April 26th, 2015

Marathon recovery + Meal Planning

Hey everyone,

How’s your weekend? I had a fun surprise yesterday… I had a Saturday morning! I had forgotten what those were like.  It was also a beautiful day.  Neighbors were finally outside again after a long, cold winter and we my husband got a lot of yard work done.  I intended to help but that’s not so easy with a baby who is now on the move!

Having run Boston at a nice easy pace, I felt recovered by Wednesday or Thursday but I’m still following the traditional advice to take it easy for a week.  Better safe than sorry, right?

Monday: Boston Marathon!

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 20 minute walk

Thursday: 30 minute easy spin

Friday: 30 minute walk+ NMTZ (strength)

Saturday: 30 minute walk

Sunday: Hoping for my first easy run this morning

I did plenty of indulging this week which I enjoyed, but it left me with an unhappy stomach and overall feeling off.  I’m looking forward to the Spring Reset kicking off tomorrow! It’s another awesome group of ladies, ready to support each other and eat well to feel their best.

And here’s my meal plan for the week:

Monday: Zoodles with Avocado Pesto

Tuesday: Quinoa Power Bowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Wednesday: Grilled Mahi Mahi with Spinach, Orange and Avocado Salad

Thursday: Mango Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Friday: Tofu Stir Fry + Rice

Saturday: Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls

Sunday: Leftovers or clean-the-fridge salad

I also have a giveaway happening on Facebook for several packages of dates, a fitness ball and resistance bands.  Check it out here!

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What are your favorite post race indulgences?

How much time do you take off post marathon?

April 23rd, 2015

Boston Marathon Recap

Alright, time for all the rest of the details!! (Continued from the pre-marathon fun here.)

We woke up to wind and cold, as predicted, with 100% chance of rain by 1:00 pm (when I’d be hitting the halfway mark).  I woke up by 4 or 5 am but didn’t get out of bed until 6.  I pumped and ate two pieces of toast with peanut butter and a banana.

I opted for an extra long sleeved shirt under my Stonyfield tank (feel like temps were supposed to be in the 30s and I’m always cold!) plus arm warmers and shorts with Procompression socks.  I added a throwaway long sleeve cotton shirt, jacket, pants and wore my orange poncho, gloves, ear warmers, and a hat and I was STILL freezing at the start!!

I took an Uber (love those!) to the bus loading spot on the Boston Common and had no traffic.

Boston bus loading


Rachel, Jill and I loaded the bus around 9 and arrived at Hopkinton almost an hour later.

Boston athletes village

Our start time was 11:15, so we met up with Angela and huddled in the tent.  I ate a chocolate chip Clif bar on the bus and another banana under the tent.

We started walking to our corral before long, and only had 10-15 minutes to wait before we started.

Boston waiting to start

I kept the outer jacket shell and pants on for the first 5 miles of the race until I finally warmed up. But I kept the poncho on the entire race… that was not the plan, but it kept me dry and comfortable, so I went with it! I was thankful for the extra yellow shirt under my tank, too, as crazy as I looked.

I stated in my Boston goals that this was not going to be a pr race- I wanted to soak it all up.  Angela and I decided to run together.

The first mile or two were slow, as we were stuck behind charity runners, but after lots of weaving and passing, we settled in and hit a few miles around 7:45 pace.  (I was relying on Angela for data- I ran without my watch for the first time ever!)

We continued along at a decent pace until out of nowhere, Angela’s ankle gave her a stabbing pain.  We stopped so she could stretch it and we tried again.  Nope- still painful.  We found a port-a-pot and I jumped in (too much water at the start!) while she tried to walk it off.  We continued another mile or so with a few walking breaks but I think we both knew it was not looking good.

Just as she was realizing she had to stop, we saw a medical tent around mile 8.  I walked over with her, gave her a hug, felt HORRIBLE (what can ya do? these things are so out of our control!!) and then continued on.

