tempos are my weakness, so I’m working on prioritizing those 10k-half marathon paced workouts (2×2 miles, mile repeats, 4-6 mile tempos) and adding some intensity to a few of my long runs.

I’m still feeling excited and motivated for the running goals I set for 2017.  Let’s do this, February!!

Do you calculate monthly miles? I never have added it up by month before but I’m going to keep track this year.

What’s your focus for February?

How much fuel is too much on a long run?

Now that my long runs are creeping up again, and I’m coaching many women training for marathons, fueling is coming up a lot.

What type? How much? How often?

A lot has been written about fueling before, during and after a run.  I’m going to assume you know the basics.

The mistake I see the most often is runners over-fueling the run.

Taking in too many gels can have a negative effect- they teach your body to be dependent on the sugar and this can cause you to feel the “crash” without the sugar “pick-me-up.”

Once you have a little distance under your belt, I’m a big fan of limiting the fuel on a long run.  A little fuel is fine- as it can help you perform better and you definitely want to practice taking in some fuel for race day to teach your stomach how to digest it and ensure that your body won’t reject it.

What kind of fuel? Whatever you prefer… gels if you you don’t mind the texture, chews if you prefer chewing something, or dried fruit if you prefer real food.

With gels, look for lower sugar options.  For example, Clifbar gels have about 13 grams as opposed to Gu that has 28 grams.

How much? You don’t need as much as you might think! Half a pack of HoneyStinger chews is enough to give you a little boost, or a small handful or raisins, or half a gel.

If I decide to use gels in a race, I’ll use them in one or two long runs but sip them over several miles so I don’t get the shot of sugar all at once.

How often? You can begin fueling 30-45 minutes into a long run and continue to fuel about every 40 minutes or so.  If you feel your body crashing before that, you are too dependent on sugar as fuel.

How do you know if you are too dependent on sugar as fuel?

Here are some additional articles I wrote on this topic:

How to determine if you are a sugar burner or a fat burner

How the balance in your every day food choices impacts your efficiency on the run

How I use fasted runs

If you are slightly underfueled, your body learns to adapt and draws more from fat stores than from sugar/carb stores.  Fasted runs will also teach your body to be less dependent on your glyogen stores.

Underfueled or fasted runs makes the run a bit harder… you may not feel as strong as you’d like to, but on race day or runs with the fuel, you’ll notice the difference and be stronger for it.

What’s your go to fuel on the long run?

At what distance do you start taking fuel with you?


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7 weeks until NYC Half recap + Meal Planning

The recap:

Sunday: 45 minute walk

Monday: 8.75 run with 4 x 1 mile at 10-15 seconds faster than half marathon pace (2 warm up, 6:44, 6:44, 6:44, 6:42 with 400m recovery jogs, 1 at marathon pace 7:30, cool down) + Barre

Tuesday: 5 easy (9 minute ave) on the treadmill before anyone was up

Wednesday: 8.5 moderate pace with rolling hills (9ish pace) + 3 in the afternoon with a client (+ 100 push ups/core)

Thursday: spin class

Friday: 13.2 long run with long tempo and short tempo: warm up (8:29, 7:47), 4 at long tempo (7:06, 7:29-hill!!, 7:17, 7:13), 1/2 mile easy (8:31), 2 at fast tempo (7:04, 7:01), 1 easy 9:31, 1 at short tempo (7:02), cool down (8:04, 7:52, 7:39- last 1/2)  + 100 push ups/core

Saturday: 9.5 recovery with running clients (10+ave)

I’m realizing how key these slooow runs are for me.  My breathing stays easy and I’m not tired afterward.  Since I’ve been somewhat injury prone in the past, this has been key for me to increase without any aches/pains. I also skipped boot camp as I think some of those plyo moves are putting me over the top fatigue-wise.

I topped out at 47.5 miles this week for the first time since marathon training and I feel great!  I have one more push week around 45 miles before a cutback week.

Rest day today!

Meal planning:

We stuck so well to our meal plan last week! That does not always happen… but the butternut squash chili was awesome, the girls loved the sushi, and I am in love with tuna steaks right now.  For this week:

Sunday: Friends over- making lasagna, my husband’s sourdough, and a salad of some sort

Monday: Stuffed peppers in the crock pot

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Split pea soup + cheese quesadillas

Thursday: Lentil sloppy joes + spaghetti squash (Thanks Amanda for the share!)

Friday: Pizza night

Saturday: One day church retreat


Are you paces polarized, or do you often run at the same pace?

If you make a meal plan, how well do you stick to it?

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Planning out my race calendar

Until last night, my race calendar had one race on it: NYC half marathon in March.

I wanted to find a second half for later in the spring, as I haven’t had great success with the half the last 3-4 times! I want that back up race, as the pr in the half is one of my main goals for the year.

Beyond the half, I wanted to add in some shorter races as well.  I haven’t raced a 10k in years!  So here’s how it’s coming together:

March 19, NYC Half

April 1, possibly a 5k

April 9, Cherry Blossom 10k

April 30, NJ Half

May 13, Jersey City 5k

May 20, Toss up between 4 miler race and Mayapple Trail 10 miler

May 29, Ridgewood 10k or 5k + kids run

Sat, June 3, Towpath trail run 11.8 or the College Ave Mile

Obviously, I still have a few decisions to make but I’m excited about the way it’s coming together.  It’s a bit more racing than I normally do, but with the shorter races and some trail thrown in there, I’m really excited about the variety- and not having the pressure for a pr every time.

I’m also looking into a coach as even coaches need coaches! I want to continue to improve and I think I’m at the point where I’d like someone else calling the shots.  So I’ll share more on that soon!

Is your spring race calendar all mapped out, or do you jump into races at the last minute?

Do you prefer lots of races or do you choose 1-2 per season?

I’m usually a 1-2 per season kind of girl but decided to mix it up this year and see how it goes!