My quads cramped up a bit (maybe from the air squat over the port-o-pot?) so I reminded myself I was here to enjoy it and take it easy.  The first half had some great spectators but mile 13 is when things really got fun.  I heard the Wellesley girls screaming from a mile away (as everyone said I would!) and started to smile and I don’t think I stopped until I crossed the finish line!

Boston Wellesley girlsThe guy in front of me (yellow sleeve) stopped for a kiss

The entire second half was incredible- so much crowd support, the Wellesley and Newton hills I had read about, Heartbreak hill and finally the last few miles to the finish in downtown Boston.

DSC_1828I totally missed my husband at mile 13- but he caught the orange poncho going by!



The hills were not nearly as bad as I was expecting – but I was also thankful I was not aiming for a pr.  I don’t think it would have happened on that course, especially with the rain and wind at times!

For the last 5 miles, I soaked it all up.  I had a blast with the crowd- raising my hands and high fiving everyone I could! The crowds loved the interaction- maybe especially because there were so many people hurting around me who had slowed own to walk it in.  I was thankful to have taken it easy and be smiling and feeling good all the way to the finish.

DSC_1866Right before the finish line!

My final time was 3:58, around a 9 minute pace, I think? Other than the first 10k or so, I kept a steady effort and ran very even splits. It’s my slowest marathon to date and even slower than I expected to run for an “easy” day but it was perfect.  I’m not too sore and I got to fully enjoy each mile.


And that’s a wrap.  Thank you Stonyfield… Boston- you were amazing!



April 22nd, 2015

The Boston experience

Boston… where to begin?!

It was a truly amazing weekend.

We drove up on Saturday morning after my parents arrived to watch the girls (a HUGE thank you to them!!) We were lucky that some of our good friends recently moved to Boston so we got to spend the weekend at their house, and we [...]

April 19th, 2015

Boston! Plus Meal Plan

Hi everyone!

I’m in Boston for a lovely kid-free weekend, and of course, all kinds of fun with the fellow Stonyfield bloggers and the Boston marathon tomorrow morning!

I’ll be back with all the details as soon as I’m able to! Here’s how the final taper week looked:

Monday: 45 minute spin

Tuesday: 5 [...]

April 17th, 2015

Good Reads from the Week

Hey friends,

I’m making my lists and piles and doing lots of final prep before we leave for Boston tomorrow! Even though the girls will be here and not with me, I’m still trying to prep their meals and get everything in order before my parents arrive… it’s a lot! But I can see the [...]

April 15th, 2015

Boston plans and goals

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to reset with many of you! Again, please let me know if you have any questions.

I can’t believe the Boston marathon is right around the corner. I know I did enough, but I wish I did more. I don’t usually feel that way, but this cycle was not exactly what [...]

April 13th, 2015

The Spring 21 Day Reset is Back!

We love this program… how it makes us feel, the group support, the delicious, healthy recipes. Many of you have done it each season and have been asking about the next one, so I’m excited to bring it back again.

I’d love for you to join us for the next group reset starting in two [...]

April 12th, 2015

One week until Boston + Meal planning

Hey friends,

How’s your weekend going? After a busy weekend traveling for my grandma’s funeral, this weekend was also a little crazier than I would have liked. I spent all day yesterday at a health and wellness fair as a vendor offering mini health consultations. It was really fun but equally exhausting. That on top [...]

April 10th, 2015


It’s Friday already? This week was a blur!

My Grandma

Thank you for the sweet comments and messages about my grandma. She was a pretty amazing lady. I shared some of my memories of her in the funeral service on Wednesday, and these are a few of the things I will remember and tell my [...]

April 8th, 2015

A last minute trip + 5 by the 5th winners

Hi friends,

It’s our spring break week here, both for the preschool and at my husband’s university which gives us a less scheduled week. However, sadly my grandma passed away over the weekend so we made the trip to PA yesterday to spend a few days with family and for the funeral this morning. We [...]

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